Cory Herthel to Pastor Green Bay District

Cory Herthel to Pastor Green Bay District

We extend a warm welcome to Cory Herthel, new pastor of the Green Bay District, along with his wife, Christal, and their two sons, Diego and Hayden. In their free time, the family enjoys snorkeling, swimming with stingrays, and speed boating. Pastor Cory enjoys target shooting, international travel, and roller coasters – he says, “The faster and more times upside down, the better!

Through a series of devastating childhood events, Pastor Herthel came to know Jesus as his best friend and constant support at the age of 13. He decided to be baptised at the age of 15, even though no one else in his family was baptised. He met his wife, Christal, when they were both high school seniors. They loved studying the Bible together, and within a year, Christal decided to be baptised as well. Two years later they were married, and are celebrating 18 years of marriage this year! Then in 2008 he had the privilege of baptizing his dad. Then he was able to baptize his mom and sister in 2016.

One month after Pastor Herthel’s baptism, he was invited to share his first sermon. From that point forward, preaching, teaching, and evangelizing became a natural part of his experience. By the time he had his driver’s license, he was receiving invitations to preach all over his home conference in Indiana, even to churches he had never attended nor had connection with prior to their invitation. He felt it was clear that God was leading him down the path to serve God as a pastor.

“My passion is to express the Adventist message and the gospel synonymously as I believe they are one and the same,” said Pastor Herthel. “We have present truth that Jesus is coming very soon and that He loves humanity so unconditionally that He can’t stand the thought of seeing one soul lost (2 Peter 3:9; Ezekiel 18:32). I desire to do all that I can to present Jesus in such a way that the truth about His character and heart towards humanity can be revealed and the lies of the enemy can be squelched.

“I long to live for Jesus and do all that I can to help others realize the value they have in His eyes. To choose to be lost is a travesty that is totally avoidable. I know that Jesus’ ministry was perfect…so, while I realize I am far from where I’d like to be, I strive to follow the examples of ministry that I see in the gospels in order to foster the way for those I share with to fall totally in love with Him.”

Juanita Edge, Communication Director