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Executive Committee

Between meetings of the Conference Constituency, the executive committee has administrative power to act on behalf of the constituency. The executive committee appoints conference leaders and committees, fills vacancies, grants and withdraws credentials and licenses, and transacts such executive business as is in harmony with union, division and general conference policy. The Wisconsin Conference Executive Committee meets six times each year.


Members are selected from the five regions of our conference. Careful attention is given to making sure the committee includes ethnic, gender, geographic and lay/pastor balance. The executive committee also includes the Wisconsin Conference president, Wisconsin Conference treasurer/executive secretary, Lake Union Conference president, Lake Union Conference executive secretary and Lake Union Conference treasurer.


Mike Edge: Chairperson
Brian Stephan: Secretary


Region 1

Nelson Boon
Carmen Holm
Tim Krawczyk

Region 2

Floyd Brock
Jane Gerndt
Rodney Hahn
Dale Mishleau
Abraham Swamidass


Region 3

Rick Binford
Keith Hendrickson
David Rawls
Susan Slikkers
Region 4
North Central

Dennis Stefonek
Michael Stephenson
Carl Sigler

Region 5
John Redlich
Dan Ringwelski
Patricia Antoine-Norton
Ex-Officio Members
Mike Edge, President
Brian Stephan, Exec. Secretary
Maurice Valentine, LUC President
Steve Poenetz, LUC Exec. Sec.
Carmelo Mercado, LUC Vice President
Glynn Scott, LUC Treasurer