Blumenschein, Rick

Petersen Adventist School, Teacher, Grades K-4

Rick Blumenschein joined the Wisconsin teaching team in July of 2021. Rick was raised in an Adventist home and has good memories of growing up with his dad as the church school teacher and principal. After Rick’s first child was born, he realized he needed to lead his family to Jesus, and decided to become a teacher. Rick says, “I have found teaching to be one of the most difficult, but rewarding careers I have done. I hope to help young children to develop a personal walk with Jesus and introduce them to God through His creations.

Rick graduated with Elementary Education from Western Governor’s University in Utah, with an emphasis on the multiple-grade classroom. Recently he taught grades 6-8 Math and Science in Lancing, Michigan, and served as Principal of Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy.

Rick is married to Pamela, Women’s Dean and School Nurse at Wisconsin Academy. He has two grown children, Chad and Page. He spent many years in the taxidermy business, and loves all outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, camping, and dirt bikes. He is also a great fan of the Green Bay Packers.

“My goal is to learn to hear God’s voice in life and help others to do the same,” says Rick. “I want to help students find a personal connection to God.”