Coulee Region Celebrates Three Baptisms

Coulee Region Celebrates Three Baptisms

Celebrating the new life! From right to left, Sonja Gibeaut, Pastor Michael Ehm, and Renelle & Jeff Meyers

Not even the COVID pandemic is going to slow this church body down. On Friday evening, March 5, 2021, many church members from the Tomah Seventh-day Adventist Church along with other La Crosse Coulee Church District members, friends and family, all gathered together in joy, for the baptisms and dinner reception of Sonja Gibeaut, Renelle Myers, and Jeff Meyers.

Over a year and a half ago, fall of 2019, many of the Tomah Seventh-day Adventist church members and Pastor Michael Ehm promoted a series of evangelistic meetings at the Tomah Community Theater. Prior to these meetings, Sonja Gibeaut had been studying with church member Lanny Fitzsimons and Pastor Michael Ehm. It was church member Ronnie Miner who shared a Great Controversy book with her co-worker Renelle Meyers, who in turn shared the book with her husband Jeff Meyers. The book was read intently, as Jeff said that he “could not put the book down.” After several chapters into the book, Jeff told his wife of an attractive flyer that had arrived by mail, advertising some “End Time Events” evangelistic meetings. Excited by this, both Jeff and Renelle attended all the meetings together.

Sonja received a flyer and attended too, along with many others from the surrounding community who came out each night to hear the powerful Bible truths presented in love. Each night the people continued to return, some even came great distances to attend. At the end of the meetings, Evangelist John Redlich made an appeal for those who desired to know more about Jesus with continued Bible studies, and many hands went up! Tomah church members, Elder Bob Moyer, and Denise Brabham faithfully conducted these Bible study meetings. Even during the COVID epidemic often as many as 10 people attended. Many more baptisms are expected to follow from these meetings and through mail-in Bible studies that Tomah church member Don Harmel oversees.

No doubt God was glorified, Jesus was lifted up, and the Holy Spirit was very busy in the lives of all those who attended. There were also many faithful church members present with prayerful and servant hearts. It’s so good to be used by God for His purpose, co-laboring in Christ love, who is ever with us. “Teaching them to observe all things, whatever I commanded you: and, lo. I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen,” Matt. 28:20

Michael Ehm, Coulee District Pastor
La Crosse, Tomah, Sparta, Hylandale