Wisconsin Teachers and Office Team Pay Tribute to Linda Rosen as She Retires

Wisconsin Teachers and Office Team Pay Tribute to Linda Rosen as She Retires

Teachers and Office Staff held a surprise farewell and lunch event for Linda Rosen, retiring Superintendent of Education Friday, May 31, 2019. Nearly 70 teachers, co-workers, and even a few former students came to share their love and appreciation for Linda and her 28 years as educator and friend. “What do you think?” is a question Linda often asked over the years, and today she received many answers to that query, as testimonies and memories were shared.

Here’s “What we think,” Linda.

You are a good leader.
You were always there for me.
I felt so supported.
I saw the love of Jesus in you.
You gave me a second chance.
I love you.
I’ll miss you.
You helped me know Jesus.
You know how to give total support.
You listen.
You made school visits fun.
You always lift me up.

You will always remain in my heart.
You spend time in my classroom.
Praying with and for me meant so much.
You make it fun to go to teacher meetings.
We are kindred spirits
Remember Nair?
You brought me through sticky situations.
You’re sensitive.
You are so kind.
You keep the emphasis on students.
You loved me!
Appreciate how you handle difficulties.

You gave tireless effort.
Your service comes from the heart.
You are a wonderful friend.
You have my back!
You do everything you can to help.
You seem like family.
We’ve been in the trenches together.
You are phenomenal!
You brought color into my life.
You poured your life into people.
You are leaving a legacy

Linda plans to retire as of August 1, 2019. The conference is working on finding a new superintendent for the education department.

Juanita Edge, Communication Director