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  • Adventist Church and School Connect, is a North American Division program committed to offer every church and school a free website. Contact them at the above link or call 877-513-0819.
  • This service is not available for church groups, until they are an official church.
Maintaining Church and School Websites
1. Adventist Hymnal, piano music played for over 700 hymns on CD, $359,  33 CD's. From Advent Source: catalogue # 351490 Adventsource.org.

2. CCL License:  cclisence.com is the place to obtain a license to put music up on a screen. Every church needs to obtain their own license, but as far as I know, you can operate under your parent church's CCL until you become a church.   

Local Church Program Advertising Conference Wide    
Our desire is to help church events to be communited well and in a timely manner. All church events may be sent to the communiction office to be placed on the conference Facebook page or in the monthly Conference eNewsletter..

As a matter of respect, we do not normally promote local church programs (special guest speakers, seminars, etc) from the conference level by sending out bulletin inserts or printing them in the Lamp Letter or conference calenar. A pastor may send the bulletin inserts to his fellow pastor's in our conference and invite them to promote it in their bulletins if it does not create a conflict they are concerned about.

If there are any questions on this procedure, feel free to contact Juanita Edge, communication director, jedge@wi.adventist.org.