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Walk for Life - Schools

School Miles Walked Goal: 24,901.5                        School Miles Remaining: 0
From  August through May, 2018, Seventh-day Adventist Schools in Wisconsin have a goal of walking around the world as a part of the Walk for Life program.

Walk for Life is especially designed to help those interested in starting a regular physical activity program. It also accommodates those who are already active, and includes a large variety of physical activities including biking, swimming, jogging, gardening, walking, and active sports. It's easy to begin. Start walking, track your miles, submit the miles online by clicking the green button below.

Miles will be updated on the below chart as they are submitted. All August through May miles must be reported by July 17 to be counted toward awards. $100 is awarded to the top mile school, and $50 to the next highest recorded school. Please submit the number of participants from your school so total miles can be calculated per participant. This will provide some equality between larger and smaller schools. 

The above school miles are recorded on the home page Walk for Life map and combined with the church miles. For more information about Walk for LIfe and other health programs, email Health Ministries Coordinator Juanita Edge.

A walking record sheet and equivalency chart downloads available on home page 

 Miles Reported 2017/2018 School Year     
Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov.
Bethel Junior Academy
Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy                     0
Hillside Christian School
(7 participants)
  600 625 470 520 416 428 320   480 3,859
Maranatha Seventh-day
Adventist Elementary
Milwaukee Seventh-day
Adventist School
Otter Creek Christian
Petersen Seventh-day
Adventist Elementary
Three Angels Christian
525 650 650 675 640 297 693 745     4,875
Wisconsin Academy (69)                     0
Goal: 24,901.5
Total: 9,355