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Dr. Ricardo Norton

The Adventist Lay Seminary is a ministry of Dr. Ricardo Norton of the
Andrews University Theological Seminary to upgrade ministry skills of
our laity: Adventist Lay Seminary) was founded in 2005 by the Andrews
University Institute of Hispanic Ministry (IHM) to instruct church members
in the theory and practice of ministry. The disproportionate growth of the
Non‐Adventist (SDA) world population and the sluggish growth of the SDA
church in some regions is an alarming fact that deserves attention. A
solution to the evangelization challenge we face resides in the development
of a professional lay training program, to equip church members to join
fulltime pastoral forces in disseminating the Adventist message. Churches
will not survive for long if its operation relies solely on the pastor’s work.
“The idea that the minister must carry all the burdens and do all the work
is a great mistake” (CS 68).

The 10 courses are taught by Seminary professors from Andrews University
and around the world. The quality of the training is very high! 

“We have operated the Lay Seminary for years in the Lake Region Conference,”
reported Eddy Allen, LRC Vice President of Multi‐Cultural Affairs. “The quality
of the training is phenomenal and the joy of the  trainees is unmatched.” 

The highpoints of Adventist Lay Seminary:

  Meets one Sunday per month for 8 months as an intensive – students spend 6 hours in training on Sunday
     and follow up on their lessons for the 4 weeks until the next session 

  English Session will focus on Bible Instructor Training 

  Spanish Session will focus on Small Group Leadership 

  Graduation Service for both English and Spanish groups is February of 2017 

  Graduates receive Certificate at Graduation Service and may receive two hours of Graduate
Credit from the Andrews University Theological Seminary 

  $100 registration fee includes handout materials (not assigned books) and lunch during the Sunday sessions 

“We believe in the ministry of our lay people,” said Elder Michael Edge, Wisconsin Conference President. 
“Together with our pastors and teachers, our members are our greatest resource. This training program will
help our leaders to be more effective for Jesus.”

Space is limited! The opportunity for growth in ministry is unlimited! Don’t miss out – sign up now!


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