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Church Ministries Institute


Church Ministries Institute (CMI) training events are held periodically to provide information and training in a variety of ministry areas. Everyone is welcome. Learn new skills or try out new ministry opportunities. Discover exciting ways to use your talents and gifts to bring people closer to Jesus. To register or obtain more information about upcoming CMI events, contact James Fox/Cindy Stephan at 920-484-6555 ext. 302 or email James Fox; email Cindy Stephan.


 Future CMI Events (Tentative)
TBA Bible Study: "How to Give Video Bible Studies"
Church Planting: "Steps to Church Planting: From Inception to Launch"
GLOW: "GLOWing to Grow"
Natural Church Development: "Coaching 101" and "Christian Coaching 102"
Small Group Ministry: "Free Market Small Groups"
Youth Ministry: "Wisconsin Youth Leadership Summit"

Lay Pastor Training: "Preaching Biblical Sermons"
Lay Pastor Training: "Christian Coaching 102"
Sabbath School: "Enhancing the Sabbath School Experience"
 Bible Study (By His Word)

Chuck Kohley

Class Title: "How to Give Video Bible Studies"

Learn a new way to give Bible Studies which combine video presentations, small group techniques and abundant testimonies. This method removes the fear of finding proof texts, draws interests to love the truth, and teaches you how to share a testimony for Jesus. Students will receive a free full set of DVD's to equip them for ministsry ($150 value).

Class Title: "Super Foods of the Bible"

While discovering the Bible secrets of health and longevity, this program creates a connecting bridge between health and prophecy.

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 Church Planting

Lisa Isensee (Team teaching with Tom Evans, associate director of NADEI)
Church Planting Coordinator

Class Title: "Steps to Church Planting: From Inception to Launch"

Those who attend the workshops will receive a free copy of the workbook by Tom L. Evans, "Steps to Church Planting: From Inception to Launch." This seminar series is especially geared to those who are either interested in, or planning to, church plant -- and want to do it right, right from the start. It is also helpful as a tool to identify areas of growth for already existing church plants.  

A note to Church Planters: Many of the CMI workshops are exactly what church planters need to be equipped to more effectively reach their community for Christ! Consider sponsoring a number of people from your churches to attend this Spirit-filled weekend.

More about Church Planting

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 Family Ministries

Abraham Swamidass (Class not offered at Wakonda CMI in September)
Family Ministries Coordinator (Certified Family Life Coordinator)

Class Title: "Home Improvements"

The number one cry of this world is relationships. Christian families are in a strategic position to meet this need. Learn how to do family evangelism at home, at church, and in your community. 

More About Family Ministries

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 Lay Pastor Training

James Fox
ShareHim / Lay Pastor / Evangelism  / Personal Ministries Coordinator

Class Title: "Preaching Biblical Sermons"

Attendees will learn how to develop a sermon direcly from God's Word and preach it in an interesting, clear and powerful manner.

Class Title: "Christian Coaching 102"

This class, taught by John Strehle, teaches how to guide others through a journey of discovery through coaching skills. Communication is key. Learn skills for encouraging, counseling and assisting people in reachinig their God-given goals. Through powerful skills you will learn how to go deeper toward transformational growth. These skills are useful in everyday life.

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  Sabbath School

Greg Taylor
Sabbath School Director

Class Title: "Enhancing the Sabbath School Experience"

More About Sabbath School

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 Youth Ministry

Greg Taylor
Youth Director

Class Title: "Wisconsin Youth Leadership Summit"
More About Youth Ministry

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