Acevedo, Marianela

Milwaukee SDA School, South Campus Grades 3-4

Marianela Acevedo, often called Maria, served the Milwaukee South Campus as a classroom assistant in 2019, and joined the teaching staff as the 3rd and 4th grade teacher in 2020. Maria holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Bilingual Education, and certification in Early Childhood Education I and II. Since 2006 she has taught all subjects on many grade levels using both Spanish and English, and also piloted and directed an adult ESL Program for parents and community members.

Maria says, “I have always loved learning and sharing what I have learned, even as a small child. I love explaining things to children in a fun way and making sure they are not confused. I also try to use my past experience in dealing with life challenges to help children with their lives.”

At age 18 Marie started reading her Bible, but finding it confusing she laid it aside. Later in life when raising her children she prayed, “Lord, I need help to understand your Word so I can share Christianity with my children.” She heard of a Revelation Seminar, and while attending those meetings met a lady who has became her best friend and mentor in knowing the Lord. “Since becoming a Christian,” says Maria, “I continually desire to help kids give their hearts to God and live their lives for Him.”

Maria has two grown sons, Daniel and Elias, and six grandchildren. She loves to travel, make quilts, and serve the God she loves so much in various kinds of children’s ministries.