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Camp Meeting 2016

Wisconsin camp meeting is a nine-day religious convention of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Religious training is provided for people of all ages from infants to senior citizens. Attendees camp in cabins, motor homes, trailers, tents, or commute from their homes. When camp meeting is in session, attendance swells to nearly 5,000, making it the largest “town” in the county.

Camp meeting is held on the grounds of Camp Wakonda near Westfield, Wisconsin and is open to the general public. Registration is only required for on-site accommodations.

Each year meetings held in Pioneer Pavilion are live streamed. They include the 6:30, 9:30 and 11:00 am meetings, 2:30 and 4:00, and 7:30 pm meetings. Live streamed presentations from the 2016 camp meeting are archived below for your learning and spiritual enrichment.

 Evening/Weekend Speakers

Mike Edge
Wisconsin Conference President
7:30 pm First Friday Evening Video  Audio  Audacious Prayer


Jerry Page
General Conference Ministerial Director

11:00 am First Sabbath  Video 
Spiritual Breakthroughs!
Janet Page 7:30 pm First Sabbath  Video
 Unleashing God's Power!
7:30 pm Sunday Video
 Audio    Thriving Relationships!

Maurice Valentine
Executive Secretary Lake Union

7:30 pm Monday  Video
 Audio      A Heart for Victory
7:30 pm Tuesday  Video 
 The Attitude of Victory
7:30 pm Wednesday  Video
 Audio   The Way Toward Victory
7:30 pm Thursday  Video 
  The Purpose of Victory!

Mike Tucker
Speaker/Director for Faith for Today

7:30 pm Second Friday Video 
  God Our Neighbor
11:00 am Second Sabbath
 God, Our Servant
7:30 pm Second Sabbath  Audio 
  God, Our Forgiveness
 Early Morning Presenters

Tom Michalski
Wausau District Pastor

6:30 am First Sabbath Video  Audio 

6:30 am Sunday Video  Audio 

Rodney Palmer
Racine District Pastor

6:30 am Monday  Video
6:30 am Tuesday  Video  Audio 

Joseph Pericellia
Wisconsin Rapids Dictrict Pastor

6:30 am Wednesday  Video  Audio 
6:30 am Thursday  Video  Audio 

Titus Naftanaila
Madison East District Pastor

6:30 am Friday  Video  Audio 

6:30 Sabbath  Video  Audio 
4:00 Sunday  Audio 
Sung Kwon
Adventist Community Services Director for North American Division

4:00 pm Sunday  Video
9:30 am Monday  Video  
4:00 pm Monday  Video  
9:30 am Tuesday  Video  
4:00 pm Tuesday  Video  
9:30 am Wednesday Video 
4:00 pm Wednesday Video 
9:30 am Thursday  Video  
4:00 pm Thursday  Video  
9:30 am Friday  Video  
Barbara O'Neill
Naturopath, Nutritionist, and Director of Misty Mountain Health Retreat in Australia

2:15 pm Sunday  Video
  DNA and the True Cause of Disease
11:00 am Monday Video
  Gut Health, Chronic Fatigue and IBS
2:15 pm Monday  Video 
   The Body's Great Project Manager
11:00 am Tuesday  Video   Child Nutrition
2:15 pm Tuesday  Video 
 Hormones and Sexual Health
11:00 am Wednesday  Video
 Acid and Alkaline Balance in the Body
2:15 pm Wednesday  Video 
 Is Fat Really Making Us Fat?
11:00 am Thursday   Video
  Is This The Fast I Have Chosen?
2:15 pm Thursday  Video 
 Diabetes and Weight Control
11:00 am Friday  Video 
 The Brain - Frontal Lobe
2:15 pm Friday  Video  
The Laws of the Mind

Chad Bernard
Young Adult Speaker

7:30 pm Sabbath  Audio 
7:30 pm Sunday  Audio 

7:30 pm Monday   Audio 
7:30 pm Wednesday   Audio 
7:30 pm Thursday   Audio 
7:30 pm Friday   Audio 
7:30 pm Sabbath   Audio