Beaver Dam Seventh-day Adventist Church Conducts Vacation Bible School

Beaver Dam Seventh-day Adventist Church Conducts Vacation Bible School

The Beaver Dam Church is a small group, but God is a big God. Despite their size, and facing illness in three key leaders, this tiny band put on a memorable and successful Vacation Bible School program from July 18-22, 2022. Nellie Messer, of the Beloit Seventh-day Adventist Church, was the leader, and she put in hours of devoted service planning and organizing, praying and purchasing items.

Program attendance included 23 children, of which, 14 chose Jesus as their Forever Friend by week’s end!

The group faced several other challenges in preparing for this program, including a desperate need for new electronics and sound system. Thankfully, a projector which had been loaned out to a sister church years ago, and seemingly lost, was recovered just in time. Also, an old sound board and speakers were put back in service, and worked just fine. Pastor Jonathan Fetrick and Greg Edge of Wisconsin Academy were helpful, God-sent men.

The title of this year’s program was “Jasper Canyon: Where Every Kid is Treasured by God.” This adventurous theme focused on rocks and gems, geology and archaeology. Geodes, with their beautiful interiors, were broken open to the delight of everyone. The crafts and prayer time revolved around the same subject, a sandbox was used as a dig site, and even the snacks were tied to rocks and crystals, or cave art.

Some of the children came from 40 miles away! Others attended from homes just blocks from the church. They brought their friends, and were themselves the best missionaries. Robert, who had attended the previous year, sang the songs he had learned then for 12 months. He was eager to come back with his sisters, and invited another child as well.

On Sabbath, July 23, a graduation program was held during the well-attended church service. The children sang, prayed and took up the offering. Each one received a geologist’s hat as a gift. A fellowship dinner followed the service, which it is hoped was just the preamble to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, in which many of these children will also be seated!

A hearty thanks to all who attended, and to all who helped!

Pero Ackles, Beaver Dam Church member