The LightHouse Thrift Store September Food Sales

The LightHouse Thrift Store September Food Sales

Worthington Slices and Rolls are all 10% off!

Chicken, Turkey, Corned Beef, Ham and Salami!

LightHouse Thrift Store September 2020 Food Sales
Loma Linda Chili 20oz$4.19ea$46.79 case
Loma Linda Choplets20oz$5.89ea$66.80 case
Loma Linda Diced Chik 13oz$4.99ea$56.80 case
Loma Linda FriChik 13oz$4.99ea$56.80 case
Loma Linda Low Fat FriChik13oz$4.99ea $56.80 case
Loma Linda Tender Bits19oz$5.89ea $66.80 case
Loma Linda Tender Rounds 19oz$5.89ea $66.80 case
Loma Linda Vege Burger19oz$5.89ea $66.80 case
Loma Linda Vegetable Skallops20oz$5.89ea $66.80 case
Loma Linda Vegetable Steaks20oz$5.89ea $66.80 case
Loma Linda Vegetarian Burger20oz$5.89ea$66.80 case
Loma Linda Vega Links19oz$5.89ea$66.80 case
Loma Linda Low Fat Vega Links19oz$5.89ea$66.80 case
Worthington Dinner Roast2lb$12.79ea$73.55 case

The LightHouse is located at W959 State Road 16, Columbus, Wisconsin 53925

Hours of operation:
Monday-Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm
Friday: 9:00am – 3:30pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 10:00am – 3:30pm