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Welcome to the information and registration pages for the Wisconsin/Minnesota Camporee.
We are excited to have you be apart of this Pathfinder Camporee. Our theme this Camporee is "In Harmony".  We want to be "In Harmony" with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ and "In Harmony" with Christ. Below you will find valuable information regarding the Camporee as well as a place to REGISTER. The deadline to register is Sept. 3, 2015.
The location of the camporee is at Harmony Park in Clarks Grove MN. Here is the Address:  79503 298th Street Clarks Grove, MN 56016
September 18-20

Space for your club:
Please plan for the correct space for your club campsite for the camporee. The formula to use is 150 square feet per person who is registered for the Camporee from your club.
Example: 15 people from club X:
15 x 150 sq. ft. = 2250sq. ft.  Club X would be allotted 2250sq. ft. for their camping space, which you could configure in a number of ways. Example: 45 ft. x 50 ft. = 2250 sq. ft. 
More updates to the camporee will be posted at this website. We look forward to a wonderful camporee!

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