Dudgeon, Bill

Milwaukee Central District

Bill Dudgeon joined the Wisconsin Conference in 2022 as pastor for the Milwaukee Central District. Pastor Dudgeon, along with his wife Cali, ministered in College Station, Texas prior to coming to Wisconsin. Their ministry consisted of loving and guiding young people and young families to know Jesus, grow in Jesus, and to go be like Jesus.

Pastor Dudgeon grew up in an Adventist family. In his teenage years, he had questions about God and faith that he never could find adequate answers to. He ended up being mad at God and stayed that way until his mid 20’s. While attending Southern Adventist University, he took a few theology classes that helped him understand God’s love and what it means to be a Christian. “As I began to spend time in God’s Word,” said Pastor Dudgeon, “I fell in love with God and dedicated my life to Him. Since that time, He has led me on His path and has taken me to places and experiences I could never have imagined.”

Ever since he was a child, people told Pastor Dudgeon he would be a good pastor. Even while he was distant from God, Pastor Dudgeon had a sense that this was God’s calling for his life. “Once I began to walk with Him and submit to Him, it was made more clear that God was calling me to pastoral ministry, said Pastor Dudgeon. “There is nothing else in this world I would rather do than pastor. I tried  a few different careers before going to seminary, and then worked with the Texas Conference. Now am blessed to begin a new chapter with the Wisconsin Conference.”

“Discipleship is my passion,” says Pastor Dudgeon. “This is what we are here for. Helping someone along in their journey with God. Being vulnerable with them and allowing them to be vulnerable with us. Being willing to take time in prayer on their behalf and guide them to grow in Christ and then do the same for someone else. And just so there is no confusion- evangelism is part of discipleship. Once someone gets baptized, the real work begins in helping them mature into the woman or man of God they are called to be.”

Pastor Dudgeon’s hobbies are videography, dabbling in photography, and basketball. He and his wife, Cali, have been married for seven years and have a one-year-old daughter, Evalyn. Cali is a Physician’s Assistant. They also have a ten-year-old dog named Samson. He is a husky-chow mix.

“The Lord is coming soon. Let’s be ready and get others ready to meet Him!”