Camp Meeting Sermons 2019

Evening Speakers

Mike Edge, Wisconsin Conference President

7:20 Friday “A Living Portrait”  Video

Mike Tucker, Speaker/Director, Faith for Today

10:25 am Sabbath “At The Well”  Video

7:20 pm Sabbath “Caught in Adultry” Video

7:20 pm Sunday “Simon’s House” Video

Shawn Boonstra, Director/Speaker, Voice of Prophecy

7:20 pm Friday “We Would See Jesus, Part 1”  Video

11:00 am Sabbath “We Would See Jesus, Part 2”  Video

7:20 pm Sabbath “We Would See Jesus, Part 3”  Video  

Ken Denslow, Assistant to the President, North American Division

7:00 pm Monday “Lift Him Up” Video

7:00 pm Tuesday “The Men Who Keep Quiet” Video

7:00 pm Wednesday “The Lost Son” Video

7:00 pm Thursday “Strangers No Longer” Video

Early Morning Devotional

Kevin Kuehmichel, Chippewa Valley District Pastor

6:30 am Sabbath Video

6:30 am Sunday Video

Jeanmark A’Kessler, Rhinelander District Pastor

6:30 am Monday Video

6:30 am Tuesday Video

Abraham Swamidass, Janesville District Pastor

6:30 am Wednesday Video

6:30 am Thursday Video Not Available

Titus Naftanaila, Madison East District Pastor

6:30 am Friday Video

6:30 am Sabbath Video

Morning Meetings

Carlos Munoz, Director, Amazing Facts Evangelism

9:30 am Monday “The Battle of the Seeds” Video

9:30 am Tuesday “144,000 of Israel’s Seed” Video

9:30 am Wednesday “Supreme Court in the Holy of Holies” Video

9:30 am Thursday “The Bride of Christ” Video

9:30 am Friday “The Battle of Armageddon & the Remnant Church” Video

Julian Archer, Author and International Speaker

11:00 am Monday “The Cross-eyed Christian” Video

11:00 am Tuesday “The Christian Atheist” Video

11:00 am Wednesday “Apple Pie Appetite” Video

11:00 am Thursday “The Economics of Enough” Video

11:00 am Friday “Heart Attack!” Video

2:15 Afternoon Seminar

Dr. David DeRose, Internal and Preventative Medicine

2:15 pm Monday “Reversing High Blood Pressure Naturally, Part 1” Video

2:15 pm Tuesday “Reversing High Blood Pressure Naturally, Part 2” Video

2:15 pm Wednesday “Beyond the Methuselah Factor, Part 1: Reversing Diabetes Naturally” Video

2:15 pm Thursday “Beyond the Methuselah Factor, Part 2: The Brain Health Revolution” Video

2:15 pm Friday “Connecting Community Health Interests to the Cross” Video


4:00 Afternoon Seminar

Julian Archer, Author & International Speaker

Theme: Jesus Through the Eyes of John

4:00 pm Monday “Do They See Me?” Video

4:00 pm Tuesday “Blessed Assurance” Video

4:00 pm Wednesday “That You May Believe” Video

4:00 pm Thursday “Ten Out of Ten” Video

4:00 pm Friday “Especially the Closing Scenes” Video

Ordination Service, Zachary Payne

2:15 pm Second Sabbath, June 22 Video