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K-12 Board of Education

The Wisconsin K-12 Board of Education is a strategic planning and visioning committee for the educational program of the conference. They meet six or seven times per year to:

1. Supervise and enforce conference and union educational codes and policies
2. Deal with all employment issues relating to K-12 personnel
3. Review the yearly budget and receive periodic financial reports on the K-12
4. Do strategic planning and visioning for the conference educational program


Members are appointed by the Executive Committee to include teacher, pastor, lay and Wisconsin Academy alumni members from the Wisconsin Conference. The K-12 Board of Education also includes the Wisconsin Conference president, Wisconsin Conference treasurer/executive secretary, Wisconsin Conference superintendent of education, Wisconsin Conference youth director, hispanic coordinator, Wisconsin Academy principal and business manager, Lake Union superintendent of education, and Lake Union Conference associate director of education.


Mike Edge: Chairperson
Linda Rosen: Secretary


Official Invitee
Kenneth Smith
Kiana Roat
Iris Rodriguez
Charlyn Marsh

Abraham Swamidass
Neil Mishleau
Lay Members
Jennifer Britain
Ray Cress
Shirley Mann
David Rawls
Pam Ringwelski
Carl Sigler
Donna Shotwell
Steve Goodenough


Ex-Officio Members
Mike Edge, President
Brian Stephan, Exec. Secretary
Linda Rosen, Superintendent of
Eric Chavez, Youth Director
Evelio Miranda, Hispanic Coordinator
Roger Dunder, WA Principal
Darlie Gagatam, WA Business                 Manager
Linda Fuchs, LUC Superintendent of      Education
Ruth Horton, LUC Assistant  
     Superintendent of Education