Elliot, Althea

Milwaukee SDA School North Campus Grade 3 - 4

Hello, my name is Althea Elliott. I was born and raised in Kentucky. As a young child, I knew I wanted to be a teacher, especially to work with students who struggle academically. This desire and my parent’s commitment for my siblings and I to attend Adventist Schools throughout our educational experience led me to Andrews University in Michigan. I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education, majoring in Language Arts. My first teaching position led me to Anderson, Indiana where I began and completed my Master’s degree in Elementary Education at Ball State University. I also met my husband Steve and we have two children that we love very much and keep us very busy. After teaching in Indiana for 15 years, God definitely led the way for us to come to Wisconsin.

My mission as a teacher for the last 19 years is to be the best educator I can be in and out of the classroom and to not only prepare my students academically but also spiritually, as well.

I love working with young people, and I believe very much in providing a safe, pleasant learning for all of my students. I firmly believe every student can learn and succeed if given the proper tools from both home and school.