Kraft, Becky

All Night Prayer Vigil

This all-night silent prayer vigil experience is offered at camp meeting this year from Wednesday, 10:00 pm, through Thursday, 5:00 am, in the Pioneer Pavilion. You are invited to come alone, with a friend or family member, and present the praises and petitions of your heart to our Heavenly Father for the duration, or only a portion of the night. Bring your Bible, paper and pen, and yourself.

Becky Kraft, member of the Living Faith Church, is the originator and facilitator for this prayer vigil. For the past five years, Becky has been spending all Wednesday night of camp meeting in a bathroom stall praying for her family. “I am by no means a Prayer Warrior,” said Becky. “I always wanted to attempt it, and be like Jesus. I’ve found it quite easy and so rewarding. Then when the sun starts to rise, I often walk the exterior of the campgrounds and pray, then go back to my site without going to bed. What I really found surprising is the next day I wasn’t tired in the least…well, except for one year.”

This is a special and unique addition to our camp meeting. Watch for more details in the Camp Lamp and consider making this a part of your camp meeting experience.