Jerry Walters New Head Teacher for Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy

Jerry Walters New Head Teacher for Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy

Beginning this fall, Jerry Walters will be joining the teaching staff at Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy as the Head Teacher and 7th-10th grade teacher. He received his degrees in Education through Eastern Washington University and has taught students from second grade through the University level. Before becoming a teacher, Jerry was a blue-collar worker.

Jerry’s passion is serving others. He says, “Some would call it ‘Paying It Forward’. I suppose that is why I became a teacher and a registered counselor; serving others. The one thing that motivates my passion is LOVE!” He believes there is nothing greater than love and that Biblical love helps him work as a team and serve others with the fruit of the Spirit.

His philosophy for education revolves around giving students the tools to succeed to the best of their abilities and encourage them in the direction they should go (Proverbs 22:6). One may ask, “How do I motivate students to do this”? Jerry says, “I motivate students by trusting and respecting them and giving them the opportunity to choose to succeed.” He also desires to disciple his students.

One of Jerry’s greatest interests is neuroscience as it relates to human behavior and believes this is also related to physical health. He says, “If we eat, drink, and exercise for the brain, the body follows.” In addition to studying health, Jerry enjoys house remodeling/flipping/real estate. In the past, he used to restore cars, but now just likes to look at them. Walking and warm Hawaiian beaches are also high on his list.

Jerry says he is very blessed to have Karen as his wife. Before becoming a teacher herself, Karen worked in Environmental Health. Together they enjoy teaching others how to live healthful and prosperous lives. They have two daughters that live in Spokane, WA, which is also where the rest of their family lives.

Jerry is looking forward to becoming a part of the Green Bay School/Church team.

Laurella Case, Assistant for Communications