Camp Meeting Sermons 2015

Evening Speakers

Mike Edge, Wisconsin Conference President

7:20 Friday “Let it Shine” Video

John Bradshaw, Speaker/Director It Is Written

11:00 am Sabbath “Gracious” Video

7:00 pm Sabbath “Reactive” Video

7:00 pm Sunday “Doubtless” Video

Karl Haffner, Senior Pastor Kettering SDA Church

7:00 am Friday “Go Out Like a Light” Video Unavailable at this Time

11:00 am Sabbath “Sharing the Light” Video Unavailable at this Time

7:00 pm Sabbath “Doing the Light Thing” Video Unavailable at this Time

Gary Thurber, Executive Secretary of Lake Union Conference

7:00 pm Monday “The Prodigal Prophet” Video

7:00 pm Tuesday “The Praying Prophet” Video

7:00 pm Wednesday “The Preaching Prophet” Video

Morning Meetings

Jennifer – Jill Schwirzer, Licensed Professional Counselor

9:30 am Monday “Jesus Psychology” Video

9:30 am Tuesday “Resting in Christ” Video

9:30 am Wednesday “Getting Motivated” Video

9:30 am Thursday “Recovering Self Respect” Video

9:30 am Friday “Healing From Past Hurts” Video

Lowell Cooper, General Vice President of General Conference

11:00 am Monday “The Holy Spirit – Divine Person, Divine Power, Divine Presence” Video Unavailable at this Time

11:00 am Tuesday “The Holy Spirit Grows the Church” Video

11:00 am Wednesday “The Holy Spirit Draws the Mission Map” Video

11:00 am Thursday “The Holy Spirit has Gifts for Everyone” Video

11:00 am Friday “What Is Happening to my Church” Video

2:15 Afternoon Seminars

Jennifer – Jill Schwirzer, Licensed Professional Counselor

2:15 pm Monday “The Cost of Belonging” Video
2:15 pm Tuesday “The Family, Love’s Bootcamp” Video
2:15 pm Wednesday “Friendship, Love, Sex and Marriage” Video
2:15 pm Thursday “Abuse Stops Here” Video
2:15 pm Friday “The Church of If-All-Else-Fails” Video