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Camp Meeting 2018

Faithful to His Mission

Wisconsin camp meeting is a nine-day religious convention of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Religious training is provided for people of all ages from infants to senior citizens. Attendees camp in cabins, motor homes, trailers, tents, or commute from their homes. When camp meeting is in session, attendance swells to nearly 5,000, making it the largest “town” in the county.

Camp meeting is held on the grounds of Camp Wakonda near Westfield, Wisconsin and is open to the general public. Registration is only required for on-site accommodations.

Each year meetings held in Pioneer Pavilion are live streamed. They include the 6:30, 9:30 and 11:00 am meetings, 2:15 and 4:00, and 7:20 pm meetings. Live streamed presentations from the 2018 camp meeting are archived below for your learning and spiritual enrichment. Link to the Camp Meeting Archive in the column to the right to hear presentations from previous camp meetings.

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Camp Meeting 2018 Speakers

 Evening/Weekend Speakers

Mike Edge
Wisconsin Conference President
7:20 pm First Friday Evening Video  


Gary Thurber
Mid American Union President
First Weekend Speaker

10:25 am First Sabbath  Video   Where Will You Be?
7:20 pm First Sabbath  Video
 The Blessing of Brokenness
7:20 pm Sunday Video
 The Unpardonable

Michael Goetz
Senior Pastor Campion SDA Church, Loveland, CO

7:20 pm Monday  Video   His Mission: I Thirst
7:20 pm Tuesday  Video 
His Mission: Forgive Them
7:20 pm Wednesday  Video  His Mission: It Is Finished
7:20 pm Thursday  Video  His Mission: My God

Ron Kelly
Senior Pastor Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, MI 

7:20 pm Second Friday Video  
10:25 am Second Sabbath  Video

7:20 pm Second Sabbath Video  
 Pavilion Presenters

Sheldon Byan
Milwaukee Central District Pastor

6:30 am First Sabbath Video  Home is Where the Heat Is
6:30 am Sunday Video  The Samaritan Imperative

John Redlich
Rice Lake District Pastor

6:30 am Monday  Video  Branches & Twigs
6:30 am Tuesday  Video  Descent into Chaos
Zack Payne
Racine Dictrict Pastor

6:30 am Wednesday  Video  All Nations, Even Yours
6:30 am Thursday  Video  The Missionary Mask

Bill Ochs
Green Bay District Pastor

6:30 am Friday  Video 
 The One Standing In The Way 
6:30 Sabbath  Video  A Midnight Miracle
Ernie Medina
Assistant Professor, Center for Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle, Loma Linda

2:15 pm Sunday Video  CHIP for the Digital Age

11:00 am Monday Video  Training For The Battle
11:00 am Tuesday Video  Sweating to Save
11:00 am Wednesday Video   The Power of Attitude
11:00 am Thursday Video  Lonely in a Crowd
11:00 am Friday Video   The Connection Between Spirituality & Health

2:15 pm Monday Video   Smoking Cessation 101
2:15 pm Tuesday Video   Stressed and Lonely
2:15 pm Wednesday Video  Exercise and Nutrition
2:15 pm Thursday Video  The 8F's to Wellness
2:15 pm Friday Video
 The 8F's to Wellness
Nathan Renner
Senior Pastor, Discover Life Seventh-day Adventist Church, Sonora, CA

9:30 am Monday Video  "Better"
9:30 am Tuesday Video  "Better"
9:30 am Wednesday Video  "Better"
9:30 am Thursday Video  "Better"
9:30 am am Friday Video  "Better"

4:00 pm Monday Video  The Problem
4:00 pm Tuesday Video  The Process Part 1
4:00 pm Wednesday Video   The Process Part 2
4:00 pm Thursday Video  The Power

Ask Your Leaders
Mike Edge (President), Brian Stephan (Secretary/Treasurer), Linda Rosen (Superintendent), and Adam Case (Ministerial Director)

4:00 pm Sunday Video  
  Sabbath Afternoon Concert

4:00 pm Sunday Video