Why Do We Church?: The Great Controversy

Why Do We Church?: The Great Controversy

As we continue to answer the question, “Why do we church?” we open our Bibles in Genesis and follow the cosmic story line all the way through the final chapter of Revelation. Many of us know this story as the Great Controversy. This Great Controversy is a massive battle involving every living being in the universe, including us.

You may remember from my last article that I am using “Church” as a verb. Church is something we do, not simply a place we go. It’s a gathering of like-minded believers who corporately want to be an active part of God’s army as we participate in this Great Controversy between Christ and Satan.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at the world around us to realize that humanity is under attack. The foundations of society are being undermined at every turn. If God says it’s good, Satan says it’s bad. If God says we should have it, Satan says leave it alone. If God tells us to avoid it, Satan says take as much as you want. The Sabbath, the family unit, marriage, and the sanctity of life are just a few examples of areas that Satan is attacking in society today.

The wonderful thing about the Great Controversy message found in Scripture is that we already know how it ends! Jesus died on the cross for us, for our sins, saving us from sin and its penalty. He died our death so that we could live eternally with Him. What a wonderful Savior!

Knowing that we are saved and that Jesus is coming again to put an end to this Great Controversy, we are blessed to have a role to play. God has given us the opportunity, or I could say privilege, to tell others that Jesus loves them. We can share with them the details of this cosmic conflict and that they can be a part of the amazing ending to this story.

2022 has been named “A Year of Evangelism” for the North American Division. Of course we always need to be sharing Jesus with others, but it’s exciting to have times of intense and intentional evangelism. During the coming year in Wisconsin we are planning opportunities for every church to participate in seed sowing, community outreach, and bridge building events. These events will culminate in a time of intentional reaping. What is your church planning for 2022?

This is why we church!


Adam Case, Ministerial Director