New “Park” Honors Camp Wakonda Volunteers

New “Park” Honors Camp Wakonda Volunteers

As you near the ball field at Camp Wakonda this summer, notice the new “park,” addition with bench swings and a couple picnic tables. This new addition inspired by long-time volunteer, Shorty Mundt, is created In appreciation of the many volunteers whose service and support have helped, and still are helping, to make this camp possible. Several inspiring poems will be posted around the park area.

“I hope when people come here and sit that they will be blessed,” said Shorty. The following poem is one planned to be posted. Be sure to stop by, sit a spell, and be blessed!

Juanita Edge, Communication Director


Lord, throughout this day,
As I try to follow You,
Let this be my rule to live by:
What Would Jesus Do?

When a friend or loved one
Asks me for a moment or two,
May I think of one thing only:
What Would Jesus Do?

In all my dealings, help me,
To be honest, fair and true,
To measure each decision by:
What Would Jesus Do?



When I’m feeling troubled
And I turn in prayer to You,
Give me wisdom to decide:
What Would Jesus Do?

Then when the day is ended,
May I resolve anew,
To guide tomorrow by the motto:
What Would Jesus Do?