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LifeLong Health

Full Plate Living

(Free Cookbook by Full Plate Living)

Creation Health

Creation Health for Kids

Breathe Free 2

Get Over Tobacco (GOT)

Healthy Lifestyle Cooking Set by Ernestine Finley

In Step for Life
Super Foods of the Bible
by Chuck Kohley - Hard copy available through Wisconsin Conference Office.
Win! Wellness

Nedley Health Solutions

Health Education Resources

Adventist Health Study

Chef Mark Anthony

Diabetes Undone

Go Healthy for Good

Newstart Lifestyle Club

Health the Designers Way

CELEBRATIONS Power Point Materials (For use with CELEBRATIONS Book)

Adventist Recovery Ministries
Life and Health Network

The Journal of Health and Healing

Vibrant Life Magazine

Loma Linda School of Public Health Newsletter Archive

Full Plate Diet Program: vimeo of Wisconsin camp meeting presentations

Media On The Brain Facebook Site

YouTube: Barbara O'Neill - Discovering Good Health Lecture Series

CELEBRATIONS Book (Also there are Power Point Materials available that acompany the book)

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Adventists in Public Media Walk for Life Article Resources 1-5 Minute Video Resources
National Geographic: "Sights and Sounds of Longevity"

Ted Talk on How to Live to Be 100

National Geographic: "Secrets of Longer Life"

CNN 360 Degrees: "Secrets of Longer Life"

BBC: "The towns where people live the longest"

The Press-Enterprise: "Live Long, and Prosper"

Signs of the Times: "How to Live to Be 100"

Toronto Star: "The new vegetarians"

"Diet and Colon Cancer" Journal of the American Medical Association

Various links from Loma Linda on Adventist health: PBS, CNN, etc.

102 Year Old Surgeon at Loma Linda Universitiy

Exercise Basics

Be FITT in 2014 (and beyond)

Physical Activity is Medicine

How to Stay Active in a Sedentary Job

The Importance of Core Muscle Fitness

The Importance of Good Posture

Teach Children the Value of Exercise

10 Ways to Loose Weight

Stretching: Neglected Fitness Factor

Truth About Burning and Storing Fat

How to Become a Runner

Fat Heads and Exercise

Stand Up for Good Health

A Breath of Fresh Air

Avoiding the Flu

Plantar Fasciitis - A Quick Recovery

Physical Activity is Powerful Medicine

Enjoy Health Benefits of an Active Life

Swimming Blind: The Secret of Habits


Facts with Hope (one-minute health clips.)

Your Life and Health and Vitamin D

Avoid "Sitting Disease"

Can Foods Be Addictive?

8 Laws of Health Series - Attitude

8 Laws of Health Series - Trust

8 Laws of Health Series - Air

8 Laws of Health Series - Temperance

8 Laws of Health Series - Sunlight

8 Laws of Health Series - Rest

8 Laws of Health Series - Nutrition

8 Laws of Health Series - Water

8 Laws of Health Series - Exercise

Knowledge Bank: Sitting Disease

Knowledge Bank: Salt

Knowledge Bank: Vitamin B12

Knowledge Bank: Juice

Knowledge Bank: Vitamin D

Knowledge Bank: Fitness/Only 2%

Knowledge Bank: Breakfast

Knowledge Bank: Metabolic Syndrome

Knowledge Bank: The Best Diet

Knowledge Bank: What is the link between diet & heart disease?

Ask the Doctor:  Short Videos Seven Psychological Sins Videos Short Health Talk Materials
Addictive Foods

Vegan Diet

Canned, Fresh, &  Frozen Foods


One Thing We Should Eat

The Best Diet

Gluten and Gluten-Free Diets

Soy Products


How Does Exercise Relates to Diet

Symptoms of Heart Disease

Link Between Diet & Heart Disease

What Leads to Heart Disease/Attack?

Why Need to Know Heart Numbers
7 Psychological Sins: Introduction

7 Psychological Sins: Bitterness

7 Psychological Sins: Emotionalism

7 Psychological Sins: Avoidance

7 Psychological Sins: Worry

7 Psychological Sins: Self-Pity

7 Psychological Sins: Complaining

7 Psychological Sins: Criticism
RENEWED Health Talk: Introduction, Choice
    Choice 10 Tips Handout

RENEWED Health Talk: Rest
     Rest 10 Tips Handout

RENEWED Health Talk: Exercise
     Exercise 10 Tips Handout

RENEWED Health Talk: Nutrition
     Nutrition 10 Tips Handout

RENEWED Health Talk: Environment
     Environment 10 Tips Handout

RENEWED Health Talk: Water
     Water 10 Tips Handout

RENEWED Health Talk: Experience Jesus:
     Experience Jesus 10 Tips Handout

RENEWED Health Talk: Discernment
     Discernment 10 Tips Handout

Printable Version of all Renewed health topics (print 2-sided short edge)
Live It: Loma Linda Health Videos Live It In  the Kitchen:  Cooking Show from Loma Linda Heatlh Creation Health Video Clips
Reduce Risk of Heart Disease with Dried Fruit

Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes wiith Acrobic Exercise

Reduce Hip Fracture Risk by Eating Legumes

Importance of Nutrition During in Pregnancy

Reduce Cholesterol with Nuts

Reduce the Amount of Bacteria in Plastic Bags

Prevent Alzheimer's Disease with Pomegranates

Active Standing; The New Sitting

Improve Short-Term Memory by Laughter

Loose Weight with Avacados and Almonds

The Best Super Bowl Commercial Not to Air

Aerobic Exercise
All Veggie Wrap + Hummus 3 Ways

Thai Curry Soup
Pearled Barleny Risotto

Our Favorite Falafel

Creamy Carrot Soup

Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Bark

Artichoke and Aioli Sauce

White Bean Chili


Garden Sun

Aim For Success

A Good Night's Sleep

Strengthen Interpersonal Relationships

Do you Remember How to Play?

Bring Nature Inside

Go Green

Keeping up With the Jonses

Online Courses Sharing Literature Sources Life and Health Articles

Diabetes Undone
GLOW Tracts (Giving Light to Our World)

Amazing Health Facts Magazine

What Do Seventh-day Adventists Believe? Brochure

Forks Over Knives: Vibrant Life Special Issue

Life Matters Signs Health Series

Pocket Signs Tracts

Balanced Living Health Tracts
Simple to Relax When You Have Only 5 Minutes or Less

Five Ways to Reduce Noise Polution

Principles of Healthy Eating: Fruits and Vegetables

Principles of Healthy Eating:Nuts and Seeds

Understanding Cancer Part 1/4: What Is It?

Understanding Cancer Part 2/4: Causes and What We Can Do to Reduce Our Risk

Understanding Cancer Part 3/4:

Understanding Cancer Part 4:/4:

Why You Should Floss and Why Popping Sugar Bugs Leads to Tooth Decay

What To Do About Back Pain Part 1

What To Do About Back Pain: Part 2

Home Remedies for the Cold

Home Remedies for the Flu

7 Steps to Avoiding Enterovirus

Reducing Noise Pollution

How to Get Totally Healthy

7 Steps for Setting and Reaching Goals

Sleep, Schedules, Sanity
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