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The communication department provides avenues to share the work and mission of the Adventist church. We produce a quarterly newsletter called the Lamp Letter, a monthly eNewsletter, and have a Facebook page sharing information regarding upcoming events, news, finance, and ministry resources. During camp meeting we produce a daily bulletin called the Camp Lamp. Communications also maintains the conference web site, connecting people with a wide variety of local church ministries as well as linking them with world-wide church resources.  

Imagine you are driving to work and running late. Suddenly you see those dreaded brake lights; you are stuck in a traffic jam. Fifteen minutes later, you've moved a hundred feet! Communication is much like a city highway infrastructure for cars and trucks. It allows ideas, concepts, and information to travel freely, or not so freely, between different parts of the organization.

Communication is more than simply a set of tools: newsletter, email, Facebook, website and such. In Wisconsin, these tools are dedicated to sharing the ideas, stories, concepts and information that drives the mission of our conference with all the Wisconsin constituents as quickly and accurately as possisble. We count it a privilege to provide avenues of connecting members with their church, and serving as a resource to departmental and local church leaders.


Connecting Wisconsin Adventists with the work and mission of their church. 

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