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Eric Chavez New Youth Director for Wisconsin

Eric Chavez and his wife Shanna  
Eric Chavez has accepted the position of Youth Director for the Wisconsin Conference. He will begin full-time ministry here the first part of September. He comes to us from the Upper Columbia Conference where he has been pastoring the Grand Coulee District for the past 2 1/2 years. 


“My wife, Shanna, and I have been married for 10 years,” said Eric. “We have followed the Lord ever since we met at age 17. We were not raised Seventh-day Adventist, but when we found the truths of the Lord, we fell immediately in love with every word that proceeded from the mouth of our amazing God.”


Eric attended the Amazing Facts School of Evangelism, and later graduated from Southern Adventist University with a B.A. in Theology and a minor in Biblical Languages. 


Eric’s passion for youth ministry is deeply rooted. “I have an older sister and two younger brothers who I love with all my heart,” said Eric. “We were raised very poor and with both of my parents working full time, I became the Big Brother at age 9, staying at home alone with them. As I look back I am heartbroken at the realization I did not use my influence as a young person in a better way. My desire and passion is to show all young people that they are made for more than what the world tells them.


“Shanna, and I are very excited to be able to work as your Conference Youth Director, and promise to always work our hardest to empower all young people to make a difference not just in this conference, but in an ever changing world.”


In his free time Eric enjoys snowboarding, skateboarding, and anything with an engine.


Michelle Willer New Milwaukee North Teacher

Michelle Willer


Michelle Willer is teaching Kindergarten at the north campus of Milwaukee Adventist School this year. Michelle graduated from Milwaukee Adventist School and Wisconsin Academy before attending Andrews University. In May of this year, Michelle graduated with a double major, receiving a B.A. degree in both Elementary Education and Spanish K-12, and a minor in Language Arts. 


“When I was little I didn’t like school. It was hard and I didn’t get it. Then one year it really hit me that school was amazing. I think that was when I decided I wanted to help kids learn and really ‘get it” like I did.”


In her free time, Michelle enjoys her pet Border Collie, Yoder. She also likes to draw and travel. While in college she spent a year in Spain teaching English, went to Honduras on a mission trip, and enjoyed traveling to South America for her Spanish degree. 


Romans 8:28, her favorite Bible verse says, “We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.


Milwaukee SDA School's New South Campus

The new Milwaukee Seventh-day Adventist School, south campus.

The Lord has blessed our school over the past ten years. We have grown from 28 students ten years ago to 184 this past year, with 207 students currently registered for this coming school year. 


With an average growth of 10% per year over the past decade, our challenge has been to find classroom space for all the new students. Over the last four years the school has needed to purchase three modulars to accommodate the growing student body. 


This year in order to continue growing, the school has purchased a second campus on the south side of Milwaukee. This campus, located at 2911 South 32nd street, will help us better serve families living on the south side of Milwaukee. We are offering Pre-K through sixth grade and currently have 63 students pre-registered.


We are very grateful for the Lord’s continued blessing for His school.


Iris Rodriguez New Milwaukee South Teacher

Iris Rodriguez, new 3rd and 4th grade teacher at the Milwaukee south campus.  
Iris Rodriguez has been teaching most recently at Sharon Junior Academy in the Lake Region Conference. She is transferring to the Wisconsin Conference and will teach third and fourth graders at the new south campus of the Milwaukee SDA school.
After high school, Iris worked in computer programming for three years. “I then took a year off to think and pray, asking God what He wanted me to do with my life.” said Iris. Education seemed to keep coming to my mind, so I enrolled in teaching classes and found I absolutely loved it.”
Iris graduated from Antillean Adventist University in Puerto Rico with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in ESL (English as a Second Language).
Iris loves to read and enjoys finding bargin deals on good books at the Goodwill. She aspires to someday be a published writer, and would like to continue her education with a M.A. in English.


Karen Kind New Milwaukee South Teacher

Karen Kind working with a student.  

Karen Kind is no stranger to Wisconsin. Born in Waukesha, Karen grew up attending Wisconsin Adventist schools and graduated from Wisconsin Academy.She graduated with a double major from Andrews University, obtaining a B.S. in both Elementary Education and Home Economics, with a minor in English. Karen later received her Master’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin in Curriculum and Instruction, with a certificate in reading. 


Karen will be teaching first and second grade for the new south campus of Milwaukee Adventist School. “I love kids,” said Karen. “I’m especially grateful to be back teaching in an Adventist school. It’s wonderful to be able to talk with the students about Jesus and real eternal values.”


Karen is married to Charles (Chuck) and they have one son, Charlie. In her free time Karen enjoys walking, reading, writing, playing piano, being in nature and she especially loves kids.


None are Beyond God's Reach


Bernadette Doran, member of the Green Bay Church, has driven school bus for 17 years. She loves working with children and has led Vacation Bible School and children’s Sabbath School for over 30 years. Bernadette lives with her husband Joe, in Seymore, WI, and they have two grown sons.


I am a special needs bus driver for the public school system in our town. This year I was given a tough bus route that the previous driver from last year refused to ever do again. I knew I would need God’s help.


In the first month of school the police were called twice to assist. It was a tough route, with swearing, fighting, and disobedience. One boy would bolt out the bus door while it was moving. A second grader refused to do anything he was asked and was regularly harnessed. It really was a challenge.


I began praying out loud at the beginning of each bus route, and again after the last child was off. I would sing praises to God for His help like, “Come Holy Spirit, We Need You.” I prayed a lot for God to help me, for I simply could not afford to get upset. Day by day Jesus has given me the strength to stay calm! 


All the busses have camera’s in them, and the school took the film out and watched what happened on the bus twice that I know of. Half-way through the year, one of the teachers who saw the films told me she was praying for me.


Every day I continued to pray both silently and out loud while on the bus. I would also sing Sabbath School songs like “Be Kind to Each Other” while we drove along. As the year progressed the children stopped swearing, calling bad names, getting out of their seats, or hurting others. Some even started playing nicely together. The boy who often bolted out the door doesn’t do that anymore, and the little second grader knows what is expected of him and no longer needs to be harnessed while riding the bus. One day I really felt blessed to have a student invite me to his home for his graduation party. 


Other bus drivers have noticed the difference in the kids riding my bus. One bus driver asked me to pray for him because he could see God’s answers to my prayers. We never know who is watching. 


These are worldly kids I work with, and they have many special needs, but they are not beyond the reach of our heavenly Father’s love and care.  What a privilege to be able to pray and witness for our Lord!



Keep Praying, Keep Trusting

Pennie Wredberg, member of the WisconsinAcademy church,is teacher/principal of Petersen Elementary school. She and her husband, Bert, have two children, Alex and Miranda.

God does not answer my prayers the way I think they should be answered. Time and time again I have prayed for healing for a loved one, a difficult situation to be resolved, or guidance for a major decision. Every time God has answered my prayer differently than I had hoped, but better than I could ever have imagined.


For two years now Leah Anderson and I have been praying for Petersen Elementary. Specifically we have been praying about enrollment. This year we graduated ten eighth graders and we do not have ten new first graders starting in the fall. So we began praying, “Please God, send the students and families that you want to be at Petersen.”


God was His usual quiet self. And we waited. The silence lasted over a year and yet we did not give up. We upped our prayers and asked for ten students for kindergarten plus more students for Petersen.


Kindergarten Open House came and we were ready. We have a kindergarten classroom decorated and ready; we have a teacher excited to teach them. We have two other classrooms with plenty of openings for the 2016-2017 school year. But no potential kindergarten students came and only one student for second grade.This was not the answer we were hoping for or expecting.


It would have been easy to give up and say something like, “Well, this must not be in God’s plan.” But then the phone rang right before spring break. It was a family from Madison looking for a place for their sons to go to that was a Christian setting. Did we have room? Did we have room! We certainly did.


The end of the school year came and those eighth graders graduated. We still do not have ten students to replace them, nor do we have ten kindergarteners to fill our upstairs classroom. Have we quit praying and asking God to send students and families to Petersen? Absolutely not. We are trusting Him to answer our prayer differently, in an unexpected way. Even if we end up rattling around in our classrooms next year we choose to continue to put our trust in Him.


“Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Matt 6:10


Molina New Milwaukee Central District Pastor
Carlos Molina and his wife, Diana  

Carlos G. Molina is the new pastor for the Milwaukee Central District. Before coming to Wisconsin, they labored as inter-division employees in Brazil at the Northeast Adventist College. In this institution Pastor Molina was professor of New Testament and his wife worked as assistant director for the local E. G. White Estate. 


They have served the Lord in five world countries through various denominational responsibilities including pastoral ministry. 

“In ministry, I enjoy preaching, teaching, writing and learning how God works through other people,” said Pastor Molina. “Also, I love visiting church members with my wife and giving Bible Studies.”


Both pastor Molina and his wife, Diana, were born in Costa Rica. They have two married daughters: Libna, a psychologist, and Dana, a registered nurse. They also enjoy the blessing of two grandchildren: Nolan and Katherine.


New Emergency Preparedness Class

Students studying for the Emergency Preparedness class.
“If you fail to plan, you are planning for failure.” - Benjamin Franklin 


Wisconsin Academy is taking this warning seriously with our new Emergency Preparedness class taught by history teacher Tyler Cantrell, a former Firefighter/EMT, who is finishing his Masters in this field.


The students will take FEMA certificate classes, First-aid/CPR/AED, and interface with a variety of emergency responders and professionals as guest speakers.

The class will also help families prepare for disasters through customizable comprehensive emergency preparedness plans. 

We hope to instill a life-long love of service and personal preparedness in all areas of the students’ lives. 

Perricellia New Steven's Point District Pastor

Pastor Joseph and his wife Elena and their daughter Bella
Joseph Perricellia is the new pastor for the Steven’s Point, Wisconsin Rapids, and Almond church district. Joseph comes to Wisconsin from the Iowa/Missouri Conference where he has pastored for nearly six years. He received his undergraduate degree from Southern Adventist University, with a BA in Theology, and a minor in Practical Religion. 


Joseph gave his heart to Jesus for the first time at an Amway Convention. When he told his wife, Elena, about his conversion he discovered that she too had recently given her heart to Jesus while watching a TV evangelist.  “What are we going to do about this?” asked Elena. “Well, all I know is that we’re supposed to go to church,” replied Joseph. Receiving an invitation in the mail to attend evangelistic meetings, they decided to attend. “I asked a lot of questions,” said Joseph. “and was very impressed that the pastor never told me what he thought. He always turned to the Bible for an answer.” In April, 1993, Joseph and Elena were baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist church.


“My passion is to seek and save the lost by introducing them to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” said Joseph. “He has driven me to ever grow and develop into a greater instrument in the Master’s hands. Christ has been able to take me from a heathen non-believer to servant-leader. Praise His Holy Name! My focus now is on every aspect of evangelism, personal and public. I love evangelism.”


Joseph and Elena have one daughter, Belle. They enjoy spending time together as a family, especially hiking in the woods and enjoying God’s creation. Joseph also enjoys fishing and motorcycle riding.


Justin Spady New Portage District Pastor

Justin Spady and his fiance Jennifer Biestek.  
The Portage district will be welcoming Justin Spady as their new pastor in January, 2016. This district includes the Oxford, Baraboo, Reedsburg, Portage churches. Spady is currently finishing his Master of Divinty degree from Andrews University.

When Justin was in high school he felt the Lord calling him to ministry. His desire had been to do ministry overseas. When he entered college his plans changed and he started pursuing a different career. God, however, never stopped impressing him in the direction of ministry here in the states. He resisted at first but as the Lord worked on his heart Justin softened to His leading. “It wasn’t a lightening bolt from heaven”, said Justin. “It was how God put the pieces of my life together: my upbringing, passion, study and insight and encouragement from others.”

It’s evident in his life that he has a passion for the truth and others. “We are all in this together and looking forward to Christ’s soon return. God can use all of us,” says Justin. “For me it’s more a calling rather than a profession.” His ultimate desire is to share the gospel. He also wants to shepherd and equip the church members to do the same.

Justin is engaged to Jennifer Biestek. They plan to be married on December 27, 2015 in Lexington, Kentucky. Jennifer is working as a Physician’s Assistant. Justin’s hobbies include painting, reading, outdoor activities such as hiking, waterskiing, snowboarding, and swimming.


Sara Gardner New English Teacher

The above picture was taken on Lock Ness.  
Sarah, a native of Berrien Springs, MI, graduated with a BA in English with secondary certification and a BA in Spanish K-12 Education from Andrews University in 2014.

After graduating, Sara spent a year in Spain as a Language and Cultural Assistant. "Being in a public high school, in Catholic country, whose citizens in general are not very religious, taught me more than I could possibly convey in writing."

Sara likes to read, write, bake, sew, camp,, knit, run, and spend time with friends.

Tom Michalski New Wausau District Pastor

Pastor Tom Michalski
Tom Michalski, new pastor in the Wausau District, comes from the Iowa/Missouri Conference where he has pastored the Moberly/Hannibal District since 2007. 


Tom was born and raised in Wisconsin. At age 18 he and a buddy moved to Alaska. While there he met several Seventh-day Adventists. “They all shared the Bible truth with me,” said Tom. “But I was a wild rebellious man, and it took me eight years to be baptized.”


It began with Tom’s wife, Melody, becoming interested in spiritual things. She read her Bible through from Genesis to Revelation and believed every word. Tom told her, “If you really want to learn about the Bible, go study with the Adventists. I don’t know if they have everything right, but whenever I’ve asked them a question, they always gave me a Bible answer.”


They started attending an Adventist church, but were moving at that time to live out in the bush of Alaska. The church gave them a Bible, a syllabus, and mailed them Revelation Seminar tapes. They studied themselves into the truth and were baptized on May 10, 1980.


“It’s really exciting to move back home to Wisconsin,” says Tom. “I feel the Lord has something planned for the Wausau District, and I pray He can use me to accomplish it.”


Tom and his wife, Melody, a registered nurse, have been married for 36 years. They have three children, Joshua, Caleb and Kesiah. 


In  his free time, Tom enjoys being out side gardening, camping and canoeing. “I try and make at least one 10-day trip a year canoeing the north country wilderness,” says Tom. He also enjoys woodworking and rebuilding things with his hands.


We are Here to Serve


Alcidiel Leopoldino and his wife, Nechi Bruno, have spent the past eight years in Spain giving Bible studies to deaf young people.



Alcidiel(Cid) Leopoldino and his wife Nechi Bruno prayed, “Lord, we want to be missionaries for You. We want to take a year of our lives and do volunteer service. Send us where you want us.” Cid had just graduated from an Adventist school in Spain with a degree in theology. He and Nechi wrote an email expressing their desire to serve as missionaries, and sent it to over 200 countries: India, England, Philippines, Brazil, Africa,  etc.


They received  many responses, but the last one to arrive was from Pastor Evelio Miranda in America. They had never been to the United States. Pastor Miranda officially invited Cid to serve as a Bible worker in Beloit, Wisconsin, and after much prayer, they accepted the challenge. 


Arriving in the Beloit Spanish church in September of 2014, Cid immediately went into action. “Our focus must be on helping people,” said Cid. “My philosophy is, ‘We are here to serve.’”


They began with a meeting at church. Members made a list of people they knew from their workplace, neighborhood, or even people who no longer came to church. This list was then divided up between the members, and they began visiting.


“We talk with the people, pray with them, and try to meet a need of theirs,” said Cid. “These needs may be material things, physical things, or spiritual things. We learn about each person’s situation and try to help in practical ways.’


Cid goes to businesses, stores, and even city hall and says, “We at the Seventh-day Adventist Church are here to serve. Let us know what we can do to help in this community.” 


Wherever he goes, Cid leaves his own phone number and the church address. He says, “You can call me anytime you have a need. If you are passing through a hard time, let us come pray with you, and help you.”


Sometimes he meets people who don’t want to visit or say they don’t have time, Cid just smiles and says, “OK. Every Saturday we have a free lunch at our church. When you can, we’d love to have you stop by and eat with us.” 


“Quite a few people do come to our Sabbath lunch,” said Cid, “especially the homeless. Sometimes people come just for the holidays. But that is OK. We simply try and help them have a nice time while they are at our church.” Cid has made a good friend through this ministry who is homeless. “I am praying for him. I know God has a plan for his life. It is exciting to see how God is working.”


Most Sabbath afternoons the church members visit the hospital, going to each room visiting the people. They often begin with, “Hi. How are you doing ?” They visit, pray, give words of encouragement and share magazines. “We ask if their family has needs, or if something needs done at their house while they are in the hospital. We let them know our church can help them. Sometimes people ask what church we are from. We tell them, but then say this is not about our church, it is about Jesus. If we can help, we like to do it. If they just want prayer, we will pray.”


Cid loves to bring the young people on hospital visits as well. “Sometimes younger people think they are beautiful and have everything, but in the hospital they meet people who are in need. They see a different world than the one they live in. They soon learn their hugs and prayers are needed.” The Beloit church is now trying to involve the young people in every aspect of their church. Their Sabbath School Superintendent is 15 years old. Cid said, “Young people think ‘If the church doesn’t need me today, tomorrow I won’t stay. They have much energy. Let them use it for the Lord.”


“God leads us to people, and He leads people to us,” he continued. “Recently a lady in our congregation had a friend in prison. She told us about him and now he is attending church every Sabbath and taking Bible studies as well.”


There have been 30 baptisms since the Beloit Spanish church recently started focusing on outreach.”We do ordinary things,” said Cid. “We  fix faucets, help with shopping, babysitting, then they often ask us questions that allow us to share spiritual things.”


"People are hungry for the Word of God. We must ask God to open our eyes to see the opportunities He puts in our way every day.”


God Loves Me Just the Way I Am
This story was like God sending a message to this grandparent's heart that all the effort to attend Sabbath School, camp meeting, and to read Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories is not in vain. Gary Hixon  
When my granddaughter Grace was six years old, she was baby-sat by a college student. One day the baby-sitter said, “Today I heard the most profound thing that I ever heard in my life, and it came out of the mouth of a six-year-old. I think I should approach life differently.”


As Grace and the little girl next door were riding their two-wheeled bicycles together, the little girl from next door began making fun of Grace because Grace still had training wheels on her bike. She taunted Grace saying, “I am only five and I can ride without training wheels. You are six and still need training wheels, you must be dumb.”


Grace put up with this for a while, but finally said, “It’s OK that I am six and still need training wheels on my bike because God has made us all different. God made you so that you could ride a two-wheeler without training wheels when you are five, and He made me so that I still need training wheels when I am six. I know that God loves me just the way I am. He made me so I need training wheels at six years, old and that’s OK with me. Go ahead and make fun if you want, it does not matter, because God loves me just the way I am.” 


The baby-sitter said, “I always try and fit in. I put a lot of effort in making sure that I never do anything that would cause me to be made fun of or criticized. I’m thinking it would be better to be like Grace and think less about being cool and accepted and realize that my true value is in the fact that God loves me, just the way I am.”


Next time the devil hits us with the attack that we are not good enough to be accepted and loved by God, we might want to remember Grace and tell the devil, “Go ahead and make fun if you want, it does not matter, because God loves me just the way I am.”    


Recently Grace tried to ride a two-wheeler without training wheels. She was seven years old and her ride was flawless.


                                                                                                                                 Abbreviated story by Gary Hixon, Shawano SDA Church



Schauers New WA Men' s Dean & Bible Trainer

Kevin and his wife Chelsy

Kevin and Chelsy Schauer are moving to Wisconsin Academy where Kevin will serve as Dean of Men and Chelsy will be a Bible trainer.

Kevin graduated from Union College with a BA in Religion and minors in Youth Ministries and Psychology. While serving as task force assistant dean of men, Kevin discovered his love of deaning and has since served two years as an assistant dean, and five years as head dean. 


In his free time, Kevin enjoys mechanical things like tractors and anything with a motor. He also enjoys working outside, camping and just being in nature. He also looks forward to seeing his two brothers more often, Whitney and Bradley, who live in Eau Claire, WI. 


Chelsy attended Amazing Facts Center for Evangelism, and has worked as a Bible worker doing outreach, community service, and evangelistic programs. She also served two years as Vice-President for Evangelism for GYC. “I have a passion for teaching Bible,” said Chelsy. “I love including practical, hands-on projects and deep study of the Word of God. The goal is for students to know how to study the Bible for themselves and have the 

confidence to share it with others.”


“We’re really excited about the Lord’s leading,” said Kevin. “We look forward to serving God and His people at Wisconsin Academy.”


Noemi Miranda New Administrative Assistant for Hispanic Ministries

In her free time Noemi enjoys cooking, music, travel, and spending time with her family.
Noemi Miranda has accepted the position of Administrative Assistant for Wisconsin Hispanic Ministries. Noemi graduated from Montemorelos University with a degree in secretarial and a minor in accounting in 1990. She is married to Evelio Miranda, pastor of the Milwaukee Central Spanish District and Coordinator for the Hispanic work in Wisconsin.

Noemi also works part time in the office at Milwaukee Adventist School, gives leadership to the Hispanic women's ministries, and enjoys working with her husband in evangelistic outreach.

Noemi and Evelio have three children, Madeline, Kevin and Kenneth.

Noemí Miranda ha aceptado la posición, parte de tiempo, como Asistente Administrativa para el Ministerio Hispano de la Conferencia de Wisconsin.  Noemí se graduó de la Universidad de Montemorelos en la carrera de Secretariado con un menor en contabilidad en el año 1990.  Ella esta casada con el Pastor Evelio Miranda, quien es el Pastor del Distrito Central Hispano de Milwaukee y el Coordinador para la Obra Hispana en Wisconsin.

Noemí también trabaja parte de tiempo en la oficina de la Academia Adventista de Milwaukee, dirige el Ministerio de la Mujer, del departamento hispano y disfruta trabajando a la par de su esposo en evangelismo.  En su tiempo libre ella disfruta cocinar, le gusta la música, viajar y tomar tiempo con la familia.

Noemí y Evelio tienen tres hijos, Madeline, Kevin y Kenneth.


Lima, New Pastor in Milwaukee North District
Pastor Limia and family  
Eusebio Lima Morales is the new pastor for the Milwaukee Northwest Spanish District as of January 1, 2015. Pastor Lima graduated from Montemorelos University with a BA in Theology. While there, he me Eulice, his wife, who graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. Pastor Lima pastored in Mexico for five years. He has been working most recently as a Bible worker in Milwaukee.

He and his wife have one daughter, Eliza, who attends Milwaukee SDA School. In his free time, Pastor Lima enjoys jigsaw puzzles, being with his family, and playing with Edz, their pet dog from Mexico.

Candee Finds Blessings Selling WA Produce

Candee Kuhn from the Tomahawk Church
Candee Kuhn of the Tomahawk Community SDA Church took home three boxes of gourds from the Wisconsin Academy farm last fall to sell in her neighborhood. Driving to the first house she prayed, “God, help me sell the gourds, but also help me be a blessing.”
At the fourth house a lady was mowing the lawn. She wasn’t interested in gourds, but began sharing of her brother-in-law and son who both have cancer. “I was able to talk to her about Jesus’ love and have prayer with her,” said Candee. “Then she decided to buy some gourds.”
A few days later the lady invited Candee to come over again saying, “I want to buy some more gourds.” Candee took her gourds, but also made sure she had plenty of literature. “I always have a bag of literature in my car when I travel,” said Candee.
After the lady bought more gourds, she began opening her heart, telling Candee of many life and spiritual concerns. The she said, “I had so much peace after you last prayed with me.”
“After about half an hour of talking, tears, and prayers, I was able to give this lady the Desire of Ages and a Bible,” said Candee. “It was such a blessing to be able to sell these gourds. I am in contact with her often now. Please pray for her family, and also f or me. I don’t think we’ve heard the end of this story.”


WA Students Serve People on State Street

Wisconsin Academy students helping the homeless on State Street in Madison
On a cold misty Sabbath in November, four Wisconsin Academy girls along with faculty Jeanine Carter and Karen White, helped feed over 100 homeless people on State Street in Madison.
“It was a great experience,” said Jeanine. “My husband and I both have a burden for the homeless. When you touch their cold, hard hands, it really melts you.”
One student found her-self in a conversation about the Sabbath with a young man in his 30’s. He had never realized the seventh day was the Sabbath, and was really taken in by the idea. She wanted to show him from the Bible that it was true. As she ran back to the car to get her Bible, she said, “Mrs. Carter, I’m about to preach!”

Another lady asked, “Do you pray?” “Of course,” was the reply. “What would you like to pray about?” Soon they could be seen, holding hands in the middle of State Street praying to the God of the Universe.
“We are excited about the possibilities of this ministry,” said Jeanine. “We hope to bring interested students here to serve one Sabbath afternoon a month.”
Caption for the two photos included:  Wisconsin Academy Students helping the homeless on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin.


Clear Lake Concert Raises $600 for Food Pantry

Clear Lake Church held a benefit concert September 13, 2014, at the Clear Lake Area Community Center featuring Nancy Morauske, singer and songwriter from Fall River, Wisconsin.  Nancy was accompanied at intervals by daughter Amanda Garrett and granddaughter Lacy. 

In addition to the food items donated, over $600 was raised for Lifeline Food Pantry in Clear Lake.



Leopoldino New Bible Worker in Beloit
Alcidiel Leopoldino  
Alcidiel Leopoldino, also known as Cid, was born in Parana, South of Brazil. He recently came to America to work as a Bible worker in the Beloit district.

He and his wife, Nechi Bruno, have lived in Spain for the past eight years giving Bible studies to deaf young people. Cid graduated with a theology degree from an Adventist college in Sagunto, Spain, in June, 2014.

His wife has a degree in Spanish sign language. “We are glad to be working here,” said Cid. “The people are hungry for the Word of God.” In his free time, Cid enjoys sports, especially soccer. He also loves walking and fishing.
Tonya Bishop Finds Joy in Learning Bible Truth

Tonya Bishop, Pastor Aust and Charles Bishop  
 What’s wrong with me?” Tonya asked herself, after visiting another church. “Why am I not getting the Holy Ghost?” Tonya had spent many years visiting different churches, but felt something was lacking.  She felt confused, and didn’t know what to believe. Discouraged, she finally, quit attending any church, feeling empty and lost.
One day a friend of Tonya’s boyfriend, Charles, told her Saturday was the Bible Sabbath, rather than Sunday. “I had never heard that in my life,” said Tonya.  She immediately went on-line and searched for more information. Upon reading that the Catholics had changed
the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, she started searching for a church again; one that kept Saturday for the Sabbath.
Tonya’s on-line search led her to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. “I read all I could about what the Adventists believed, and wow! It just hit me in the heart as truth!”  When she found the Milwaukee Northwest Adventist church phone number, she called it. “What kind of churh are you,” Tonya asked? “How will I feel when I come to your church?”
Tonya was at church the next Sabbath. The lady sitting in front of Tonya turned around and asked her, “Are you the lady that called here this week?” “Yes,” replied Tonya!
On July 27, 2014, Tonya and Charles were married. Then, on August 9, 2014, Tonya and Charles were baptized by Pastor Steve Aust.
“I feel like I’m finally learing Bible truth.” said Tonya. “I long to follow God’s Word and obey his laws. I love to study and love all I’m learning. Some things I’m learning I don’t see people in the church doing, but I don’t let that discourage me. We are each responsible for our own choices. I just keep studying and following Christ the best I can.

God is Working Miracles in Bob's Life


On March 25, 2013, I went to check on Bob (pictured) and found him lying on the floor. He was not breathing well, so I immediately called 911. He was rushed to the hospital. The doctor said it would be a miracle if Bob lived, and if I had found Bob 30 minutes later it would have been too late for him. He had been laying on the floor for about 36 hours by himself.
I went to see him in ICU the next day. He was unconscious, but I took his hand and said, “Bob, I am going to be praying that if God still has something for you, He will save your life.”

The medical staff said if Bob survived, he would need a lot of care for the rest of his life. His kidneys and liver had shut down, his heart was arrhythmic and his blood was septic.

 “Lord,” I prayed, “you know this guy. I’ve been talking to him about Jesus, but he hasn’t given his life to the Lord yet!”

God worked a miracle, and on November 17, 2013, Bob moved home. I told him, “I prayed that God would save your life. I prayed that someday you would give your life to Him.” I went through the plan of salvation with him. Then I said, “Would you consider giving your life to the Lord, Bob?” He was quiet a long time before saying, “Yes, but I don’t know how.”

I was thrilled! I walked him through accepting Jesus and said, “Bob, I want you to do something for me. Every morning, you need to spend time with the Lord. This is so important.” I gave him a Bible and the Desire of Ages. I called him the next day and asked, “Did you read today?” “Yes,” he said, “I read three chapters!”

Today Bob feels great and can enjoy fishing trips. He is also taking Bible studies. I keep praying for him, telling him I want to see him in the kingdom someday.

Heisig Invested As Master Guide After 40 Years
Anita Heisig invested as a Master Guide by Steve Mertins, Pathfinder Area Coordinator for the Wisconsin Conference.

Anita Heisig, Pathfinder leader at Madison East, decided in the early 1970’s she wanted to be invested as a Pathfinder Master Guide. On August 16, 2014, Anita got her wish. She was invested in front of 50,000 Pathfinders at the Forever Faithful International Camporee in Oshkosh.

Her Master Guide journey began many years ago, but life got busy and she had to put it on the back burner. When she became the deputy director of the Madison Mustangs, she knew it was time to move ahead with it.

The Master Guide Program, offered by the General Conference Youth Ministries Department, is the highest level of youth leadership in the Pathfinder program. It focuses on leadership skills, but more importantly, the leaders spiritual growth.

Anita completed all the requirements, which included a paper on the 28 fundamental beliefs. “I feel good that I finally finished,” said Anita. “I learned skills, how to work with kids, and personal discipline. It also forced me to sit down and review the fundamental beliefs. It confirmed I do believe them and they are Bible based. It has made me a stronger person.”

                                                                                            By Teresa Harrison, Madison East Communication Secretary
New Menomonie Church Dedication


Click on image above for expanded slide show.  
This morning as bright sunshine streamed through the windows, between 80 and 100 people gathered to celebrate the dedication of their New Menomonie Seventh-day Adventist Church. The previous church building was sold to the Menomonie hospital for expansion. Back in 1931 the first Monomonie church began with the merging of two other church families, Lucas Church and Knapp Church.

Two previous Menomonie pastors, Pastor Art Miller and Pastor John Johansen came to share in today's dedication. Mike Edge, president of the Wisconsin Conference held the morning worship and dedication service.


Jackie Jackson: I'm Daily Sustained by Scripture


Jackie Jackson was baptized into the Madison East Seventh-day Adventist Church on April 7, 2012. A rock-climbing buddy invited her to church, then she attended a Prophecy Seminar. Jackie is the only Adventist in her family at this point.
The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want,” Psalm 23:1. This is one of the first verses I learned and it taught me that God always provides for His followers. The message has been with me since a tender young age and continues to remind me to set my heart on God and that He will provide me with everything I need. Even now, being without work for several months, God has truly lifted these words from the pages of the Bible. I have lacked nothing during this dry spell in life and it is a daily reminder to keep my eyes on Christ. God’s word has sustained me both physically and spiritually!
God’s Scripture has also influenced and molded my understanding of love to be both an emotion and a principle. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Matthew 5:44 (NKJV) “Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.” The surrounding text of this passage informs me that it is easy to be kind to those who are kind to me but verse 44 seems to state the impractical. For example, when working for an individual as a research assistant, I encountered resistance with keeping the Sabbath and isolation in the workplace. Some colleagues were condescending and even spoke negatively about me. God’s scripture instructed me to not only bring the issue to Him in prayer, but to love them! I discovered this task neither easy nor natural. Thankfully, God constantly instructed me in these matters to “trust in the Lord with all my heart, and lean not on my own understanding; in all [my] ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct my paths.” Proverbs 3:5, 6.
Moreover, I thank God for His scripture because it reveals that my walk with Christ is not to be one based on emotion. Instead, it is based on the principle of love which focuses on the salvation of every person on this planet. God’s scripture discloses that my duty is to Him and to help others heavenward through the Holy Spirit. If they curse, hate, or spitefully use me, I pray for God’s mercy upon them and that His Holy Spirit will change their wicked ways. I hope to show God’s love to everyone I meet and to continually be filled with the Holy Spirit. This is NOT an easy task but it is the burden that God has blessed me with through the ministry of His Word. Satan desires to sift me as wheat and only earnest prayer, continual study of God’s scripture, and believing Jesus Christ is my Savior can save me.

Daily, I aim to develop the character of God which is repeated throughout Scripture and is embedded in the ten commandments. I continually strive to dwell in His secret place and to abide in Him understanding that He provides all my needs and leads me on the path of righteousness. Therefore, let us be in want for nothing, to love always, and to lean not on our own understanding so that God’s most perfect work can be done in us and through us.


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08/10/10 Milwaukee Central SDA Church Reaches Out the Blind

Feature Story Archive

Stephens Point Helps Sister Church Rebuild After Typhoon

Click on image above for expanded slide show.  
When super typhoon Haiyan, locally known as Yolanda, tore through Central Philippines in November of 2013, devastation was everywhere. The local Kadauhan Seventh-day Adventist Church was totally destroyed, along with 20 other Christian churches in the same district.

The Kadauhan Church has about 70 baptized members and more than 100 active church-goers, all of which were victims of Haiyan, losing their homes and properties. Jonathan and Recel Duarte, Filipino members of the Stevens Point Adventist Church, knew of the Kadauhan church. They shared pictures of the ruins and spoke of the needs with their church family.

After seeing the vast damage of the calamity done in the Central Philippines, Stevens Point church elder Lem Lowry initiated a call to action. “It is good to use our extra money to reach out to these brethren,” said Lem. “They are badly in need. We must let them know that we care for them and we are here to help, even if we’re continents away. It’s good to have a sister church in the Philippines.”

With direct communication to the church in Central Philippines through Jonathan and Recel, the rebuilding project began in late February of this year. The estimated budget was about $9,000.00, which is approximately 400,000 Philippine pesos.

As the project began, the Kadauhan members had many comments and questions from people traveling up and down their street. They decided they needed to put up a sign in front of the church building project, letting people know that another Adventist church in the United States was generously funding them and making this project possible. Kadauhan church treasurer, Gina Galos, emphasized how big the impact of this re-building project to their town was by saying, “Because of your financial sponsorship to have our church rebuilt, Seventh-day Adventists were recognized here in Kadauhan and irts of Ormoc City. The non-Adventists would say, ‘Maayo pa ang mga Adbentista natabangan ug daku. Naa diay mga Adbentista sa gawas? Karon pa mi kabalo! Ka-maayo nila no?’” (You are so lucky to have gotten help as big as this. So, there are Seventh-day Adventist people in the USA, too? We didn’t know it until now! And how generous of them!)

Kadauhan Adventist church is the only Christian church that has been re-built so far, as none of the other churches have been able to locate enough funding. New people are starting to attend Kadauhan, and backslidden members are coming back to church. Some even helped with the church re-construction. “We feel so blessed,” said Lem. “It’s hard to know who benefited the most, Kadauhan or Stevens Point.”

                                                                                                                          Article submitted by Jonathan Durante, Stevens Point Church
Tyler Cantrell: New History Teacher at Wisconsin Academy

Tyler Cantrell  
Tyler Cantrell is the new history teacher at Wisconsin Academy. He graduated with a BA in History and a BS in Social Studies from Pacific Union College, and received a MA in Community & International Development from Andrews University. Tyler was a major developer of an online history course for Griggs University. As an EMT, certified FEMA instructor and mission project enthusiast, he has traveled in over 35 countries.
Tyler loves running, swimming, scuba diving, and travel. One year he backpacked through Europe.
His favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:19.


Kelly McWilliams: New Science Teacher at Wisconsin Academy

Kelly McWilliams  
Kelly McWilliams is the new science teacher for Wisconsin Academy this year. She graduated from Andrews University with a BS and MS in Biology. She has been  teaching math and science at Great Lakes  Academy since 2011. Kelly has worked as a research biologist and has a reputation for excellent teaching.
In her free time she enjoys biking, trail running, swimming, camping, reading, hiking, kayaking and eating spinach. She has run in 10 Triathlons, including one half-ironman.
Her favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:6-7.


Johanna Vargas: New Spanish Teacher at Wisconsin Academy

Johanna Vargas  
Johanna Vargas will be commuting from Madison area to serve as the Spanish teacher at Wisconsin Academy. She has experience teaching Spanish as a second language in the British Virgin Islands, and English as a second language in Colombia. Johanna graduated from an Adventist university in Columbia with a BA in Business, and from the University of Montemorelis with a MA in Business Education and Administration.

In her free time she enjoys walking in nature, running, and
spending time with her family.


Sandy Berg New Administrative Assistant in the Conference Office

Sandy Berg

Sandy Berg has accepted the position of Administrative Assistant for the Wisconsin Conference office. Her primary responsibilities will be in the Education Department.

Sandy was born and raised in Frederic, Wisconsin, and graduated from Wisconsin Academy. After receiving her BS in Office Administration from Walla Walla College, she served as an administrative assistant and supervisor for 12 years at Hinsdale Sanitarium. “I feel like God has opened this door for me,” said Sandy. “I pray I will follow God’s will in everything.”

Sandy enjoys walking, canoeing, painting, being in nature, singing and playing piano.

Waukesha Spanish Church Organizes

Left to Right: Pastor Freddy de los Santos, President Mike Edge, local Church Elder Luis Cornejo, and Hispanic Ministries Coordinator Evelio Miranda.  
July 5, 2014, marked the beginning of the Waukesha Spanish Adventist Church. This company first met in 2005 when Hector and Emma Santiago began holding a Spanish Sabbath School class. Later Luis Cornejo and his family joned.

Today the church has 57 members. Freddy de los Santos is pastor of the congregation.

For the organization service, Conference President Mike Edge, gave the sermon. Other officiating leaders included Evelio Miranda, Hispanic Ministries Coordinator, and Brian Stephan, Secretary/Treasurer.


Paul Britain: Why the Scriptures Mean More to Me Than Ever

Paul and Jenny Britain with their children; Dane, Ellie, Abby and Luke. Paul is a firefighter/paramedic for the city of Madison. He organizes the yearly Hallellujah Hustle at camp meeting, and serves as elder in the Madison East SDA Church.
As a kid, here’s what I remember: Pastor Eugene Taylor at the whiteboard in our red, two-room schoolhouse in Clear Lake. He would scan the classroom, grinning at our intense faces, then turn and write a Bible reference on the board. We waited, hands on both sides of the Bibles, and upon his command “Draw your swords!” would frantically finger through the thin pages. After several seconds of frantic leafing we would find the verse and then stand and begin to read, filling the room with voices reading the same verses as fast as we could. The white board kept tally of the first to find the Scripture and there was a bit of unstated bragging that each week’s winner would enjoy. At the time I didn’t understand the importance of those Bible games. Knowing our “swords” seemed only important on chapel days (when winning was on the line).

Now that I’ve gained a family and crept into middle age, I appreciate keeping one’s Bible close. I’d honestly like to tell you that it is tattered and worn from all of the use I’ve given it over the years but quite honestly it has far too often kept its familiar bookshelf space full when I could have used it.

Like our human emotions, my spiritual life has been a series of peaks and valleys. I’ve been jealous of new believers’ zeal for Scripture and the excitement that comes with discovery; I have wondered if being born a Christian has sometimes made me complacent/desensitized to the wonder of the gospel story. I’ve never had a life-changing moment, but when I open my eyes I see a slow, gentle curve toward Jesus. He’s been patient with me. He’s constantly drawing me back towards Himself in tiny movements that sparkle with meaning (if I’m paying attention); it may be a friend’s mention about their devotional, or a comment from my daughter about Bible class in school.

Now that my children are old enough to sit for several minutes at a time, we are able to get into stories with greater depth. Stories that I’d long forgotten from Bible classes in elementary and high school have been retold through “The Bible Story” books. We’re only into book five of the series and in the stories of the Old Testament we are finding spiritual truths with overarching themes of God’s promises to His people, the promise of redemption, and the joy of obedience to Him.

It’s ironic to me that I’m learning more from the simple stories. No doubt there’s the “teach to learn” concept happening. Maybe the emphasis of those stories change as our lives change. Maybe the “milk” of stories aimed at children is what someone who thought they knew it all needs. From the simplest memory verse to the Bible verse look-up games to the professor emeritus, the Bible fulfills our need for searching for and finding truth.

For me, the Bible is the letter that points to the Treasure. Sharing the Bible stories with my children has given me greater appreciation for the depth of the Word. I read those stories now for myself as much as I do for them.

                                                                                                                                                                 Paul Britain, Madison East Church
Sarah Hillebert New Girl's Dean at Wisconsin Academy

Sarah Hillebert  
Sarah Hillebert will be serving as girls’ dean and school nurse. She served as hall mom in the WA girls’ dorm for the past three years, and has become well acquainted with many of the girls. She is an RN with experience in triage and gynecology, and, most recently, was nurse manager and education director for Care Net Pregnancy Center.

“I had amazing Christian mentors when I was in high school,” said Sarah, “and I feel this job is a great opportunity to pay that forward.”

Sarah and her husband, Bob, have two sons, Nathan and Tyler. In Sarah’s free time she enjoys music, reading, gardening, and exercising outdoors.

Lorrie Dana New Registrar and Secretray for Wisconsin Academy

Lorrie Dana  
Lorrie Dana will be serving as registrar and secretary to the Wisconsin Academy principal.

She has five years of experience serving as an administrative assistant in state government economic development. She has also worked as an administrative assistant for the Iowa/Missouri Conference office, and, most recently, was secretary and aid for Cedar Lake Elementary School in Michigan.

Lorrie enjoys reading, walking, bike riding, playing piano, and spending time with her family. She and her husband, Fred, have two adult children, Jared and Emily, and two grandchildren.

Fred Dana New Boy's Dean at Wisconsin Academy

Fred Dana  
Fred Dana will be serving as boys’ dean at Wisconsin Academy this year. He comes from Michigan Conference where he most recently pastored a three-church district.

Before pastoring, he was Campus Chaplain/Bible teacher at Great Lakes Adventist Academy from 2010-2013. Fred also has experience as a dean in both academy and college. He holds a BA in Religion from Atlantic Union College, a MA in Pastoral Ministry from Andrews University, and has teaching certification in both secondary religion & history, and elementary.

In his free time, he enjoys reading and bike riding with his wife, Lorrie.


LaQuita Anderson New Assistant Business Manager at Wisconsin Academy

LaQuita Anderson  
LaQuita Anderson will be serving as assistant business manager at Wisconsin Academy, and will also work half-time at the Wisconsin Conference office.

She comes from Great Lakes Adventist Academy, where she has served as assistant business manager for the past 16 years. LaQuita graduated from Andrews University with a BBA in Accounting.

She has a daughter, Erin, and a son, Brian, who both attend Andrews University. In her free time, LaQuita enjoys gardening and travel.


Althea Elliott New Teacher in Milwaukee

The Elliott family  
Althea Elliott is the new third-grade teacher for Milwaukee Adventist School. She has been teaching in Anderson, Indiana, for the past 15 years.

Althea graduated from Andrews University with a language arts degree and a BS in Elementary Education. In 2004 she received a MA in Elementary Education from Ball State University. “My mission is to be the best educator I can be,” said Althea. “I hope to not only prepare my students academically for this world, but also spiritually for the world to come.”

She and her husband, Steve, have two children, AnnMarie and Andrew.


Connie Sunderland New Teacher in Frederic

The Sunderland family  
Connie Sunderland is the new principal/ teacher for the Frederic Elementary School. She is moving from Sonora, California, where she has been teaching in a charter school.

Connie received an interdisciplinary degree in agriculture and biology from PUC, and later received her California K-12 teaching and ELL credentials. She and her husband, Harry, have two adult sons, Joshua & Caleb. “We chose those names because we believe the Lord is coming soon, and want our sons to help lead His people to the promised land.”

Connie enjoys painting, photography, Pathfinders, nature, mission trips, writing Scripture songs, and gardening.

Hye Mi Gives Scripture Legacy to Her Daughter

Hye Mi Park with her daughter, Sebin. Hye Mi has a masters in Life Science, but spends most of her time being a mother. She serves with her husband, Pastor Myoung Kwon, in the Superior district.
Our precious daughter, Sebin, was born in July of 2013. I wanted to become a good mother, so I read the “Adventist Home” and “Child Guidance” by E. G. White from cover to cover. As a beginner mom, it seemed like such a big challenge to raise a newborn baby, physically
and mentally.

When I was newly married, I remember reading a story about a mother who copied the Bible four times with her own hand for her daughter. The mother felt bad because she was not financially sufficient. She felt like she couldn’t do as much for her daughter as other parents. Suddenly a thought come into her mind and she told herself,“This is what I will do! I want to give, as an inheritance to my daughter, the power of the Word of God!” Then she began to copy the Bible, word for word, with her hands.

She finished her first complete copy of the Bible when her daughter entered middle school. She was at the top of her class. By the time the mother finished copying the Bible the second time, her daughter was entering high school with a full year’s scholarship. By her third time writing the Bible, her daughter received another full year’s scholarship from the Samsung Institution, and when the mother had finished copying the Bible for the fourth time, her daughter was entering college with another scholarship. At the end of the story, she made this appeal, “Mothers of faith, write the Bible for your children. You can trust your children to God as you write the Bible.”

I do not think God blessed that mother in the story in return for what she had done. I believe there was faith in the center of the mother. She sought the true value of the Living Word, and she wanted to pass on the legacy of the living God to her daughter.

So when Sebin was born, I began to write out the Bible by hand. I do not write the Bible just so Sebin will receive scholarships and go to a good school in the future. I started writing the Bible because I sincerely want my child to grow up in the Word of God. There is no book better than the Bible to raise my child.

Sebin, my daughter, keeps me occupied the whole day. But I have a goal and have decided to devote a portion of my time to writing out God’s Word every single day. I also have three wishes: 1) I want Sebin to grow in wisdom by the Word of God, 2) I want my husband to be a faithful pastor for God based on the Word of God, and 3) I hope my English will improve throughout this process. That is why I am writing from an English Bible, not Korean.

I don’t know how many years it will take for me to complete my writing of the entire Bible. It is like a Korean saying that says, “Beginning is half way already.” Already I am being blessed as I experience the power of God’s Word. I am so happy to have this privilege to pass on the Word of God to Sebin!

                                                                                                                                                             Park Hye Mi, Superior Church

The Living Word Spoke to Larry Lanaville

Larry Lanaville working on Pioneer Chapel at Camp Wakonda. He and his wife, Jan, live in Madison, Wisconsin.
I have been a building contractor all my life. The very last job
that we did before retirement, the homeowner called and said
the building was three inches ‘out of square’. So I checked it
out, and it definitely was three inches ‘out of square’.

Then I talked with my wife, Jan. I told her that the homeowner wanted the problem corrected before we would receive the last payment. She said, like she always says, “Let’s pray!”

As Jan was praying, my first thoughts were that there is no way this can be fixed, unless God can do His ‘magic trick’. Over the years, I have always solved problems myself. I never looked to God; I just solved the problem. After Jan finished praying, I went back to the job site, hoping that the building would be ‘square’. When I measured again, the building was still three inches ‘out of square’.
I decided that I should give God a little more time. I waited for awhile and measured again. Nothing changed. Then as I stood there, my head started to swell, and it really began to hurt. I heard this loud voice, saying,
“Be still and know that I am the Lord, your God,” It really scared me.
Then a calmness came over me. All these thoughts started coming into my mind: “What don’t you do this...why don’t you do that...?” As I stood there, more thoughts kept coming into my mind of how to correct the house problem. I knew that this was God talking to me!
After I sorted all this out, I talked with the homeowner and he seemed to think that the solutions would work. The work was completed and we were paid in full. Praise the Lord!
At the time I did not know where I could find this particular verse in the Bible. I do know now: Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.” Shortly thereafter, Jan bought a plaque with this verse on it. It has hung
in our living room ever since!
Now I look to God for everything that I do, and I LISTEN...
Larry Lanaville, Middleton Fellowship SDA Company

Walk-A-Thon Funds Orphans and Fire Victims

Coulee Region Walk-A-Thon Participants
Ready, set, walk! The Coulee Region Independent Church School in Hylandale held a 10-mile walk-a-thon on May 27. The students collected pledges for each mile walked. Amounts pledgeed were from 10 cents per mile up to $20 per mile, and every amount pledged was blessed.

This year the students divided funds they raised between a local community family who lost everything in amhouse fire, Bibles for prisoners, and helping orphaned children from the recent typhoon in the Philippines find families.

The walk-a-thon was a huge success. The two kindergarten students made it most of the way, and every other participant completed the 10 miles.

                      Submitted by Danielle Lawrence,Teacher at Hylandale Church Independent School


Kristopher Dieck New Teacher/Chaplain for Milwaukee Adventist School

Kristopher Dieck  
Kristopher Dieck is the Milwaukee Adventist School Chaplain and ninth- grade home room teacher.

Kris was raised Lutheran in Marshfield, WI. He learned about Adventists through his step-mother. When in the 8th grade, he attended camp meeting at Wakonda and decided to be baptized during a teen tent call. He later attended Andrews University and graduated December, 2013, with a BS in Theology.

“I have a passion to help kids develop a day-to-day relationship with Jesus that is real and personal,” says Kris.

In his free time Kristopher enjoys fishing, disc golf, and exploring new things.

New Wisconsin Academy Principal

Roger Dunder  

Roger Dunder has accepted the call of the Wisconsin Board of Education to be the new Wisconsin Academy principal.
Dunder has been serving as the Wisconsin Academy Development Director for the past three years. He has spent most of his career in Adventist Education in the United States and overseas.  
The Wisconsin Academy Personnel Committee spent several meetings in the past few weeks reviewing the needs of the academy and the resumes that were submitted. They interviewed two candidates and on Sunday evening recommended to the Board of Education Roger Dunder to be principal beginning with the 2014-2015 school year. The Board of Education unanimously voted to extend a call to Dunder. He accepted the call this morning.
Dunder will replace Keith Nelson who is moving to New Port Richey, Florida, to be principal at the Adventist school there.

                                                                                                                                            Wisconsin Conference President, Michael G. Edge

Titus Naftanaila New Stewardship Coordinator, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Coordinator

Titus Naftanaiila with his wife, Rozina, and son, Sebastian  
Pastor Titus Naftanaila is the new Stewardship Coordinator and Public Affairs & Religious Liberty Coordinator for the Wisconsin Conference. He will continue as senior pastor of the Madison East Church while serving in this position.

Born and raised in Romania, Titus obtained his BS in Theology from the Babes-Bolyai University in Romania, and his MA from Andrews University. While still in Romania, Titus served as the Public Affairs & Religious
Liberty Director for the Muntenia Conference.

“I am committed to helping members who face any religious liberty issues,” says Titus. “I am available to help, write letters, and provide materials that can be of help. Stewardship is an act of worship and a celebration of God’s blessings in our lives, I look forward to helping our constituency to extend God’s Kingdom in Wisconsin.”

Titus enjoys reading, spending time with his family, and traveling around the world. He is married to Rozina, a registered nurse, and they have one son, Sebastian, who attends Wisconsin Academy.

Cindy Stephan New Trust Officer for Wisconsin

Cindy Stephan  
Cindy Stephan accepted the position of Trust Officer for the Wisconsin Conference Trust Services and Planned Giving Department.

In 2012 Cindy completed her North American Division Trust Services Certification. She has worked for the Trust Servies and Planned Giving department since 2011, and enjoys taking the required yearly continuing education classes. While serving as trust officer Cindy will be continuing her secretarial responsibilities for the Ministerial department.

“As trust officer, I will continue to oversee the trusts and wills of those who have left bequests to the conference,” says Cindy. “I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet and assist members in Wisconsin who want to leave a gift to the Lord’s work.”

Cindy is married to Brian and they have three children: Dalton Doolin, a senior at Wisconsin Academy; two grown children Jessica and Craig; and two grandchildren, Logan and Paige. Cindy enjoys laughing, singing, cooking, and the outdoors.

For estate planning needs, contact Cindy at 920-484-6555 ext. 302.

Palmer New Racine District Pastor

Rodney Palmer and his wife, Alyssa  
Rodney Anthony Palmer hails from the beautiful island of Jamaica where he has served the Adventist church for over eight years. He recently graduated with his D.Min. in Prophetic Preaching and Praxis from the United Theological Seminary in Ohio.

He is married to Alyssa Faith Ricketts, a graduate of UW Law School with a Juris Doctor Degree.

“My passion in ministry is evangelism and discipleship,” says Rodney. In His free time he enjoys writing, playing scrabble, and playing with his puppy, Mozi.


Michael Ehm New Pastor in La Crosse District

Pastor Michael Ehm and his wife Obeida  
Michael Ehm, a graduate of Wisconsin Academy, graduated in 2012 from Andrews University with a BA in Theology, a minor in Communications, and an AA in Bible Work and Evangelism.

“I love it here,” says Michael. “Each church has its own character, and all are on fire for witnessing. I just want to lift up Jesus. Jesus said, ‘If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Me.’"

Michael married Obeida Mendoza on August 4, 2013, in a 500-year-old Waldensian church in Italy. He enjoys fly-fishing, hiking, camping, photography and meeting people.

Koinz 4 Kidz Enables Christian Education

Above is a $1 water bottle from Dollar Tree with a Koinz 4 Kidz sticker. It has loose change in it to be donated to help children get a Christian education.
Koinz 4 Kidz, is an idea, born in the heart of Marlene Rawls to help elementary students get a Christian education. “If people simply saved their loose change, we could raise enough money to make
quite a difference in a child’s life,” says Marlene. “There are scholarship programs for students in academy and college, but not for youngsters in elementary school.”

In a pilot program, the Sturgeon Bay Church members volunteered to fill banks marked Koinz 4 Kidz with their loose change. In May members will pool their money, and give it to the education department. The money will be given as scholarships for worthy elementary students during the camp meeting education hour, June 21, 2014.

“We don’t have a church school at our church,” says Marlene, “but this is a way we can help do our part. Christian education is more important this year than it was even last year. We need to sacrifice and help these little ones get a Christian education. Every dime counts! An anonymous person has offered to match Sturgeon Bay’s donations for Koinz 4 Kidz up to $2,000 this year!”

“My dream to award scholarship money to elementary students at the camp meeting Education Hour became a reality through the generosity of a few people,” says Superintendent of Education Linda Rosen. “As a result, students were blessed with financial assistance, helping fund their Adventist education. The Rawls are a
blessing with their encouragement and support of the idea. If we all help a little, many will benefit.”

Join this worthy project. Simply save your coins and donate them to the Wisconsin education department by June 1. Let’s make every dime count for our kids!

Darrell Ezell of Wisconsin Academy Finds Joy in Serving

Darrell and a resident enjoy making a craft project together.
"I just love people,” says Darrell Ezell II, a senior at Wisconsin Academy. “I like being around them and hearing their stories.”

Darrell is one of four students who spend three hours every school day working at The Meadows, a local assisted living facility. Thehigh schoolers spend time reading, visiting and playing games with tenants, helping them with projects and odd jobs that need done.

“I love how the tenants open up to you,” says Darrell, who gets to know many tenants on a personal level. He became friends with a man who had been a race car driver and a lady who had recently converted to Adventism. Darrell claims experiences like these are teaching him not to be so shy. “The most important thing I’ve learned here is that God puts you in the right place at the right time,” he says. “You never know what a person has been through, or the kind of impact you could leave on a person.”

Marsha Braatz, assisted living director at the facility, is very thankful for the students. She recalls one day in particular when Darrell went out of his way to pray with a tenant. “We’re so impressed and very thankful for the students,” she says. “It’s a blessing to have them alongside our staff.”

Students working in The Meadows are part of a program called Project Assist, that is overseen by Southern Adventist University. Project Assist pays 80% of student wages to approved schools, such as WA.

Darrell is pastor of his senior class at Wisconsin Academy. In the summer, he enjoys canvassing in his hometown of Chicago. He hopes to attend Andrews University in the fall and has interests in religion and business.

Wisconsin Academy Music Fest Draws Over 230 Students

Click on image above for expanded slide show.  
Over 230 5th-10th grade students came to Wisconsin Academy for its annual music festival. The theme this year was My Maker’s World. Students from not only Wisconsin but also Illinois joined together to sing about our Creator and the world He designed.

For eight years conductor, Clinton Anderson, has brought students together to sing. When asked why Anderson said, “I want to engage students in quality music in a large group setting. By doing so on Wisconsin Academy’s campus we are drawing students to consider WA for their high school experience. I also want to provide them a musical opportunity to experience God as their friend.”

Students practiced long hours on Thursday and Friday, but were also able to play some games together in the gym and enjoy a gymnastics show by the WA Knights. Friday night’s vesper service, a compilation of music done by festival participants, became a praise time honoring God and a wonderful way to begin the Sabbath.

When asked what his favorite song was, Asa Hatcher from Three Angels Christian School said, “First Came Aardvarks.” He was not alone as this was a favorite of many, both participants and those in the audience.

                                                                                                                                  Pennie Wredberg, Petersen Elementary School Principal

Out of the Darkness

Suny Cardenas Gomez, a Junior at Wisconsin Academy, and member of the Sheboygan SDA Church.

As a second-generation pastor’s kid I have always been involved with the Seventh-day Adventist church. How long I’ve been a Christian however, is an entirely different story.

My parents separated when I was in first grade. Problems had long been brewing at home and the divorce with all its emotional and legal complications was not something I was prepared to deal with. It wreaked havoc on my seven-year-old mind and I became very withdrawn, shy, and distrustful of people. This cast a deep shadow over the first portion of my life and for the most part severed my relationship with God.

The darkness of that time, however, only makes the new dawn shine brighter. I couldn’t really say when the dawn of His tangible presence began. However, one of the major turning points in my new Christian walk occurred when I received my first adult Bible at a youth retreat at Camp Wakonda. I was so excited! By the time I returned to camp the following year, I had read that Bible cover to cover. God continued to work on me and, in 2010 during a youth Sabbath, I finally made the decision to be re-baptized.

By this time, God was already beginning to transform me into an entirely new person. However, I was surrounded by people who still thought of me as the shy girl in the corner. Even though I was constantly growing, the reputation I had built for myself was holding me back. So, I decided that I needed a place to begin again.

My sister, Susy, had graduated from Wisconsin Academy and I felt that God was telling me that’s where I needed to be. However, my family lacked the resources. We did the only thing we could; spend the summer before my freshman year praying that God would somehow open a door. He did.

Coming to Wisconsin Academy was the best decision I possibly could have made. Of course, it was challenging to be immersed in a new and unfamiliar environment, and I wasn’t sure exactly why God called me to Wisconsin Academy at first. Despite my initial adjustment time, the Christ-centered focus on campus soon began to water my budding relationship with Him and make it blossom. In just one year, God transformed me from a scared and shy freshman into a member of Campus Ministries and a leader on campus.

This school year, I serve as the Student Association Spiritual Vice President, and God still finds countless ways to challenge me spiritually and expand my comfort zone. Wisconsin Academy gave me a blank page, a new start, an opportunity to grow into the person God wants me to be in an environment where those around me would nurture, not hinder, my spiritual growth. I am extremely grateful for what Wisconsin Academy has done for me and I can only hope to give back through my ministry so it can do the same for others.

                                                                                                     Suny Cardenzs Gomez, Wisconsin Academy Student from Sheboygan Church

Superior Church Serves Community for 100 Years

Superior Church members and guests on Sabbath of their 100th year celebration.
The Superior Church celebrated the 100 year milestone of ministry in their church building on January 11, 2014. Conference President Mike Edge spoke for the morning service, and Pastor Myoung Kwon shared
church history that evidenced God’s leading through the years.

Long-time member Dolores Monberg said, “When the church was first built, the sidewalks were wood, the streets were dirt, and our basement had a sand floor.”


Teachers Learn CPR and Basic First Aid

Jody and Charlyn Marsh, teachers in Hillside Christian School, review CPR methods and procedures.
Braving the extreme January cold and wind, Wisconsin Conference K-10 teachers gathered in the cafeteria at Wisconsin Academy to receive CPR and basic first aid training from experienced trainers, Mark and Pam Krueger. Many of our school teachers are alone in the school setting and should know what to do in any situation while waiting for an ambulance orother medical assistance to arrive.

A few of the potential injuries/illnesses the teachers learned about were heat and cold emergencies, fainting, seizures, diabetic reactions, asthma, stroke symptoms, splinting and bandaging, snake, animal, and bug bites, allergic reactions to include administering Epinephrine via an Epi-pen, and of course the actual process of delivering chest compressions, breathing for a patient, and operating the Automated External Defi brillator (AED). Many teachers have a list that they are prepared to present to their school boards with the request to purchase an AED and associated supplies, ensuring that proper first aid kits are available, and staying CPR certified.

Mark and Pam Krueger are members of the Shepherd’s House SDA Church located in Wausau, Wisconsin. They provided a thorough training experience, which was greatly appreciated by the teachers. “It should be noted, though the state of Wisconsin does not require teachers to be trained and competent in CPR and first aid we want our teachers to be prepared in the event of an emergency,” says Linda Rosen, Superintendent of Schools.

                                                                                                                                                     Pam Krueger, The Shepherds House
                                                                                                                                                    with Linda Rosen, Education Superintendent

WA's Lighthouse Thriftstore: One Year of Service to the Community

Back Row, left to right: Paul, Zach, Tommie, Rodrick, Amadeo, Sam
Front Row, left to right: Jerry Martin, Mikel, Jacob, Chaznae, Kaitlyn, Emily, Michelle Martin

February, 2014, marks the one year anniversary of The Lighthouse Thrift Store. The thrift store is a part of Wisconsin Academy Industries. It was started to provide jobs for the students at Wisconsin Academy and serve a need in the community.

Currently 14 students work there on a daily basis. They work recycling clothing and old computers. The students also assist in receiving and processing donations which include: sorting, cleaning, pricing, and
displaying items in the store. Janitorial duties are also an important part of the work they do.

In January we were pleased to have an intern from Southern, Rodrick London, join the management team as a student supervisor. He works closely with the students to ensure quality in their workflow.

The thrift store is located near Wisconsin Academy, in an old warehouse building on Hwy 16, across from Rhodes Bake-N-Serve. Recent updates have improved heating and lighting in the store. God has blessed our efforts to provide the young people with work opportunities and a light and service to the community. Business has increased already in 2014 and continuous supplies of donations are needed to satisfy the growing number of customers who frequently come to the thrift store. Please remember us in your prayers and continue to support us with your donations.

                                                                                                                     Jerry and Michelle Martin, Wisconsin Academy Industry Managers
London New Task Force Worker at Wisconsin Academy Industries

Rodrick London helping rearranage shelves in the Lighthouse Thrift Store.
Rodrick London joined the staff at Wisconsin Academy second semester as full-time assistant supervisor at the Lighthouse Thrift Store.

Rodrick is a junior theology student at Southern Adventist University in Tennessee. He loves to be involved in volunteer work and when he heard there was a need here at Wisconsin Academy, he immediately agreed to come. “Jesus has a good sense of humor in bringing me
here.” said Rodrick. “This is the coldest place I’ve been in my life.”

Four nights a week, Rodrick holds Bible studies with different guys in the dorm who want to know more about Jesus and the Bible. “I love it,” says Rodrick. “

While Rodrick has a goal of working in youth ministry someday, he says, “Ultimately I want to be obedient to go where God leads me, wherever that may be.”

Hillside School Raises Money for ADRA

Hillside Christian School students with their ADRA catalogue.  
Normally, Hillside students exchange names and buy each other a $5 - $10 gift at Christmas. This year they decided to pool their
money and buy a gift for someone who really needed it. They brought in money they would have spent for presents, invited the churchfamily to donate, and raised $206! Here is what they bought from the ADRA Gift Catalog:

1. Chickens for one family
2. A pair of goats for one family
3. Food for one malnourished infant
4. Rescued a child bride


Sanchez New Hispanic Pastor in Milwaukee

Pastor Freddy Sanchez with his wife, Rosalia and daughter Brigette
El pastor Freddy Miguel Sánchez Campos, nació en la ciudad de Chimbote-Perú el 30 de Octubre de 1982. Desde niño conoció
el mensaje adventista por la infl uencia de su abuelo, y motivado por las profecías del tiempo del fi n, se bautizó a los 14 años de edad.

Cuando tenia 18 años de edad decidió estudiar para ser pastor.

En los años de estudios se apasionó también con el colportaje, sirviendo como colportor y líder de colportores en Perú, Ecuador, y Estados Unidos.

Se graduó de teología el 06 de Diciembre del 2009; y el mismo día contrajo matrimonio con Rosalía B. Mamani, con quien tiene una preciosa nena de nombre Brigitte.

Desde el año 2010 ha servido como líder de colportores en Atlanta -Georgia hasta Septiembre 2012 cuando fue promovido como Obrero Bíblico, primero para la Iglesia Hispana de Acworth y luego para la Iglesia Hispana de Dunwoody, Georgia, dónde también sirvió como pastor asistente, hasta Noviembre del año 2013.

Actualmente sirve como pastor full time en el distrito de Milwaukee North, atendiendo las Iglesias Milwaukee North Spanish, Maranatha Spanish, Watertown Spanish y Madison Spanish Company. Dios Bendiga su ministerio.
Pastor Freddy Miguel Sanchez Campos, with his wife Rosalia and daughter Brigit, pastor the four churches in the North Milwaukee Spanish District.

                                                                                                                                         By Evelio Miranda, Hispanic Ministries Coordinator

Over 500 Attend Second Annual Youth Rally

Wisconsin Conference and Lake Region Conference held their second annual Youth Rally at Wisconsin Academy with over 500 in attendance on December 6-7, 2013. Guest speaker Pastor Sam Leonor of La Sierra University challenged us to give more of ourselves to God. Many decisions were made for following Christ, and for baptism.

One of the greatest benefits of this event was that it provided an opportunity for all of the youth organizations throughout our state to work together for a common purpose. We had representatives from Wisconsin Academy, Wisconsin Youth for Christ, Youth in Action, JAHWI and many more. Many groups were able to go out into the community Sabbath afternoon and share their faith. Then, on Saturday night, the Southern University Gym Masters performed an incredible gymnastics show.

This was a wonderful way to bring 2013 to a close and we look forward to our next opportunity to bring the youth of Wisconsin together.

                                                                                                                                          Greg Taylor, Wisconsin Conference Youth Director

Milwaukee Hispanic Outreach Campaign

Ma Campana Metropolitana en Milwaukee WI. “Queremos ver Jesús” El lema de la Campaña Metropolitana en Milwaukee refl eja el deseo de lojóvenes y hermanos de Wisconsin de Ver a Jesús. Si efectivamente con el titulo: “Queremos Ver a Jesús” se llevo a cabo la campaña evangelistica metropolitana planeada y dirigida en su totalidad por los lideres y miembros de la Federación de Jóvenes Adventistas de la Conferencia de Wisconsin, JAHWI (Jóvenes Adventistas Hispanos de Wisconsin).

La semana completa del 26 de Octubre al 2 de Noviembre del 2013, las iglesias Adventistas del área y sus invitados, se dieron cita cada noche, en la iglesia Adventista del norte de Milwaukee, para escuchar los poderosos mensajes enviados por Dios y presentados por el Pr. Enrique Ortiz.

Para gloria y honra del Señor, un total de 22 personas fueron bautizadas y otras están haciendo planes para hacerlo pronto. Los mensajes llegaron a cada corazón y el deseo de ver a Jesús viniendo en la nubes de los cielos, se refl ejaba en el rostro de los asistentes. “Amen; si, ven, Señor Jesús
The Milwaukee Metropolitan Evangelistic Campaign was planned, directed, and carried out entirely by members of YAHWI, the Hispanic Youth Federation of Wisconsin Conference. Praise God 22 people were baptized and others are studying to be baptized soon. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus

                                                                                                                                               Evelio Miranda, Hispanic Ministries Coordinator

News 3 TV Highlights Three Angels Christian School

Students from Three Angels Christian School receiving Koats for Kids award from weather-
man Gary Cannalte on CBS news Channel 3.
Three Angels Christian School was honored to be on CBS news Channel 3 for collecting the most coats per capita of any school participating in the Dane County Koats for Kids campaign, November 15, 2013.

Weather-man Gary Cannalte presented the students with their award. The coats were collected and distributed by the Community Action Coalition in Madison. The kids have already started collecting new and lightly used coats for the next campaign.

                        Information provided by Keith Hatcher, Principal, Three Angels Christian School


"Bring A Friend" Sabbath in Madison

Keith Hatcher, principal of Three Angels School, tells the children's story for "Bring a Friend Sabbath" at Madison East Church.
Madison East Church dedicated October 12, 2013, as “Bring a Friend Sabbath.” Each member was encouraged to invite a friend, family member, or missing church member to this special service and fellowship.
Over two-hundred-twenty-five voices filled the sanctuary with songs to the Lord that Sabbath morning; a harmony beyond words.

The morning message, “I Don’t Feel Like Doing It!” by Pastor Titus Naftanaila, spoke on procrastination. Pastor Titus used a metaphor of a ‘big ugly frog’. You know you have to eat this big ugly frog no matter what, so why not
do it first! Eat it, get it done, and enjoy the rest of your day! If you have two or even three big ugly frogs, eat the ugliest first! A doctor’s visit, homework, opening your Bible? Just eat it.

At the fellowship meal you could feel the energy immediately. Gordy Morauske had invited his mother, Charlotte to come, and she asked, “Does Pastor Titus always preach these types of sermons? I understood his message so well!”

Fondra Johnson thanked Betty Heisig for inviting her saying, “It’s so nice to see friends I haven’t seen in years.”

Bob Krehl brought his non-Adventist mother and sister. They stated they had never been to a church service
like this before, and were very impressed.

Larry and Jan Lanaville, visiting from another church, remarked “What a wonderful way to bring a church family together.”

How about a “Bring a Friend Sabbath” in all our churches? Invite someone to church today!

                                                                                                                             By Teresa Harrison, Madison East Communcation Secretary


Shawano Church Moves to Local Historic Village

Shawano church members escort their old church building to the Shawano County Historical Society historic village project.
The 113-year-old Shawano Adventist Church was sold, then later donated to the Shawano County Historical Society as part of a historical village project. Plans are to restore the church to its original condition and use it for weddings and memorials. Channel 2 News aired the story all day, July 30, 2013, as local church members escorted the building in historic dress during its 1-1/2 mile relocation. The church was in use by the Adventists from 1938 -2013. Commenting on the final Adventist service held in the building, head elder Allen Heling said, “Lots of feelings were shared of what happened over the last 40-50 years.”

With the sale of the historic church, Shawano members were able to purchase a newer building that is larger, all on one level, and has easy access. It is located at W7312 Cherry Ave. The new church grand opening was held on November 16, 2013.

                               Information Submitted by Eldon and Linda Heling, Shawano Adventist Church

Patricia Latiker New Teacher in Milwaukee

Patricial Latiker  
Patricia Latiker is teaching fifth grade at Milwaukee Adventist School this year. Latiker retired from teaching a year ago, and was substitute teaching for the Milwaukee school, when Ken Smith, the school principal, told her a full time position was available. “The Holy Spirit told me it just wasn’t time to retire yet,” said Latiker. “I am very thankful and happy to be teaching in Christian education again. I want to do all I can to help the children.”

Latiker received her education at the University of Wisconsin: Milwaukee, specializing in English and Social Studies. During her junior year, she learned about the Adventist message and gave her heart to the Lord. She has since taught at Milo Academy in Chicago, Sharon Adventist School in Milwaukee, and served as a counselor and teacher for the public school system.

Latiker’s husband, Joe, is a retired welder. They have one adult daughter, Lydia, and one
grandaughter. In her free time, Latiker enjoys reading, exercising, visiting the sick, and giving Bible studies.

Marley Grant New Bible Worker in Milwaukee

Marley Grant
Marly Grant began work as a full time Bible worker in the Berlin and Milwaukee Central churches in October of this year. Previously she worked as a local-hire Bible worker for the Baraboo and Oxford churches. Born in Haiti, Grant moved to the United States with her parents when she was 10 years old.

Three years ago, Grant had a dream that changed her life. In her dream, she heard a voice say, “How would you like to be a Bible worker?” She remembered hearing about a Bible worker once in Chicago. Then the voicesaid, “Do you want to work AM or PM?” She thought of her five children and immediately said, “PM.” The voice went on to tell her shewould get paid minimum wage and that she should get trained in Wisconsin. Awaking from her dream, she thought, “Wow! I just had a live interview with God.”

She immediately called the Wisconsin conference office and, after a series of events, found herself studying in Steven’s Point at Midwest. When finished with the Midwest Bible school, she had several calls to work in other states, but felt at peace staying in Wisconsin. Grant has spent the past two years working in Baraboo and Oxford.

“It’s a thrill to see people accepting Christ,” says Grant. “And when someone says they want to be baptized! Oh, boy! That’s another thrill. I want to help train other people to do this kind of work. It is so fulfilling. Giving Bible studies has improved my prayer life and increased my faith. I know God called me to this work, and I want to help others to do it too. It’s simply amazing!”

When Grant has a little free time, she enjoys working-out at a health gym. She has five children Evette, Daniel, Benjamin, Joshua, and Abagale.

Benjamin Baugher New Maintenance Assistant at Wisconsin Academy

Benjamin Baugher  
Benjamin Baugher, of Sheridan, Illinois, is currently working as assistant to
the Maintenance Director at Wisconsin Academy this year. After graduating from Wisconsin Academy in 2009, Baugher attended community
college and obtained his residential certificate in Heating, Ventilation and
Air Conditioning (HVAC). Soon after, he enrolled at Union College, in Nebraska, where he is currently a senior Physics major. He hopes to someday be able to work in the energy fields.

“Part of the reason I am a Seventh-day Adventist today is because of what my time here at Wisconsin Academy did for me,” said Baugher. “It was really good for me, and I hope by working here this year I can give back a little. I love Wisconsin Academy. There is no place I’d rather be than here right now.” For recreation, Baugher enjoys paint ball, camping, helping with Pathfinders, and fixing things.

Gina Campos New Spanish Teacher at Wisconsin Academy

Gina Camps  
Gina Campos is teaching Spanish I and II, basketball, and gymnastics at Wisconsin Academy this year. Campos, a junior at Southern Adventist University, is studying Elementary Education and Psychology.
She has worked in Wisconsin over the past two summers giving leadership to the Milwaukee Magabook ministry, and plans to lead the program again next summer. “I have a passion for literature ministry and youth ministry,” says Campos. “This spring, when I recruited at Wisconsin Academy for students to work with Magabooks, I was asked if I would consider teaching Spanish here this year. I’m glad I came. It has been good practice in teaching, which is what God has called me to do, and so far I’ve really enjoyed it.” In her free time, Campos enjoys basketball, soccer, reading, playing guitar, and being in nature.

Bert Wredberg New Secretary in the Conference Office

Bert Wredberg with his family.  
Bert Wredberg is currently working as a secretary in the Wisconsin Conference Office for the President, the Secretary/
Treasurer, and the Communication and Health
Ministry departments.
Wredberg has a BA in English and a minor in History from the University of Great Falls, Montana. He has worked in various jobs including libraries, small business and retail. “I am excited to work here in the conference office,” said Wredberg. “I like being part of something bigger than just a job.”
Wredberg’s wife, Pennie, is principal/teacher at Petersen Elementary in Columbus. They have two children, Alex, a sophomore at Wisconsin Academy, and Miranda, an 8th grader at Petersen Elementary.
When he has time, Wredberg enjoys birding, disc golf, and spending time with his family.


Fifth and Sixth Graders Learn in God's Creation

Alberto Torres, teacher at Milwaukee Adventist School, teaches Outdoor Education class at Camp Wakonda on clean water.
Need clean drinking water and only have a lake from which to get it? Got charcoal, sand, and grass? Ask an Outdoor Education student how to create a filter to make lake water safe for drinking. 

Enthusiastic fifth and sixth grade students from around the conference arrived at Camp Wakonda September third, ready to meet nature head-on at Outdoor Education. What made the next few days a memorable event?  New experiences, good food, lively music, inspirational worships, creative outdoor classes, a camp fire, a night walk, and a favorite game of glow-light capture the flag.
Imagine students lying on their backs looking at the night sky watching satellites passing by and seeing star constellations not visible in the city night sky. These activities contributed to great learning experiences and fun memories.
Outdoor Education is a popular program among fifth and sixth graders. Opportunities for students to experience God’s creation, see Him as the Master artist, scientist, mathematician and more were provided by teachers and volunteers dedicated to teaching lessons in nature’s classroom.  Valuable lessons are learned through nature experiences and the application of concepts learned in the classroom. Jesus Himself used examples from the outdoors to illustrate spiritual applications. Some lessons really are better taught in the great out-of-doors. 

                                                                                                                                   Linda Rosen, Education Superintendent 

Myoung Kwon New Superior District Pastor 
Park Hye Mi and Myoung Kwon  
Moung Kwon has agreed to serve as pastor in the Superior District. Kwon comes from Southern California where he has served as associate pastor of the Rosemead Korean Church for the past two years.

Kwon was born and raised in Korea. After his sophomore year of Theology at Sahmyook University, he went to Australia as a Bible Worker. "During this 4-1/2 months of hands-on ministry I realized that this was what God wanted me to do," said Kwon. "Ministry is my passion. My calling. I am fully convicted that Jesus' second coming is not far away. There is nothing more important I can do than to work for Christ."

Kwon's wife, Hye Mi, has a MA in Life Science from Sahmyook University. They have one daughter, Sebin, born July 24 of this year. Kwon enjoys scuba diving, photography, preaching, and giving Bible studies. 

Pacific Press Closes Their ABC Stores
Wisconsin Church Family,
In 1996 Pacific Press purchased our Wisconsin ABC operation. It had become increasingly difficult for conferences (especially smaller ones like ours) to run a financially viable ABC, and we were thankful that Pacific Press was willing to step in and keep the ABC open.
We received notification in a letter dated October 2, 2013, that Pacific Press had voted to discontinue operation of all Pacific Press owned and operated ABC stores. The letter stated that Pacific Press administration believes the current system of distribution is unsustainable in light of the trends and changing patterns in the ways church members access information. The Pacific Press administration will determine the timing for closing the retail operation here in Wisconsin.
Your Wisconsin Conference administration is actively seeking ways to fill the void left by this decision for both a year round store and the store at camp meeting.

                                                                                                                         Brian Stephan, Executive Secretary/Treasurer
Megan Schwark New W.A. Assistant Girls’ Dean    
Megan Schwark with her cousin. Schwark is studying music and elementary education at Walla Walla College.
Megan Schwark, born in Portage, Wisconsin, has accepted the position of assistant girls’ dean at Wisconsin Academy for the 2013/2014 school year. “This is something that I’ve wanted to do ever since I was in academy,” said Schwark, a four-year graduate of Campion Academy. “I was an R.A. several years and loved working with the girls.  My grandma, Jean Schwark of Columbus, told me about the job opening at Wisconsin Academy. I called and talked with the principal and Melissa, the girls’ dean. It sounded interesting, yet I wasn’t sure I wanted to take a year out of school. But when they kept calling and asking me to come, I knew God was calling me to do this.” 

Schwark, a junior at Walla Walla College, is studying for a double major in music and elementary education.  “Voice is my focus in music,”  Megan commented.  She also enjoys cooking and hanging out with friends. 

Kevin Carter New W.A. Maintenance Director

Kevin and Jeanine Carter soon after their arrival in Wisconsin.

Kevin Carter is the new maintenance director for Wisconsin Academy. He moved to Wisconsin July 1, 2013, from Asheville, North Carolina, where he has worked as a self-employed contractor over the past 10 years.

Carter spent 13 year driving a moving van for Michigan Conference, and 10 years as maintenance director for Mt. Pisgah Academy in North Carolina prior to being self-employed. Carter and his wife, Jeanine, were married in 1976. They have two grown children, Andrew and Abigail.  

“I know God wanted me here at Wisconsin Academy,” said Carter. “I turned the job down at first, and had a terrible couple of days. When I called back and accepted the position, I finally had peace.” Carter enjoys spending his free time outdoors and with his family.


Terry Nennich New W.A. Business Manager

The Nennich Family
Back Row: Carrie and Terry
Front Row: Lexie and TJ

Terry Nennich is Business Manager at Wisconsin Academy. After graduating with a BA in Agricultural Business from the University of Minnesota, Nennich felt a call to the ministry. He then attended the seminary at Andrews University and has been pastoring in Minnesota and Indiana for the past 13 years.

Currently, Nennich is finishing his CPA license and hopes to sit for the CPA exam next January. “I've always enjoyed business, even when pastoring,” said Nennich. “But I love preaching, too, and hope to still find places to preach once the school year is underway.”

Nennich met his wife Carrie, a dental hygenist, while in the seminary at Andrews University. They have two children; a son TJ age 10, and a daughter Lexie age 8.

Nennich loves vegetable gardening. He and his family ran a 5-acre fruit and vegetable farm in Indiana over the past six years.

Kara Randall: I Need to Be Like Jesus
Kara Randall attending her first camp meeting at Camp Wakonda. Born and raised in Middleton, WI, Randall attended evangelistic meetings in Madison held by Elder James Fox earlier this year. " I was hungry to learn the Bible. I even got what I call 'truth bumps' I was so excited when hearing truths from the Bible."
Kara Randall grew up attending the Unitarian Church each week–although unwillingly. She preferred to sleep in. At one point her class took a year visiting many different churches and synagogues. “It was crazy,” said Randall. “I thought either they are all right about something, or they are all wrong.” So at age 15, she decided to be an atheist.
Randall felt most Christians seemed void of love. At age 17, a Mormon girlfriend invited Randall to her home. Randall was drawn in by the warmth, love, and sense of community. Yet something didn’t feel right.
In college she attended a group that always opened their meetings reading I Corinthians 13. Randall had grown up loving nature, beauty, peace and kindness, and soon fell in love with this chapter from the Bible.
She graduated with a BA in Biology, got an MA in Exercise Physiology, married and started her own business. Then everything turned bad. Her business failed, her marriage fell apart, and her health broke.
“When all this happened, God sent me two very close friends who loved God dearly,” said Randall. “They taught me so much. Once I asked myself, ‘Who do I want to be like?’ The words ‘Jesus Christ’ immediately came to my mind. I was horrified! Being like Jesus was last on my list, yet I knew it was true. I remembered qualities of Jesus like, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,’ and realized the qualities I wanted most were in Jesus Christ.”
An Adventist friend encouraged Randall to find a local Adventist church. Finding Madison Community Adventist Church online, she decided to go. “I immediately felt the warmth and love of Jesus through the members there, and kept coming back,” said Randall. Randall was baptized into the Madison Community Church on May 18, 2013.

Remembering Pioneer Missionaries
Anderson family left to right. Back Row: Julia, Benjamin, Stanley Front Row: Liz, Jacob, Emma, Ben
On February 2, 1902, the first group of Seventh-day Adventist missionaries, Jacob Anderson, Emma Anderson (his wife), and Ida Thompson (his sister-in-law) arrived at Hong Kong to start work spreading the gospel in China. All three were from Wisconsin: Anderson from Poy Sippi, and the Thompson sisters from Mauston.
2013 marks the 111th anniversary of Adventism’s entry to China, the most populous nation on earth. Wisconsin Conference played an important role in bringing the Three Angel’s message to that country. While the Andersons were funded by the General Conference, Ida Thompson was financially supported by Wisconsin Conference.
Two years later, the China Mission was officially formed in Canton (Guangzhou), with Jacob as the first president, and Emma as the secretary/treasurer. In the spring of the same year, Ida who had a special burden for the women of China, established the first Adventist school in Canton, called “Bethel Girls’ School.” This name was chosen because both Ida herself and the school were financially supported by Wisconsin Conference and by private donors from Wisconsin; furthermore the name of the intermediate school in Wisconsin was called “Bethel School.” Later on, Ida’s sister Gertrude Thompson also joined the school. Unfortunately she died of a sudden illness and was buried in China.
In 1905, another couple from Wisconsin, Benjamin and Julia (nee Peterson) Anderson, both from Poy Sippi, arrived in China, and commenced the mission work in southeast China in Amoy (Xiamen). Ben, a younger brother of Jacob, established the Meihua School in Amoy. He later became education secretary of South China Mission. Thus a total of six missionaries came from Wisconsin during the early years of China Mission.
Through the untiring efforts of the early pioneers, and the generous support of the members back home, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in China with its mission schools and hospitals continued to grow until it became among the largest protestant churches in China around 1949 when the Peoples Republic of China was formed, with a reported membership of 23,415.
My grandmother attended the Bethel Girls’ School in China, and it was there that she accepted the Adventist faith at the age of 17, in 1909. Without the selfless sacrifice of our early Wisconsin pioneers, she, and many precious souls in that country, would never have had the opportunity to learn about the love of Christ.
At a time when our society (and sometimes even among church going folks) is focusing on a self-centered “what-can-they-do-for-me” mindset, it is important for us to remember the selfless spirit of our early pioneers.
Bruce Lo, Director of the “Adventism in China” Project
Chippewa Valley Adventist Church

The Oakland Adventist church of Wisconsin sent out the first Adventist missionary to Scandinavia, John Matteson, in 1877. Ferdinand and Anna Stahl went out from the Sanitarium in Madison and began the Adventist work in Peru in 1909.

This is a Program That Really Works
Carmon Pine (left) attending a CHIP reunion meeting with Deirdre Peters (right), Milwaukee Southside CHIP director.
“You have to do something about your triglycerides or you’re going to end up with a lot of problems.” Carmon Pine could see concern in her doctor’s eyes, and knew something needed to change.
“I was fed up with the pain in my back and knees,” said Pine. “I was tired of being tired. That’s when I prayed, ‘Lord, I need your help. I can’t keep living this way.’”
At lunch one day Pine noticed her friend Brenda, ordered only a salad--without the chicken. Brenda had MS and was always in pain, but now she was feeling great. “Go online and sign up for CHIP,” advised Brenda. Pine attended one class and said, “Sign me up!”
“My prayers have been answered,” said Pine. “I’ve tried it all, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Miami Beach, even cabbage soup, but they are just diets. This is a lifestyle change and I feel like a different person. It’s fantastic. I tell anybody who will listen.”

Brunt Finds Freedom in Her Search for God
Gayle Brunt immediately following her baptism into the Southside Adventist Fellowship by Pastor Nate Skaife.
Gayle Brunt knew there was a God from the time she was young, but wanted something more. Her search for a deeper understanding of God led her in and out of several churches, yet she never stopped caring about Christ. “I wanted to find strength and stability in my Christian life,” said Brunt. “I wanted it to be real in my life.”
Brunt asked her friend, Melvin, if his pastor would study with her, and Pastor Nate Skaife agreed. “We studied hard and deep,” recalls Brunt. “I got answers to the hard questions; the kind that make you grind your teeth.”
Two years later, Brunt is grateful that she never gave up in her search for a deeper understanding of God. “It is such an exciting feeling to talk to others about finding Christ. I can now actually say, ‘He’s always there,’ and know that it’s true from personal experience.”
On March 30, 2013, Brunt was baptized at Southside Adventist Fellowship. “I can feel the difference. I never had that kind of feeling before. It is so wonderful. Since being baptized, my mind feels lifted. I’m so happy. I just want to say, ‘Hallelujah!’ I feel so full.”


Learning to Trust Jesus at Camp Wakonda
Elkid Alvarez-Maldonado, of Milwaukee, WI, has been a girl's counselor at Camp Wakonda each summer since 2011.  
It was Friday night. This was the night everyone at Camp Wakonda worked and prayed for all week. We would invite each camper to give their heart to Jesus.
As the evening program ended, I handed each girl in my cabin a commitment card and spoke with them about making a decision for Jesus. When they handed the cards back, I noticed *Vanessa’s was missing. I knew she had a rocky relationship with her father and needed encouragement.
Walking back to our cabin, Vanessa said, “I want to get baptized, but I’m afraid my dad won’t let me. He’s not an Adventists.” I prayed silently, “Lord, who am I to talk to this girl about how to get along with her father? You know I only speak to mine on holidays.”
Sitting on our cabin porch I decided to tell her what I wished I’d been told at her age when I faced a similar dilemma. “Vanessa, I would be lying if I said when you choose to follow God your life will get easier. It won’t. It may even get harder. But this I can promise: Give your life to Jesus and He will use you to do amazing things. Stay close to Jesus and nothing, not even a father, can stand in His way.” She smiled, and I left her alone to think, while I prayed for her with all my heart.
Next summer as campers began to arrive I was ecstatic to learn Vanessa was once again in my cabin. “I have something to tell you,” said an excited Vanessa. “I got baptized. My dad was there and now he goes to church with me sometimes.”
My heart swelled. God heard my prayers. A camper found Jesus and a camp staff learned to trust Him. Camp is outstanding. I love it.

*Vanessa is not her real name.

Finding A Bold Hope For Tomorrow
Rodney Hahn, a physical therapist, and his wife, Dawn, are members of the Reedsburg Adventist Church.
I have never been an alcoholic, drug addict, arrested or put in jail. I am just an average guy that grew up on a farm outside LaValle, Wisconsin. When asked to write my testimony I thought, “What can I write about?”

I have been an Adventist all my life. As a child, I remember getting ready every Sabbath morning and going to church in Reedsburg with my parents. Mom was the organist and Dad was head elder. At times, I have been jealous of those who did bad things and could share how God saved them from that.
But one day I read this quote by Ellen White that opened my eyes. “We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history” (LS, 196). God has saved me from many bad experiences. He has answered many prayers. The difference now is I look for God’s leading.

God has protected me as a teenager, in answer to my parent’s prayers. He has provided me with the perfect wife, in answer to my prayers. At times, in business ventures, I keep hitting a wall and later realize it was God saying “No” to a detrimental decision.

My wife and I have always had work. We’ve been able to send our two daughters on six mission trips. Both were able to study abroad. We paid for their education at Andrews University without any debt. All this was done on 90% of our income, after tithing to the Lord.
God is answering our prayers for our daughters to have God-fearing spouses. Amy is currently married to a Theology major, and Katie is dating a man with the same dream.
Sure, there are bad times, but I don’t focus on them. I see how God has led and blessed me and I am astonished.

I may not have been saved from drugs or alcohol, but I have been saved from my sins. With that, I can go boldly forward with what He has in store for me and my family.  

Chippewa Valley Hospital: A Place to Pray
"I love what I do," says Pastor Art Miller, resident chaplain at Chippewa Valley Hospital. "I try to instill hope, and when you lift someone up, it lifts you a little."
Did you know there is an Adventist hospital in Durand, Wisconsin? Chippewa Valley Hospital and Oakview Care Center operate under the leadership of Adventist members Doug Peterson, President and CEO, and Pastor Art Miller, resident chaplain.
The 25-bed hospital and 50-bed nursing home looks after the needs of over 15,000 local people each year.
Chaplain Miller holds Spiritual Ambassadors classes for the staff, teaching them to listen, minister and pray with their patients. Recently an employee told Miller, “I felt like praying with a patient today, like we learned in class, but just couldn’t. But you know, I think I can pray next time that happens.”
Another employee commented, “I like that we have a hospital where we can be spiritual.” Miller prays every morning, “Lord, help me to be humble and make an impact for you.” Then he makes rounds to visit all the employees and patients. “I just say hi, ask how they’re doing, and offer to pray with them. God opens doors from there.”

Early Spiritual Training Saved My Life
Mark Clark on the day of his baptism into the Southside Adventist Fellowship.  
As a young man, Mark Clark developed a love for the Lord, attended church regularly, studied the Bible, and was baptized. He enjoyed the peace and joy that only God can give.
Through the years, however, Clark made choices that led him away from the Lord. He got caught up in the street life, getting involved in the drug and alcohol scene. Those lifestyle choices took their toll on his health and several years ago, he was hospitalized with a life-threatening illness. “God saw fit to get me to a safe place,” Clark recalls.
During his hospital stay, Clark remembers talking to God and saying, “Lord, I will trust you.” That was when Mark’s life began to get better.
“I started going back to church as soon as I got out of the hospital, and have been going ever since,” said Clark. “I remembered the joy and peace that I had when I was younger and I wanted that again.”
In the last few years, much prayer, studying, support from the VA, and utilizing his education in Human Services has resulted in major changes in his life.
On April 6, 2013, Clark was re-baptized into the Southside Adventist Fellowship as a celebration of his new life in Christ. On April 8, 2013, Mark celebrated two years of sobriety. “I’ve learned how much God loves me,” said Clark. “I don’t want to be a part of the world any more, I just want to be close to God.”
Today, Clark volunteers at the VA, utilizing his degree in Human Services and certification in substance abuse counseling. “I’m able to help others through the same things that I went through, and speaking at the VA helps to keep me focused.”


Peter Braun Baptized in Raymond Church
"I felt an overwhelming release of happiness," said Peter Braun as he remembers stepping forward in a decision to be baptized.
For a long time I felt like I didn’t need to be baptized. I was baptized as a Catholic baby and have always been a Christian who believes in Jesus Christ. My wife, Kristie, was baptized a few years ago into the Adventist church. We both studied the Bible with Jim and Carie Hilt and attended church together, but something always held me back.
Maybe it was fear of the unknown. Maybe it was that I am very independent by nature and don’t like to be told what to do. Maybe I could blame it on the fact that I am an analytical person and work as a scientist. Some of it was insecurity. I’ve always felt that my knowledge of the Bible and history was lacking even though I attended Catholic schools for 12 years. Whatever the reason, I needed time to study, think and pray.
Yet something kept me coming back to the Raymond Adventist church. The members encouraged me but they didn’t push me. I am blessed with a beautiful wife and many Adventist friends. I see now that the Holy Spirit worked through them to help me realize I don’t have to know everything in the Bible. What matters is that I accept Jesus in my heart and let Him be the guide.
I attended Cheri Ricchio’s and Dennis Hulett’s baptism into the Raymond Adventist church last year. As I stood there watching, I suddenly started to sweat a little, and it wasn’t from the heat. I wasn’t planning to make a decision that day, but as Pastor Ancheta asked if there was anyone else present who wanted to commit to Christ, the Lord put his hand on my shoulder and I stepped forward.
It was not a conscious decision, but as I stepped forward, I felt an overwhelming release of happiness. I am really excited to have committed myself to Jesus in baptism.

Melum Finds Disaster Response "Invigorating"
When Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast, Janis Melum headed to New Jersey to help. She had completed Disaster Response training a month prior to the hurricane, then became a certified forklift driver while in New Jersey. "You always receive more than you give," said Melum. 
When disaster response training came to the Hudson Adventist church in October, 2012, Janis Melum wondered, “Is this something I should take?” She decided to take the class just to learn what everyone did to help in a disaster. “I never dreamed that I would go and work,” said Melum.

When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast in November, Melum decided to join a team of volunteers headed to New Jersey for a 10-day disaster response. Melum started work sorting and packing goods side by side with other volunteers.
Soon, however, Melum was supervising the volunteers from the area churches who had never been trained. “The volunteers were such willing workers,” said Melum. “Some days we would have only 2-3 volunteers and lots to do, then other days we would have 20 volunteers. But God always sent us what we needed to get the work done.”

Melum was fondly called “house mother” by the volunteers. Along with being work supervisor, she took care of transportation, cleaning bathrooms, helped fix food and even became a certified forklift driver. Melum was such a blessing, she was asked to stay on for another month, which she did. When asked if she would ever volunteer to work in a warehouse again, Janis replied, “In a minute! It was so invigorating and I felt so blessed to be able to help. You always receive more that you give. If I can do it, anybody can!”
“Janis was a great team member and such a blessing,” said Joe Watts, NAD ACS Disaster Response Director. “She’s a great lady.”Learn more about Disaster Response. Contact Alice Garrett at agarrett@wi.adventist.org.
Alice Garrett
Adventist Community Service Coordinator


Nester Soriano New Portage District Pastor
Nester Soriano, along with his fiancee Katherine Elia, are the new pastoral couple for the Portage District beginning mid-May, 2013. They are currently completing their education at Andrews University.  
Nester Soriano is the new Portage District pastor beginning mid-May 2013. Soriano completed his undergraduate in Theology at Andrews University in 2007. He then served as youth pastor at Madison East for three years and is now completing his M.Div. from Andrews University.

“I love preaching,” says Soriano. “It excites me to see Christ change lives. I enjoy working alongside people, empowering them and helping them to use their gifts.”

Soriano enjoys playing guitar, piano and singing. On July 7, 2013, he and his fiancee, Katherine Elia, plan to be married.


Witnessing Advice From A Wisconsin Centenarian
Marie Hayden reads her Bible every morning and askes God for the opportunity say little things to point people to Jesus. Hayden joined the Adventist church while attending tent meetings by Elder Dolman in Reno, Nevada, about 50 years ago.
Marie Hayden of the Menomonie Adventist church is 100 years old, but that doesn’t keep her from sharing Jesus.

“I used to be ashamed of my religion and avoided talking about it.” Says Hayden. “But I’ve gotten bolder as the years go by. If someone doesn’t agree with me I just say, ‘That’s fine. Let’s see what the Lord says about it.’ I never want to get into an argument.”

In 2012 she held Bible studies by telephone with a long-time friend who lives some distance away. Recently Hayden shared literature with her hairdresser and now they are making plans to start studying the Bible together in Marie’s home.

“I’ve concluded that the best way to share Jesus is to be friends to start with,” advises Hayden. “Let people know your religion is not going to affect your friendship.  

“The other thing to do is tell them what the Lord has done for you. Also, every time I talk to anybody I try to draw the Lord into the conversation, saying, ‘Doesn’t it seem like the Lord is really helping you?’ If someone comments on something I’ve done, or my  age, I always let them know it is only by the  power of God I’m able to do anything. We need to bring Jesus into everything we do and say.

“For a while I started getting depressed because all my friends were dying off. I’m the oldest person in our church and our community too, I think. But then I had to give myself an attitude adjustment. God has me here for a reason. I try to keep saying little things to point people to Jesus. I have a lot to be thankful for.”

Conference Call Evangelism
Pastor Ko Saelee shares the gospel via computer with 30-80 people in a bi-weekly conference call from his home. Saelee is pastor of a 30-member Adventist Hmong congregation in Madison.
Pastor Ko Saelee has discovered a way to share the Adventist message on an ongoing basis with people he has never met. Every week 30 – 80 Hmong people call in to what they call “radio”, a conference call, to hear Pastor Ko share the gospel in their language. These radio broadcasts, however, provide the option for questions and answers which sometimes continue beyond the two hours per night on the weekends, and one hour each Wednesday evening.  In fact, one session in early January lasted into the wee hours of the morning.
When Pastor Ko first began speaking, there were many questions and objections, but as he answered calmly and respectfully from the Bible, the regular listeners came with increasing open-mindedness and trust.  There are several individuals, including the host of one of the conference calls, that listen consistently and are very supportive of the Adventist message they hear from Pastor Ko Saelee.

The weekend session is on a religious station, and the Wednesday session is a station usually focused on entertainment. This entertainment station gives him opportunity to reach a broader range of individuals, some of which are Christians from various denominations, and many who are traditional Hmong animists, involved in ancestor and spirit worship. Still others have questions relating to the Buddhist teachings they encountered in the Buddhist countries they have lived in, or come through as refugees.

Please pray for these listeners, and for Pastor Ko, that God will especially guide him in preparing for these broadcasts.

To share these radio conference calls with your Hmong friends, refer them to the following numbers:

Wednesday evening 9:00 – 10:00 pm
  • Number:          (206) 402-0770
  • Code:               52#
Sabbath and Sunday nights 10:00 pm – 12:00 midnight
  • Number           (712) 432-5225
  • Code:               568490#
For more information about these programs, or to learn how to reach your Hmong friends,contact Pastor Ko Saelee (608) 772-1248 or pksaelee@gmail.com.

Terri Saelee
Madison Community Church

Scott Baker New Manager at Camp Wakonda
Scott and Tammi Baker. "I'm excited to serve the folks in Wisconsin," said Scott,  
On February 15, Scott Baker accepted the position of manager/ranger of Camp Wakonda. Scott and his wife, Tammi, have been in camp ministry for 18 years, serving at Camp Au Sable in Michigan for 11 years, and then Sunset Lake Camp in Washington where they have been for the past 7 years. They have two adult children, Kayla and Nolan.

“It’s a privilege to watch people grow closer to Jesus at camp in the beauty of nature,” says Baker. “I’m excited to serve the folks in Wisconsin and look forward to meeting everyone.”

Baker's will begin work at Camp Wakonda April 1, 2013.


Jim Johnson Retires and Moves to Michigan
Jim and Linda Johnson at Camp Wakonda  
Jim Johnson, is retiring April 1, 2013, after 19 years of service as Ranger/Manager of Camp Wakonda. They are moving to Great Lakes Adventist Academy in Michigan where Jim will work part time in maintenance and Linda has accepted to be girls dean. We are sad to see them leave, and wish them God's rich blessings in their new positions. Below is a message from the Johnson's.
Dear Wisconsin Family,
"What a joy it has been to serve in the Wisconsin Conference these past 19 years. We love Camp Wakonda, our precious friends, family, and all the groups that have come to camp to draw closer to God. We thank all the precious volunteers who have worked beside us to make this camp a better place...you all are greatly appreciated. You have left footprints on our hearts that will never be forgotten. Looking forward to the day when we will be reunited in heaven, where there will be no more goodbyes!"
With God's Love and Ours,
Jim and Linda Johnson


God Blesses Shirleta as She Honors the Sabbath
"My testimony is, God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good!"  
Every time Shirleta Breese receives a paycheck it is a testimony of God’s amazing care for her. Breese has been a long time employee of a national bank. Recently, the district manager announced a policy requiring employees to have “open availability.” For Breese, that meant having to work during Sabbath hours.
“Nothing changed for about a month,” said Breese. “Then my boss called me into his office. He said he respected my strong beliefs and good work ethic. He also said he was supposed to terminate me 30 days earlier, but he was having a hard time doing it as I was a model employee. Even so, I was told I must be available to work Friday evenings and Saturdays.”
Breese’s boss then offered her two options. She could either continue her full-time employment with “open availability,” or she could work part-time which meant three days a week, four hours a day. He knew Breese was a single mom, and could not survive on a 12 hour-a-week job. He was stunned when Breese quickly said, “OK, I’ll take the part-time job.”
Even though Breese has been employed part-time since then, each payday she has received a paycheck for full-time work. The first month, an employee left, giving her more hours. The second month another employee was fired, giving her more hours. The third month an employee took a better position, giving her more hours.
“Month, by month, God is taking care of us,” said Breese. “My boss is puzzled, but I am not. The God I serve says the battle is His, not mine. My testimony is, God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good!”

Miracles at Madison Community Church
Front row left to right: Pastor Abraham Swamidass; Antone Salak, 100-year old father; John Martin, grandson baptized. Back row: Martin family members.  
Dad, your grandson, John is getting baptized next Saturday morning at the Adventist church. Would you like to come?” I didn’t expect a yes. Dad was 100 years old, a life-long agnostic, and I had never seen him attend any church. I was surprised when he said, “Yes, I’ll come.” A little shocked, I wanted to be sure he understood me. I clarified that John’s baptism was going to be in the church. Did he want to come? His answer was clear. “Yes. I said I’d come.”
Sure enough, Sabbath morning, September 29, 2012, Dad came to church. When it was time for John, our 20-year-old son, to be baptized, Dad and all our family stood to watch. My heart was full of praise to God in seeing John’s baptism. Joy and love seemed to be seen and heard everywhere that morning. We were just finishing an evangelistic series, and two other people were being baptized as well.
After the service, everyone went downstairs for a luncheon. Dad could not make the stairs so I stayed with him as others went for food.
While everyone was downstairs, Mark Fox, our guest evangelist, spoke with Dad about the Bible, Jesus, and what life with Jesus would be like. I praise the Lord I was privileged to witness the Holy Spirit lead my father, Ervin Anton Salak, to ask for forgiveness of his sins, and then ask Jesus into his heart. What a miracle! The three of us clasped hands in prayer and praise to God.
Our entire congregation is overflowing with love and joy. Many in our church have been visiting, praying and working for these souls.
As I drove Dad home after church he said, “I think your little church will grow quickly, don’t you?” I smiled, “Yes, there is so much love there.”

Sue Martin
Madison Community Church

Jose and Nilda Santana Find A Church Home
Jose Santana and his wife Nilda  
José describes his journey back to God as a gradual one. José grew up in the Adventist church. However, as a young person he chose to follow the ways of the world. Time passed and life wasn’t going his way. He decided he needed to go back to church.
He and his wife, Nilda, talked about it. Nilda had a Catholic upbringing and José wanted to be sure that she was comfortable attending an Adventist church so he told her, “You go first, and if you like it, then I’ll come with you.”
Nilda began attending an Adventist church. She liked the Bible focus and began to study the Bible for herself. Nilda continued to go to church, but José didn’t come with her. Nilda then moved to another Adventist church. Jose came for a while, but again, Nilda found herself going to church alone.
About a year ago, as José was driving down Loomis Road on a Sabbath morning, he saw a sign that read, Southside Adventist Fellowship. He pulled in, joined the study time and even stayed for church. When he got home he told Nilda, “You gotta go with me to this church. The pastor’s a cool guy.”
José and Nilda quickly became part of the church family at Southside and are actively involved in ministry opportunities. “We’re born into families and we don’t have a choice, but in the church we get to choose our family,” remarked José. “I truly love our church.”
They were participants in the CHIP program this year, and assisted with the Super Foods of the Bible program that recently ended. When they see a need, they do what they can to assist. God’s calling on their lives and ministry was recognized on October 6, 2012, as both José and Nilda were ordained as a deacon and deaconess.

Christian Ronalds New GLOW Coordinator in Wisconson
Christian Ronalds with his wife, Angela, and sons Josh, Luke, Andrew and Daniel.  
Christian Ronalds, pastor of the Portage district, agreed to be the GLOW coordinator for Wisconsin Conference.
GLOW, an acronym for Giving Light to Our World, is a literature distribution plan designed to enable every believer in Jesus to easily share the gospel.
Born and raised in Trinidad, West Indies, Ronalds graduated from Caribbean Union College with a B.A. in Theology. While there, Ronalds worked with the college Magabook literature program for five years, serving as their director for two years. In 2007, Ronalds graduated from Andrews University with his M.Div. with a pastoral emphasis.
“As we GLOW, we grow,” said Ronalds. There are many benefits for me when I share GLOW, as well as for the recipients of the tracts. I love GLOWing for the Lord.”
Ronalds and his wife, Angela, have four children, Joshua, Luke, Andrew and Daniel. They enjoy hiking, camping and being out in nature.

Leah Rodriguez New Milwaukee Teacher
"Without a doubt, having worship with my students each morning is the highlight of my day."  
Leah Rodriguez is the newest teacher at Milwaukee Adventist School. She teaches 5th and 6th grade Bible and 5th through 12th grade English. Rodriguez recently graduated from Andrews University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature and secondary education.

With Milwaukee's increased enrollment, they realized the need for another teacher with certification for teaching English. "I had been looking for work in the public sector with no luck," said Rodriguez. "This job opened up last minute, and it was perfect for the school and for me. It was definitely a blessing from God for us both."

Rodriguez grew up in an Adventist home in southern California. She loved her Adventist school and was very involved in Pathfinders from grade 5-12. During her sophomore year at Andrews, she decided to spend a year as a student missionary teaching English inThailand. "I already knew I wanted to be a teacher," said Rodriguez, "but after that year I definitely knew that teaching was the occupation for me. It is really rewarding."

"Without a doubt, having worship and praying with my students each morning is the highlight of my day," continued Rodriguez. "Having that liberty to express my faith, and the students being able to share their love for Jesus with me as well is a real blessing."

Rodriguez loves reading, traveling, nature and hiking on the weekends. She is engaged to marry Jordan Steffan of Milwaukee in July of 2013.

Bethany Erb Discovers the Joy of Service
Click on image above for expanded slide show .  
Bethany Erb, 15-year-old member of the Middleton Fellowship of Seventh-day Adventists company, spent her summer in Fort Worth, Texas, learning to meet people in the community, give Bible studies, and hold evangelistic meetings. She was part ofYouth for Jesus, an annual outreach program sponsored by Adventist-layman's Services and Industries (ASI).

"My summer experience has made me a lot more open to sharing the gospel and seeing what I can do in my local church," said Bethany. "We (youth) are going to be the ones to carry the gospel to future generations, yet we need the help, support and wisdom of the older people. We need all parts of the church. If someone in the church doesn't step up to sharing the gospel with people, no one else will follow. I want to inspire other youth in my church to get out and share. I think some will be willing if I encourage and help them."

After breakfast each morning the students learned how to give Bible studies, then went door to door praying with people and offering Bible studies. In the evenings they held ShareHim meetings in Adventist churches around Fort Worth. "Every time I got up front to share I truly felt the Holy Spirit," said Bethany, who shared a health nugget each evening. "Sometimes I wasn't quite sure how to say some things, so I prayed and asked God's Spirit to be with me. Then I would just watch the right words come out of my mouth and I would think, 'Oh yeah, that's what I meant to say. Thank you, God!'"

"I remember a nice older couple we met visiting door to door. We gave them our survey and they gave all the right answers. Come to find out he was a pastor. The next evening they came to our meeting. I was so amazed! The night's topic was on the Sabbath and I was a little nervous. But later they told me they had been studying  about the Sabbath and were convicted about the seventh day. They were really excited to find out a church actually worshiped on the Sabbath."

"It's really neat to see people get baptized that you have studied with and prayed for, because you don't really know where their heart is until they decided. Before this summer I thought the Holy Spirit was only sobering, and it can be. But I found out the Holy Spirit also makes you want to sing, laugh, and pray! It makes you smile and want to tell everyone about Jesus.

"This summer really opened my eyes to what outreach really is. Usually we separate our work from outreach, but we can do outreach all the time. We even witnessed while doing laundry at the laundry mat.  Outreach was definitely the best part of doing laundry!" Ninety people were baptized through the efforts of ASI's Youth for Jesus this summer, and 33 young people were trained for service.

Youth for Jesus (YFJ) is a youth-led evangelism campaign that happens each July. The 2013 ASI YFJ will take place  July 7 - August 11. Learn more on the YFJ Website.

Kiana Binford New Teacher/Principal at Green Bay Junior Academy
Kiana Binford spent the past two years as a missionary in the Philippines.  
Kiana Binford is principal and upper grades teacher at Green Bay Junior Academy. Binford graduated from Andrews University with a B.S. in Math and Secondary Education, with a minor in English.

She has spent the past few years in the Philippines helping to open an Adventist high school for the indigenous people. This involved translating textbooks into the Palawan language, developing a curriculum to allow students to continue their education if they were able, but also prepare them to be missionaries to their own mountain villages, as the majority do not seek higher education.

Besides teaching the regular math, science, history, etc., classes were also developed to provide skills in teaching, maintenance, sewing, running a clinic and giving Bible studies. Binford was also teaching and served as principal during this two-year development period.

"I make no excuses," says Binford. "My heart is in missions, both here and abroad. Our schools are blessed with the unique opportunity to share the love of God with all people, whether overseas or here in America. Jesus is coming soon, and we need to prepare our people to be able to spread that word and to know Jesus as their personal Savior. I praise the Lord for the amazing blessing of Adventist Education available to us in this free country.

I look forward to working with fellow brothers and sisters of the Green Bay Church, and together holding this beacon of light to the community around us."

During free moments, Binford enjoys exploring, going to the beach, photography, playing piano and spending time with family.


Aris Rivera New Teacher at Milwaukee SDA School
Aris Rivera is the new third and fourth grade  teacher at Milwaukee Adventist school.  
Arisleidy (Aris) Rivera has just completed her masters in special education at Andrews University, and is teaching third and fourth grade at Milwaukee Seventh-day Adventist School. While working on her masters, she also taught Spanish part time for children grades K-8 at the Niles Adventist Elementary School.

Rivera was born in the Dominican Republic. When she was one year old, her family moved to the United States, settling in Indiana and Wisconsin. She attended Milwaukee Junior Academy 6th-8th grade, then attended Wisconsin Academy, graduating as a four-year senior.

"Teaching is something I've always wanted to do," said Aris. "I remember helping in the Kindergarten classroom as a child. I loved the feeling of writing on the chalkboard. At Andrews University I loved teaching the kids and seeing the excited look on their faces when they 'got it'. Every child can learn when given the appropriate tools. I believe what I learned in special education will help a lot in the normal classroom as well."

Rivera likes riding bikes, hiking, exercising, reading, scrapbooking and singing. "I'm happy to be back in Wisconsin," she says. "It feels like home."

Wredberg New Teacher at Petersen Elementary
Pennie Wredberg and her husband, Bert, have two children, Alex and Miranda.  
Pennie Wredberg has accepted the position as principal and upper grades teacher for Petersen Elementary School in Columbus. She graduated from Walla Walla College with a B.A. in English and a B.S. in Elementary Education, and a minor in Special Education.

"Teaching is my passion," says Wredberg."I feel like God called me to be a teacher. I love the kids and love to see their relationship with God grow."

Wredberg met her husband, Bert, while attending Upper Columbia Academy. They have two children, Alex, a ninth grader at Wisconsin Acadaemy, and Miranda, a seventh grader at Petersen Elementary. "We're very excited about meeting new people in Wisconsin." said Wredberg. Wredberg loves gardening, hiking, reading, sewing and crocheting.

Eugene Kittredge New Milwaukee Kindergarten Teacher
Eugene Kittredge and his wife, Raquel, have three boys; Joseph, Samuel and Darryl.  
Eugene Kittredge is the new kindergarten teacher for Milwaukee Adventist School. He earned a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from the University of Milwaukee, and a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from National Louis University. He has spent the majority of the past 15 years teaching K3, K4 and kindergarten in the Milwaukee public schools.

Kittredge is very familiar with Milwaukee Adventist school, having served on the school board for many years. “I love the staff and believe in the mission of Milwaukee Adventist School,” said Kittredge. “They are steering kids to Jesus, and that is what matters most.”

Kittredge was raised in Milwaukee in a Catholic, then Baptist, home but only attended church sporadically. He joined the military at age 18 and soon developed a longing to go back to church. “There was this pretty wild guy on our ship who was always drinking and getting in trouble, when suddenly he turned his life around,” recalls Kittredge. “He stopped drinking, read his Bible and kept the Sabbath. This was a great example to me. I asked what church he had joined and he said ‘Seventh-day Adventists.’ I had never heard of Adventists, but this man’s character was so wonderful, I decided to give the church a try.

“That first Sabbath in the Adventist church, I remember being extremely impressed that the pastor was using the Bible to back up everything he said. It was great! I soon joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church and have never looked back.”

Kittredge and his wife, Raquel have three boys, Joseph, Samuel, and Darryl. Kittredge enjoys fishing, classic cars, playing baseball with his boys and helping in his local church.


Andrea Nelson New Kindergarten Teacher at Petersen
Andrea Nelson with her husband, Keith.  
Andrea Nelson has joined the staff at Petersen Elementary School to begin a pre-school and kindergarten program.

Nelson was born in Pennsylvania, attended Garden State Academy in New Jersey, then graduated from Southern Adventist University with a B.A. in Biology, Secondary Education, and a minor in Bible. She has endorsements in history, chemistry, elementary education and kindergarten.

Nelson has taught the sciences on secondary level and elementary, but says her passion is with the younger children. "I've taught a lot of children who know nothing about God, and it is the coolest thing to hear them pray for the first time. Seeing children grow in their relationship with God is just amazing."

Andrea Nelson is married to Keith, principal at Wisconsin Academy. They have two children, Ryan and Kari who both attend the academy.

Nelson enjoys being out in nature. She particularly likes photography, bird watching, hiking, biking and canoeing.

Jayme Denis New Teacher at Three Angels Christian School
Jayme Denis with her husband, Peterlau.  
Jayme Denis is teaching grades one through four at Three Angels Christian School in Madison. Denis comes from Benton Harbor, Michigan, where she has been teaching second grade in a charter school for the past six years. She attended Wisconsin Academy, then graduated from Andrews University with a B.S in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Language Arts.

Denis was born and raised in Green Bay, WI. "I'm from a family of many teachers," says Denis, "and I knew early on that I wanted to teach. Most of my teaching has been in high poverty areas, and I've loved it. The challenge of working with struggling kids seems to be my passion. I'm really excited about coming home to Wisconsin. I know God is leading."

Denis says her favorite pastime is to be with her family. She is married to Peterlau, and they have four children, Alexis, Elijah, Eden, and Estelle.


Matthew Kent New Pastor in Superior District
Pastor Matthew and Daphne Kent, with their sons, Mark and John are in Superior District.  
Matthew Kent is the new pastor for the Superior district churches. Kent graduated from Walla Walla College with a B.A. in both Theology and Biblical Languages. He served as pastor in Montana and California, and taught graduate studies at both Spicer Memorial Collage and Andrews University. He is currently completing his doctoral dissertation on the New Testament.

Kent was raised in California in a Catholic home. One day a man came to Kent’s door offering a free Bible. Kent was interested and began studies. He had many questions, but as each was answered from the Bible, he said, “If the Bible teaches it, I’ve got to follow it.” At the age of 15, he was baptized.

Kent met his wife, Daphne, at Andrews University. Daphne has a M.A. in Music and teaches private music lessons. They have two sons, Mark and John.

“I’m looking forward to working with the people in Superior, Ashland and Hayward,” says Kent. “My passion is teaching the Word of God and sharing it with others.”

Thirty-six Baptized Final Weekend of Camp Meeting
Click on image above for expanded slide show.  
On June 23, 2012, several hundred people gather along the sandy shore at camp meeting as thirty-six people sealed their commitment to Jesus in baptism.

"I've never attended a camp meeting that focused on people being baptized," said Eugene Kitney, newly appointed pastor of the Milwaukee Central District. "People wanted to wait and share their special commitment day with the whole conference. It's an incredible spiritual highlight of the year."

As each baptismal candidate entered the water for baptism, James Fox, Wisconsin Conference Ministerial director, read a short testimony each candidate had prepared. Below are a few of these testimonies.

Wayde Minett, of Hylandale said, "I was born and raised in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. I have thought long and hard for several years about making this decision. I'm grateful to my family and church for their support in my faith and growing up."

"One day on the television I stopped at a channel called 3ABN," said Gary Raabel, of the La Crosse Seventh-day Adventist Church. "That is when the journey of truth began and I haven't looked back."

Spirit Martinez, of the Sparta Seventh-day Adventist Church said, "I always believed in God, but hearing Pastor Richie in the Teen tent at camp meeting helped me make a stand. I want to get baptize because God helped me and I want to help Him back. I want to do more things for Him. I love God."

John and Sheri Maggioncalda who are joining the Portage church said, "When we came to Wisconsin, we moved next door to Greg and Lesa Budd and felt God brought us here to connect with them. They were praying that their new neighbors would be open to God's message. Our baptism today is the next step in our spiritual growth."

"I am so thankful for my parents who raised me in a Christian home and taught me every day how important it is to love and follow Jesus," said Kaity Brock who is joining the Wisconsin Academy Church. "My whole family has loved and supported me as I grew to love Jesus."

"I originally was baptized into the Delavan Seventh-day Adventist church in 1988 following a Revelation Seminar," said Robert Moyer, new member of the Tomah Seventh-day Adventist church. "After an unexpected divorce, discouragement got the best of me and I left the church. This past February I got tired of fighting the Holy Spirit. I'm so thankful that Jesus our Great Shepherd does not give up searching for the sheep that go astray! It is good to be back in His arms."

Over 200 people were baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church during 2011. Learn more about baptism at the Fundamental Beliefs page.

Over 130 Volunteers Support Camp Wakonda Work Bee
Click on image above for expanded slide show.  
Over 130 volunteers roofed cabins, painted signs, cleaned walkways, buried cable and completed hundreds of other work projects in preparation for camp meeting during Camp Wakonda's work bee May 20-21, 2012.

"We got an amazing amount of work done," said Pastor Steve Aust, camp meeting superintendent and coordinator of the work bee. "All the mattresses have covers and are up to code, every cabin has a new smoke alarm, and we got a lot of bed railings up to code."

Jody Marsh, teacher and principal of the Hillside Seventh-day Adventist School in Wausau, brought his five students to help Monday morning. They washed all the Red Pine Lodge windows inside and out, cleaned light fixtures, air-sprayed dust from screens and picked up trash around the camp.

"I think this is a great way to model service to our children," said Sarah Hillebert, member of the Madison East church. She and her five-year-old son, Nathan, came Monday morning to help move mattresses and pick up sticks.

Keith Nelson, principal of Wisconsin Academy, brought over 80 students and many staff members to help at the work bee. "The academy needs to give back," he said. The students put in new docks at the waterfront, hauled camp meeting benches, cleared walkways, washed propane tanks, picked up sticks and completed a host of other tasks. The students' most significant contribution was digging over 500 feet of trench across the camp and burying cable for the installation of the new fiber optic wireless internet. "The academy students saved us over $3,000 by putting in this cable," said Aust. "What a delight to see the young people working so hard and well."

"It's a privilege and a responsibility to keep up this wonderful resource the Lord has given us," says Larry Lanaville, retired general contractor and member of the Middleton Fellowship Company near Madison. "My wife and I volunteer here every chance we get."

Camp Wakonda is a 220-acre rustic camp ground, owned and operated by the Wisconsin Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. It is the site of an annual 9-day camp meeting, a 7-week summer camp, and a place where church members and friends come to enjoy fellowship, recreation, and meaningful moments with God.

Zachary Payne New Green Bay Youth Pastor
Zachary Payne, new youth pastor for the Green Bay Adventist Church, has worked as Boy's Director at Camp Wakonda for the past couple years.
Zachary Payne accepted a call to be youth pastor of the Green Bay SDA Church on April 17, 2012. Payne graduated from Southern Adventist University in 2011 with a B.A. in Theology. Currently he is a part-time youth pastor in the Apison Adventist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

"Youth pastors have always been the ones to really get through to me when I was having doubts and needed to know how to reach out to God," said Payne. "So, when I felt the call to ministry, I had a passion to become a youth pastor. I want to be there for kids when they are making difficult decisions and finding out who they are."

"I'm really excited to get to know all the youth in Green Bay," continued Payne. "I want to help kids realize the church is their family and they need to get involved. Hopefully, by the time they leave home they will have incorporated ministry into their lives."

Payne enjoys playing guitar, reading, writing, soccer and basketball.  He plans to begin his ministry in Green Bay in August.


Over 100 Attend Wisconsin Academy Music Festival
Music teacher, Clinton Anderson, conducts the festival choir during a concert on Sabbath afternoon.
On April 12-14, over 100 students from Seventh-day Adventist elementary schools across Wisconsin attended the annual music festival at Wisconsin Academy. The visiting 5th-10th grade students rehearsed choral music with the academy’s select vocal ensemble, the Choralaires, culminating with a festival concert on Sabbath afternoon.

“Visiting Wisconsin Academy for the music festival allows students from schools across Wisconsin and Illinois get know each other, and develop friendships that will last for life,” says Clinton Anderson, music teacher at Wisconsin Academy and coordinator for the weekend. “It also allows students in small schools to experience singing in a larger setting as part of a large choir.”

Between music rehearsals and performances, visiting students spent time getting to know the academy students at meals, on the playing field, and in the dormitories.

“I’m having so much fun here,” said one an eighth grade student from Milwaukee SDA School. “I don’t want to go home.” She hopes to attend Wisconsin Academy next year as a freshmen.

To find out more about Wisconsin Academy check the new website at www.wisacad.org, or call the academy at 920-623-3300.

Alice Garrett New Community Services Coordinator
Alice Garrett enjoys helping people, gardening and raising African violets.  
Alice Garrett accepted the position of Community Services coordinator for the Wisconsin Conference on March 26, 2012. Garrett has served the Clear Lake SDA Church as Community Services leader for the past ten years. During the majority of this time, she also served as federation leader for the churches in northwest Wisconsin.

"I enjoy helping people," says Garrett. "It has become a passion of mine. I feel community services is the right hand of evangelism.  If we're not helping people, how can we tell them about Jesus? Community services is a needed ministry and I feel a calling toward that."

One of Garrett's short-term goals is to run a food-drive at camp meeting this year, collecting non-perishable and personal items for the food shelf in Westfield. "It costs a lot to ship stuff down to a warehouse," said Garrett. "Giving to a local center is cost effective and visible, letting the community know we want to serve. It is also something everybody at camp meeting can be involved in if they choose."

"I want to get the federation and Community Service leaders together and find out where their areas of expertise are." said Garrett. "I also plan to put together a booklet for first-time leaders. It helps to know what resources are available and see guidelines of what can be done."

Garrett graduated from Wisconsin Academy, then moved to Colorado where she completed her LPN training at Porter Hospital. She continued her studies at Walla Walla Collage where she met her husband, Harold Garrett.  In 1979, they moved to Clear Lake, Wisconsin where they reside today.

Garrett works as an LPN for the Amery Regional Medical Center in Amery. She also has a greenhouse where she grows nursery plants to sell each spring. Alice and Harold enjoy camping with their family along Lake Superior. They have four children, Kadene, Jonathan, Eric and Monte.  They also have four grandchildren.

To learn how you can get involved in community services, email Alice Garrett.

Christine Anderson New Wisconsin Academy Business Manager
Christine Anderson, a graduate of Oakwood University, plans to arrive at Wisconsin Acaemy in May of 2012.
Christine Anderson accepted the position of Business Manager at Wisconsin Academy on March 16, 2012. She begins her duties the first of May.
Born and raised in Saint Catherine Jamaica, Anderson migrated to the United States in 1996 and with her family settled in Cleveland, Ohio. "After my arrival in the United States, I felt the calling of the Lord in my life," says Anderson. "I started reading the Bible more and would occasionally visit a local Adventist church with my sister."
"The more I read the Bible, the more questions I would have about God and the Sabbath. I was given the opportunity to partake in a Bible study session at the local Adventist church and was baptized shortly after in 1997."
Anderson attended Oakwood University, then completed her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting at Cleveland State University. She then earned her MBA at Meyers University.

Anderson has performed various accounting assignments such as internal auditing, field auditing, general accounting, and taxation. For the past six years, she has served as a Budget Analyst for the City of Cleveland.
In her leisure Anderson enjoys reading, sewing, cooking, shooting pool and playing checkers. "Above all these, I enjoy reading the Word of God and spending quiet times with my heavenly Father," she says. "Indeed, it is my aspiration to be a vessel for the Lord and to help win souls unto His kingdom."
"I am excited about my new calling at Wisconsin Academy," she says. "I look forward to working with both staff and students."

John Ramsey New Assistant Treasurer
John Ramsey with his fiance Jonie Graves  
John Ramsey has accepted a call to be an Assistant Treasurer for the Wisconsin Conference. He begins his auditing duties April 1, 2012.

Born and raised in Illinois, Ramsey is no stranger to Wisconsin.  He and his parent have been regular attendees of the Wisconsin camp meeting since his birth. In 2006, Ramsey started working as a summer camp staff member at Camp Wakonda, where he spent four summers while attending Andrews University. “Having spent so much time in Wisconsin, I’ve considered it to be my second home,” said Ramsey.   

Ramsey graduated from Andrews University with an undergraduate in accounting in May of 2011, then did an internship with  the General Conference Auditing Service. He intends to complete his Masters in Business Administration from Andrews in May of 2012. 

On June 10 of this year, he will marry Joni Graves in Pokagon, Michigan. Joni graduated with her undergraduate in Speech Language Pathology from Andrews University in December of 2011. She is currently serving as a student missionary in Egypt. This coming fall, she will continue her education in Speech Language Pathology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 

“Both Joni and I are excited to come to Wisconsin,” said Ramsey. “We have felt blessed watching the doors open that have allowed us to come to this place in our lives."

Art Miller to Pastor Durand Church
Pastor Art Miller and his wife Lois.  
Pastor Art Miller accepted a call on March 8, 2012 to pastor the Durand SDA Church and serve as chaplain for the Chippewa Valley Hospital in Durand. He and his wife, Lois currently live in Pennsylvania, and will move to Wisconsin in early April.
Pastor Miller spent 27 years in the publishing ministry. He began his pastoral ministry here in Wisconsin in 1992.  In 2003 he retired, but continued pastoring one church on a part-time basis.
“Giving Bible studies, literature distribution and visiting people are my top passions,” said Miller. “I also have a passion for reclaiming  people who are discouraged and have lost their way with God.” The Millers are happy to be able to work in Wisconsin again.
Pastor Miller and his wife Lois have four children: Carolyn, Virginia, Arthur, and Melanie. One of their favorite pastimes is spending time with their nine grandchildren.


Eugene Kitney to Pastor Milwaukee Central District
Pastor Eugene and Michele Kitney with their daughter Lauren.  
On February 28, 2012, Elder Eugene Kitney accepted a call to pastor the Milwaukee Central SDA Church and Southside Adventist Fellowship. Kitney comes from Roanoke, Virginia, where he has been senior pastor of two churches - Roanoke Adventist Ministries and Advent Hope Christian Fellowship.
Eugene was born and raised in a God-fearing Seventh-day Adventist home in South Africa. “My story is really a lot like the prodigal son story,” said Kitney. “At age 16, I left the church and explored all kinds of other belief systems. I got myself involved in rightwing politics in South Africa.  That just really sent me in a downward spiral.  
“One day I asked myself, ’When was the last time I really felt whole?’ And I realized it was when I was a five-year-old kid sitting on my mother’s lap reading Bible stories.  I knew then that the only way I was going to fill that hole in my life was to get back to reading my Bible.  So I did. Although I am a fourth-generation Adventist, I didn’t inherit the Adventist church beliefs. I found them for myself.”
Sensing a call to pastoral ministry, Kitney studied theology at Helderberg College.  In 2006 he completed his B.A. in Theology with emphasis in Metropolitan Ministries at Columbia Union College.
Kitney served as boys dean and chaplain for Miracle Meadows, an Adventist reform school in West Virginia for at-risk, inner-city youth. He then pastored in Silver Springs, MD, Charlottesville, VA, and most recently, Roanoke, VA.
Eugene Kitney met his wife, Michele, while at Miracle Meadows. Michele has a B.S. in Medical Technology and works as a lab technician in Hematology. They have a 19-month-old daughter, Lauren.
“My passion in ministry is disciple-making,” said Kitney. “I believe in introducing people to Christ through deep, long-lasting, personal relationships. My objective is to be part of a team that will take the Advent message to the entire world in this generation.”

600 Attend Youth Rally in Milwaukee
Click on the image above for an expanded slide show.  
Milwaukee Seventh-day Adventist School hosted the Mission Made Possible: Wisconsin Conference and Lake Region Conference Youth Rally on February 24-25, 2012. As the building continued to fill Sabbath morning, extra chairs were brought in from other rooms to accommodate the 600 plus worshipers.  “I’ve never seen our gymnasium so full,” commented Tim Krawczyk, head elder for the Milwaukee Central Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The Andrews University Standout Crew led the weekend’s worship in music. For Sabbath School they did a memorable skit demonstrated the wisdom of Christians following the Bible rather than people.

“My favorite part of the rally was the preaching,” said Suny Gomez, Wisconsin Academy freshman. “Not many preachers can keep teenagers’ attention.”

Pastor David Hall, youth director for the Nevada/Utah Conference preached three times during the weekend. Friday evening, he reminded everyone that, “In Jesus, the impossible becomes possible, and the possible becomes probable.” Sabbath morning he talked about the miracle of Jesus bringing his best friend, Lazarus, back to life. “God has saved His best miracles for his best friends - us,” said Pastor Hall. “So roll away the stone and let your Lazarus come forth.”

Six group events were offered during the two afternoon sessions. During one session, groups went door-to-door in the community praying with people and offering free Bible studies. “I was really nervous. I’ve never done anything like this before,” said Beth Strangstalien, Wisconsin Academy freshmen.  “After praying with one man he said, ‘Oh, maybe you could pray for me to stop smoking, too.’ We asked if he would like to take Bible studies, and he signed up immediately. I was so happy because he’s another potential person in the kingdom of heaven. We prayed that we would have results and it worked!”

Another session was called, “Questions You are Afraid to Ask Your Pastor.” Pastor Jean and Tammy Clouzet shared practical and Biblical answers to questions such as, “How do you witness to an unbelieving parent?”, Is it always wrong to be unequally yoked?”, “How do you talk to homosexuals about Christ?”, and, “How can you know if the Adventist church is the true church?”

Other sessions covered varied topics including, how to witness in a public school setting, understanding your emotional EQ, and exploring how our human relationships affect our relationship with God.

Both the Wisconsin Academy and Andrews University gymnastic teams concluded the weekend with an outstanding program Saturday night, demonstrating skills in strength, flexibility and teamwork.

Daniel, a teen from Chicago, came because he saw a poster at his church. He said, “It’s really good to be worshiping with lots of other young people.”

Raymond Church Holds First Women of Faith Brunch
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On February 19, 2012, women of the Raymond Seventh-day Adventist Church district held their first Women of Faith brunch. “Sixty-five women came,” said Xiomara Ancheta, organizer of the event. “And 20 of them were neighbors from the community. Jenniffer Ogden, youth pastor of the Green Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church, was our guest speaker.”

”I asked some of my friends and neighbors to the brunch,” said Barbara Setnik, member of the Raymond church. “They were so inspired by what we heard. Pastor Ogden made us feel like the women God intended us to be. She made us feel like we have some control in our lives, and that we are of value to God and others. She brought inspiration to our lives.”

Kathy Berger, also a member of the Raymond church said, “Both of the guests I invited had a wonderful time and said they would come back again. When I invited one guest, she said, ‘I am the most un-religious person you know, why would you invite me?’ She is a single mom and rarely does things for herself, so this was nice for her. She really enjoyed it!”

Karen Frantz invited Catie, a co-worker, to the brunch. Catie said, “Everything was done so well, from the beautiful table settings to the delicious meal; I thought it was really nice that there were even print-outs for the song and prayer, as those were unfamiliar to me. I especially enjoyed the speaker and would definitely come next year if you hold another Women of Faith. I would love to bring my mom.”

Anna's Birthday Party Raises $800
Anna Foll, member of the Madison East Church, planned her tenth birthday celebration around a mission project.

“Can you come to my birthday party? We’re going to be jumping for chickens for Tanzania!”  Anna’s face beamed with eagerness.
Ten-year-old Anna Foll wanted her birthday to make a difference. Anna and her guests jumped rope and got sponsors to donate money for their jumping. Every $200 raised provided 10 chickens and a rooster for a family in Tanzania, enabling the family to sustain themselves. This was Anna’s way of participating in the ADRA mission project her primary Sabbath school was doing.
“This is so much fun!” said Emily Flood, one of 10 jumpers at Anna’s birthday party. Kids jumped rope forward and backwards, sideways and tandem. Several kids attempted complicated jumps such as long-rope jumping, criss-cross jumping, the egg-beater, Chinese wheel, scissors, double-dutch and the crougar.
All the jumps raised over $800—enough money to supply four Tanzanian families with chickens. “I had hoped this year’s mission project could raise money to support one family,” said Mr. Flood, primary leader for the Madison East Adventist church. “Anna’s birthday party was really a great idea.”
“I’m glad we made so much money for people in Tanzania,” said Anna. “I feel happy.”  

Portage Student Sing at State Capitol
Students from Portage Adventist Church School fill the rotunda of the Wisconsin state capitol with Christmas carols.
On December 18, 2011, Portage Adventist Church School students brought the message of Christmas to our state’s capital through music. Employees, protesters and tourists stopped to listen as the six students, accompanied by a guitar, sang Joy to the World, O Come All Ye Faithful, Silent Night and other carols.
As the carols echoed off the marble walls, one visitor commented, “Their voices sound like a heavenly choir!”  After singing, the students were able to visit with those listening and share about their school and their love for Jesus.
Mrs. Wenzel, teacher at the Portage Seventh-day Adventist Church School, said, “Singing at our state’s Capitol will always be a memorable moment for us all.”

Living Faith Company Organizes
Members of the newly-organized Living Faith Company celebrate God's leading.
Thirty-five people signed their names as charter members of the Living Faith Company on November 5, 2011, in Howard, Wisconsin, a suburb of Green Bay. The decision to start a new Mission Group in the Green Bay area began July 17, 2010, in the Green Bay Adventist Church.
“God has taken us on an amazing journey,” said Dan Mencheski, Living Faith’s company leader. “Every time we have a need, God has just opened doors and provided.”
Our first concern was to find a place to meet. After meeting in homes, garages, and even at the beach, the group began searching for a church home. They found a daycare building that would meet their needs perfectly, but there was no way the 5-family church could afford it. The search continued.
A few days later, the daycare owner called and asked if they were still interested. “We just laid out what we could afford, including rent, utilities, insurance and even snowplowing,” said Dan. “The Lord certainly touched his heart, because he offered the place to us for exactly what we could afford.” Today, a year and a half later, Living Faith Company continues to meet in the 12,000 square foot daycare building at 986 Lakeview Drive, Howard, Wisconsin.
Over the next several months donations came in as needs came up. Money for 100 chairs was provided, then money came in for a sound system. Hymnals, tables, and three pianos were donated. “We’re really learned to just place our needs before the Lord,” said Dan.
 “We all want to live out the message of our church motto,” said Dan. “’To live in such a way that those who know you, but don’t know God, will come to know God, because they know you’. We’ve had three people baptized in our church so far.”
Pastor Marshall McKenzie and Pastor Rick Binford have played key roles in helping the Living Faith Company organize.

A Cushioned Donation
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Wisconsin Academy has a coach bus that is used on a consistent basis for school trips. Over time with heavy use our bus seats began showing signs of wear.

We went on eBay and were watching an auction for seats that were priced at $1,200. When the auction ended the seats had not sold; and to our surprise, the owner contacted us regarding them. We told him we were unable to purchase the seats, but we would contact him if we could find a donor.

A few days later he contacted us again and said, “I looked you folks up on the web, you look like a good organization. If you come get them you can have them.” Over the October home leave, we drove to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and picked up the seats and other equipment for our bus at no cost! Praise God for his continuous care!

Once again, God has supplied our need. Our Heavenly Father truly is our provision, both at Wisconsin Academy and in our personal lives!
Matthew Klug, Assistant Dean of Boys/Maintenance

First Hispanic Women's Weekend Retreat
Wisconsin Hispanic women spending a weekend retreat at Camp Wakonda.  
Sixty-two women attended the first Hispanic women’s retreat weekend in the Wisconsin Conference on September 9-11, 2011, at Camp Wakonda.  Dr. Ana Perez, guest speaker for the weekend, spoke on the theme Free in Jesus. She holds a PhD in Psychology, has a master’s degree in Family Relations, and is a certified nurse.
Sabbath afternoon the ladies enjoyed fellowshipping outdoors and later shared in an active question and answer time with Dr. Perez.
Saturday night activity options included making silk flowers, learning how to fix hair, receiving a massage and manicure, and shopping in a used clothing exchange bazaar.
“The women were very excited to have a full weekend retreat,” said Noemi Miranda, coordinator for Hispanic women’s ministries. “One women attending for the first time said her heart was touched by Jesus and she truly felt free in Jesus. Many others said we must have a weekend retreat like this again.”
The 2012 Hispanic women’s retreat will be at Camp Wakonda September 21-23.

Churches Hold VBS With a Mission
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Hylandale SDA Church, together with churches in the Coulee Region district held a week-long vacation Bible school under the direction of Twyla Hallock. The theme, Go Fishin’ Mission Adventure Bible Camp, focused on growing a personal relationship with Jesus and putting faith into action.

For two hours each evening, 32 local children sang songs, heard stories, and rotated through a series of mission stations. These stations included a mission lodge, campfire Bible adventure, games and crafts. Many of these events were lead by youth in the church. Youth leader Tristen Hallock said, “Hopefully the kids were hooked on a desire to become involved in missions and outreach.”

The VBS children had their own mission of raising money to purchase Bibles for Native American children.  Each day they brought their coins and by the end of the week raised $181 for the project.
The week culminated with a Friday evening program by the children. Parents and community were invited.  A quilt, decorated by the children early in the week, was given away. A time of sharing literature and refreshments followed the program.

May we all choose to live as true fishers of men.


Retreat Speaker Inspires Women
Women's Retreat at Osthoff Resort. Click on image above for expanded slide show.  
One-hundred and eighty-two women attended the 23rd annual A Time of Refreshing retreat at the Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, October 7-9, 2011. Dr. Deborah Harris of Atlanta, Georgia, was the keynote speaker. She was dynamic, inspiring, and practical, both in her message and in her person. “Satan has no power in our lives when we are consumed with His Word,” Harris said.

“This speaker is awesome,” said Linda Johnson after hearing Dr. Harris’s first presentation. “When my feet hit the floor every morning I pray Jesus will be so powerful in my life Satan will tremble and say, ‘Oh no! She’s awake!’”
“The Holy Spirit spoke through our speaker in such a way that you could feel God’s presence,” said Cindy Stephan, first time attendee to the Wisconsin retreat. “It’s hard to put into words. I truly realized for the first time just how small I am and how big God is.”

The weekend including an afternoon hike, music concert, prayer gatherings, tantalizing vegetarian food and great opportunities to visit and make new friends. Local speakers presented seminars on topics such as Praying for Our Adult Children, The Joy of Missions, Stretching Your Dollars, and The Silent Killer – Blood Pressure.

Sunday morning Susan Boone announced that this is her final year as Women’s Retreat and Empowerment Director. “It has been a joyous eight years of service in the women’s ministry program,” said Boone. “I am grateful and honored to have been able to serve. Now it is time for new leadership, and I am pleased to welcome Lesa Budd as the new Women’s Retreat and Empowerment Director.”

Boon also announced the retirement of Aileen King as women’s ministry coordinator. King founded women’s ministries in the Wisconsin conference in 1988 along with Judy Ziegele and Sue Pehler. She has served and mentored the retreat and many women over the past 23 years. Gladys Ochs has accepted to serve as the new women’s ministry coordinator and will assume those responsibilities over the next few months. Ochs is a member of the Green Bay SDA Church where her husband is senior pastor.

Amy Reich is scheduled to speak at the 2012 Empowerment weekend at Camp Wakonda April 13-15. The 2012 Time of Refreshing retreat will be at Osthoff Resort, October 5-7. The guest speaker is Marquita Klinedinst.

Pastor David Guerrero Authors Book on Fatherhood
Pastor David Guerrero with his wife, Jacqueline, and their three children.  
David Guerrero, pastor of the Stevens Point SDA Church, penned Fatherhood: Reclaiming Your God-given Role—a book selected for publication by WinePress Publishing.

"The book shows how to father the heart of your children from the biblical perspective on fatherhood and to reclaim the type of fatherhood God has designed" says Guerreo.

Guerrero makes two simple promises to readers: 1) This book won't bury you under an avalanche of guilt. It will inspire and encourage you to become the man God desires for you to be; and 2) This book will give you practical suggestions addressing problems every dad faces.

For many fathers, including Guerrero, prioritizing family life is their number one concern. He says, "Men have a tendency to want to 'make a name for themselves,' and they then express this via their jobs or a pursuit of a certain type of employment. We have to realize that the greatest name we can give the world is the lives of our children, what they become and how they contribute to things of eternal value."

For Guerrero, his family is number one. He says, "Nothing but God comes before family,” says Guerrero. "I have communicated that to them by word and by action, and they feel safe, secure and loved. They come first, and I will drop anything for them. I love my wife and children, and they know it!

Guerrero sees a disappearance of true fatherhood where dads have become a two-minute presence in the lives of their families. He says, "If we as men don't reclaim our God-given roles, God tells us what will happen in the book of Malachi. This Earth will be smitten with a curse. That is what is happening today. We see the curse of broken and dysfunctional families, children and people in general—and it is all because we have allowed secular, societal changes to erode out family life." Guerrero believes fathers need to turn the tide of societal decadence by fulfilling the role for them God outlines in His Word.

In Guerrero's book, he outlines three main biblical roles of a father: priest, prophet, king. He says the role that most caught his eye was the father as king because "this role is one of a servant leader." He adds, "As our families see us with a genuine desire and intentionality to serve them, it will win their hearts over and great unity will be the result."

Guerrero says he used to be a workaholic driven for success. "By God's grace, this has changed. The only success I seek now is to see my family become all that God desires."

Readers may look for Guerrero's book at the Wisconsin Adventist Book Center, Lifeway Christian Book Stores, Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble stores. It is also available at www.rekindletheflameministries.org.

                                                                                                  (Adapted from September, 2011, LUH)  

Wisconsin Academy Enrollment Up 24 Percent
Registration day at Wisconsin Academy. Click on the image above for an expanded slide show.  
“Greetings from Wisconsin Academy! We are off and running with a fantastic start,” says Keith Nelson, principal. “The energy level on campus is high among staff and students alike, with a positive, friendly, Christian atmosphere. We have 91 students on campus with more families considering. God has truly blessed our school year with the right group of students and the right faculty team.”
By the third day of classes, 91 students had enrolled at the academy, compared to 74 last year, a 24 percent increase.
Here are a few stories of how God has led students to Wisconsin Academy this year:

“I’ve wanted to attend Wisconsin Academy since I was in 8th grade,” says Vanessa Bohner, a first year senior.  “I’ve worked in the dish room at camp meeting, done lots of babysitting and odd jobs for two years so I could come. Now here I am! I earned my whole entrance fee plus $2,000.00.”

“Our son has begged us to send him to the academy for three years,” says Debra Tufford, mother of Michael, a freshman. “I’ve been telling him there’s no way. This year he came home from Camp Wakonda saying, ‘I can go to Wisconsin Academy for free!’ ‘No you can’t,’ I laughed. But he was persistent.

“Finally, I called the principal and said, ‘Our son is under the impression he can go to school for free. Tell me about this.’ He told me to fill out some forms and talk to my pastor. I did, and when I did, I just felt this amazing peace. It’s hard to describe. I just knew the Holy Ghost was saying, ‘You don’t have to worry.’ I  told my husband, ‘Let’s just move forward like it’s going to happen.’
“The same week we filled out the paper work for the academy, we received windfall money that enabled us to pay off all our debts except the house. Now the amount we needed to commit for education was freed up! So we brought Michael to Wisconsin Academy. All I can say is, our God is an awesome God!”
“I wish I had time here to share with you all of the ways God has led our new staff and students to become part of the family of Wisconsin Academy,” says Principal Nelson. “Please keep our young people in your prayers this year and share this good news with someone you know. Perhaps there are other families wishing to be part of the family and simply need encouragement to answer the call.
“Obviously, Adventist Education is not free. There is great investment and sacrifice in the process and each individual student is evaluated by their own set of circumstances. While it is true, the Milwaukee Choice program has been moving onto our campus, the students still have to pay for their room and board by working. The state funds simply reduce the amount of worthy student funds needed to augment the program. Praise the Lord we have been given these opportunities for ministering to these young people.”
For more information contact Keith Nelson at 920-623-3318 ext. 18, or on his cell phone at 920-350-2789.

54 Choose Baptism at Camp Wakonda
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On July 25, 2011, Teen Camp finished at Camp Wakonda, the third of five, week-long camps for children, teens, and families. Of the 168 campers who have attended camp so far this summer, 54 have made a decision to be baptized. This is in addition to those choosing to commit their lives to Jesus for the first time or to recommit their lives to Him.
During Junior Camp, designed for eight- to ten-year-olds, 19 of the 25 campers made a decision to be baptized. During the following week, at Tween Camp, designed for campers age ten to twelve, 25 of the 54 made the same decision. Last week, at Teen Camp, designed for thirteen- to sixteen-year-olds, 10 of the 89 campers decided for baptism. The campers who made decisions for baptism will be placed in contact with local Adventist pastors in their home area who can follow up on their decisions.


Decisions like these are the result of many people working and praying in cooperation with the drawing power of the Holy Spirit. Long before camp started, pastors, teachers, and parents nurtured these young people in their walk with Jesus. During the summer, camp director Greg Taylor and his summer camp staff have poured their full-time energy into the same work. Nothing has been left to chance. In addition to activities and games, purposeful times for spiritual growth, reflection, and decision are built into the day’s schedule. These include worships at Lakeside Chapel, evening programs building on the summer’s theme: The Amazing Race, and cabin worships led by counselors.
Camp director Greg Taylor sat in on a cabin worship with Scott Young one evening during Tween Camp. "When I went in Scott’s cabin, he was in the middle of worship with his kids,” Greg recalls. “The kids were hanging on every word he said. With every word, he was just changing their lives. This is raw ministry - that’s all it is. And I just remember leaving that cabin thinking, ‘This is why we do it.’ These are small moments that will make a lifetime of difference.”


Girl’s counselor Elkid Moldonado recalls one of her worship times. “We were talking about the walls of Jericho. The girls were talking about the walls that they have in their lives, like school, boys, and parents. It was really nice. I told them about how God has worked out things for me, including me coming to work at Camp Wakonda. We were able to give each other ideas of ways to help each other. It was really cool. They were listening.”
The high point of each week is the Friday evening program, a focused time of contemplation and commitment. Campers begin by participating in a multi-sensory activity where they hold a thorny crown, taste vinegar, tear a robe, hammer a nail into a cross, and thank Jesus for dying for them. Almost without exception, the campers have taken the reflection time seriously, and many have been brought tears. The reflection time is followed by a video testimony montage entitled “Jesus Is …” in which each camp staff share personal reflections on what Jesus’ sacrifice means to them. At the end of the evening, Greg Taylor makes the alter call. During Teen Camp, every camper came forward, most choosing to recommit their lives to Jesus after having wandered away.
Junior Camp, Tween Camp, and Teen Camp, are followed by two family camps designed for all ages. Family Camp I is currently in session, with over 100 attending. Roughly the same attendance is projected for Family Camp II.


For more information about summer camp, visit the Camp Wakonda Website.
To watch videos from summer camp, including the “Jesus Is …” video, visit Summer Camp Videos.

Floyd Brock Accepts Position in Michigan
Floyd and Joanne Brock have served in Wisconsin for over 20 years.  
Floyd Brock, Community Service director and property manager for the Wisconsin Conference, has accepted an appointment to serve as Building Coordinator for the new Lake Union Conference office in Michigan. This was announced Monday morning, July 11, 2011. 
Floyd has served the Wisconsin Conference for 22 years. He was project coordinator for the new conference office and two student dorms at Wisconsin Academy.  He was also involved in the building of Pioneer Pavilion and Fireside Lodge at Camp Wakonda. During this time he helped in the maintenance department at Wisconsin Academy.  
Floyd and his wife, Joanne, will be moving to Michigan in the next few weeks to begin their new duties.

Wisconsin Camp Meeting Closes
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On June 24 and 25, 2011, over 4,000 Seventh-day Adventists gathered for the culmination of Wisconsin Conference’s annual 9-day camp meeting at Camp Wakonda. Around 2,000 of those camped on the grounds throughout the week. Most attendees hailed from churches across Wisconsin, but a number came from out of state. A glance around the parking lot revealed license plates from states like Tennessee, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Colorado, Arkansas and Alaska.

Friday afternoon, a water main broke between bathhouse three and bathhouse four. During repair work, all water lines to that end of the campground were shut off. Dozens gathered to watch Jim Johnson, camp ranger, and his backhoe dig up lines buried under the dirt road. Within two hours, he and his team had water running again.

Don Livesay, Lake Union Conference president, referenced the broken water main in Friday night’s message. “Did everyone respond appropriately?” he asked. “Were there things revealed that should be prayed about and given to God? I believe that most circumstances that we engage in in life reveal who we are rather than make us who we are.”  

After a wet week, many welcomed Sabbath’s sunny weather and warmer temperatures which reached into the low 80’s. The large overhead doors of Pioneer Pavilion were raised to allow a light breeze to pass through the building. Visitors brought lawn chairs, expanding the seating area out the doorways.

During the church service, Lavenda Tuionetoa led a 60-member choir in “Overcome,” accompanied by strings, brass, woodwinds, piano, and guitar. Few seats were vacant.

Don Livesay spoke again for the church service, tracing the leadership career of Moses. “The definition of a leader,” he said, “is a person who has influence over at least one other person. So I think I’m fairly safe in saying everyone in this room is a leader.” He concluded with a call to every believer. “God is calling us to do our part in leading people across the Jordan into the promised land,” he said. “Will you commit to that?”

After lunch, many attended, “Education Moments”, held in Pioneer Pavilion, highlighting Seventh-day Adventist education across the state. The program featured music performed by several elementary school groups, and a panel discussion by Wisconsin pastors and educators. Arlen Meckelburg, science teacher at Wisconsin Academy, did science experiments on stage with the help of young audience volunteers. Smoke from the final experiment set off the building’s smoke alarms. The program closed with a drawing for a $500 dollar scholarship.

At 4:00, several hundred gathered on the hill overlooking the lake to watch baptismal services. A small band played “Shall We Gather At the River,” and other hymns while the candidates prepared. James Fox, ministerial director, read brief testimonies written by the candidates as each one was led into the water by their local pastor and baptized.  Twenty-five were baptized in all.  Cindy Stephan, who experienced Wisconsin’s camp meeting for the first time this year, was one of the many watching from the hillside. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” she reflected afterward. “It was beautiful.”

Camp meeting closed with a final evening message from Don Livesay based on the third chapter of Daniel. “Faith is not trying to get God to do what you want Him to do. Faith is trusting in God no matter what. Period.” The meeting ended with a call from Wisconsin Conference president Mike Edge to a deeper relationship with God and a fuller commitment to service.

After the meeting finished, the take-down process began. Chairs were stacked for storage. Decorative plants were sold. Across the campground, awnings were rolled up, cabins swept, tents folded, and cars packed with luggage, ready to roll out in the morning.

Mary Ross, from Texas, is already making plans to attend camp meeting next year. “This is home. I’ve come here for camp meeting almost all my life,” she said. LeEtta  Spears agreed. “I’ve been coming for 26 years,” she said. “I wouldn’t miss it.”

Watch this website for information about camp meeting 2012.

Wisconsin Camp Meeting Begins
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On June 17, 2011, Seventh-day Adventists from across the state gathered for the start of Wisconsin Conference’s annual 10-day camp meeting at Camp Wakonda. A steady line of RVs, campers, and other vehicles rolled in all afternoon. According to the locating office, a total of 763 sites were rented for camp meeting this year: 293 cabins, 244 electric sites, 185 full service sites, and 41 other sites.

Wisconsin Conference president Elder Mike Edge spoke Friday evening about the importance of the Bible. “At the heart of all true revival is the Word of God,” he reminded the nearly 900 gathered. “Central to every spiritual renewal is a focus on studying God’s Holy Book.” At the close of the meeting, he distributed Bible reading cards and encouraged people to read through the Bible before next camp meeting.
Sabbath morning was warm and clear. Across the campground the smells of breakfast mixed with the sweet scent of the pines. A slight downturn in attendance this year made for shorter lines at the showers as campers prepared for church.
Pathfinders under the leadership of Carol and Carroll Wheeler were featured at the adult sabbath school in Pioneer Pavilion. They emphasized the role of Pathfindering in keeping young people in the church. Pastor Lisa Isense, wearing traditional Danish costume,  led the lesson study, discussing clothing as a symbol of belonging in the Bible.
Former North American Division president Don Schneider spoke in Pioneer Pavilion for the worship hour. “God wants a relationship with you today,” he told the approximately 1,700 gathered. “God came to Wisconsin camp meeting looking for you, and when he sees you walking through here, he says, ‘Wow, you look good to me!’” At the close of the meeting, Schneider called attendees to make a clear and firm decision for Jesus.
Sabbath services were also held for children and youth in six age-appropriate divisions. The sound of children singing could be heard echoing across the campground. Stories, games, crafts, and other activities enhanced the Sabbath experience for younger features.
Afternoon activities included a Pathfinder parade through the grounds and a concert by Wisconsin performing groups True North and the Anderson Trio. Many families spent time  connecting and reconnecting with friends and relatives.
Don Schneider spoke again at the evening meeting. “Who is your life coach?” he asked. “I invite you tonight to allow God to be your life coach. No matter what age you are, it’s not safe for you to run it alone. Allow Him to run your life, then you will be really living.”

Listen to camp meeting online.

Wisconsin Academy Graduates 21 Seniors
Family and friends joined Wisconsin Academy seniors on graduation weekend.  
Twenty-one seniors graduated from Wisconsin Academy May 27-29, 2011. Greg Taylor, Youth Director for Wisconsin Conference spoke Friday evening for the Consecration service. Sabbath morning the seniors shared slides and a report of their recent mission trip to Holbrook Indian Mission School in Holbrook, Arizona. Then Debbie Gates, mother of a graduate, gave each senior a pill bottle filled with dirt from Wisconsin Academy, and challenged them to always remember the strong foundation they have received here at Wisconsin Academy saying, “Christ is your solid rock. Build your life on it.”
Pastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, youth pastor for the Madison East Church, spoke for Baccalaureate Sabbath and gave the Commencement address Sunday morning. “Be careful what you do with money, love and your time ,” Clouzet counseled. “If you mess up any one of these, you usually end up messing up the other two.”
After receiving their diplomas, seniors gathered at center campus to share hugs, well wishes and farewells with friends and family. “I loved my year here at Wisconsin Academy,” said Lance Gates as he and his family were preparing to leave. “I only wish I had come here for my junior year, also.”
Graduating seniors were:  Pablo Andrade, Neptali Flores, Clemara Funches, Hugo Lance Gates, Erica Gillen, Austin Harrison, Kendra Hayes, Violet Lewis, Adele Marsh, Jessica McDowell, Aphelandra Messer, Jacob Miller, Samuel Murray, Angela Nazario, Fred Park, Mia Salas, Sarah Schoultz, Angelina Serna, Samisoni Tulikihakau, William Wright, Derek Zevalkink. Congratulations graduating class of 2011!

Volunteers Participate in Camp Wakonda Work Bee
Volunteers help prepare Camp Wakonda for summer events.  
Twenty volunteers helped Camp Wakonda get ready for camp meeting and summer camp on May 22 and 23, 2011. Several cabins received new metal roofs and bathroom four got a new shingle roof. Other projects included falling trees, painting, cleaning, washing windows, mowing grass and installing some new air conditioners.

“I just love this camp,” commented Larry Lanaville, a retired builder and member of Middleton Fellowship Company. “This work bee is one appointment I make sure and keep each year. I enjoy helping make Wakonda a better place.”

160 Pathfinders Attend Fair at Camp Wakonda
Pathfinders enjoy sharpening their skills, sharing their achievements, and renewing friendships.   
Over 160 Pathfinders and leaders met at Camp Wakonda for the annual Pathfinder Fair May 20-22, 2011. Elder Greg Taylor, Wisconsin Conference Pathfinder director was the featured speaker. He and his wife, Kim, introduced many new songs, which the Pathfinders picked up quickly. “The worship music was my favorite part of the weekend,” said Tara Lorenz, of the Wisconsin Valley Falcons Pathfinder Club.
Sabbath afternoon, each Pathfinder club took pictures of themselves acting out key scenes from a Bible character’s life. These pictures were compiled into a slide show for everyone to enjoy before supper.
Saturday night activities included table games, roasting s’mores around a bonfire, and playing capture the flag in the dark with glow-in-the-dark wristbands identifying teams. Maria Vann of the M.A.S.H. club said, “I really enjoyed Saturday night and making s’mores over the fire. No, I take that back. My favorite part of the weekend was Pastor Greg’s worships.”
Sunday morning after the parade, marching, and booth presentations, Pathfinders enjoyed a variety of activities including the Norwegian waddle, semaphore, foot sleds and pinewood derby car races. 
The "200 Club" award winners this year were the Green Bay Pioneers, Lena Wildcats, M.A.S.H., Madison Mustangs, Sheboygan Shepherds, and the Wisconsin Valley Falcons. This award recognizes clubs who maintain high point scores in areas of attendance, participation, club events and marching.

The next Pathfinder Fair is planned for May 18-22, 2012 at Camp Wakonda.

Wisconsin Academy Seniors Take Mission Trip to Holbrook Indian Mission School
Wisconsin Academy seniors serve at Holbrook Indian Mission School.  
April 24 through May 2, 2011, nineteen Wisconsin Academy seniors took a mission trip to Holbrook Indian Mission School near Holbrook, Arizona to work on a new Education Building and paint the cafeteria.
During their time there, half of the seniors put in flooring and hung drywall, while the other half painted the cafeteria with a Native American lightning design. The seniors stayed in the dorms with the Holbrook students, ate in their cafeteria, and enjoyed recreation with students in the evenings.
“I’ll never forget the kids at Holbrook,” says Samisoni Tukikihakau, W.A. senior. “They’re very poor, but really friendly. The first day I met a boy named Orion as I headed to the restroom. He blocked the door, grinning, ‘What’s the password?’ I must have guessed for 10 minutes before he moved and said, “Just kidding” From then on he followed me everywhere I went, wearing my hat. When we left, I gave him the hat. I ended up giving all four of my hats away to different guys. Orion and the other guys really got to me.
“A lot of the students at Holbrook are not Adventists. They come from really rough backgrounds and most don’t believe in God. Some kids are just dropped off at the school when they are only 6 or 8 years old. One student told me he was glad he came to Holbrook, otherwise he’d have never understood about God. I’m so glad I went to Holbrook. It was amazing.”
Holbrook Indian School is a Christian boarding academy for grades 1-12 operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church for Native American youth. “All of the 65-150 students are heavily sponsored, with about 75% of tuition costs coming from donations and sponsors,” says Dr. Janet Claymore-Ross, principal of Holbrook, “But no Native American child is ever turned away for lack of funding. Thank you for your support, prayers and deeds. We will always remember your unselfish acts of kindness towards our mission.” 
To find out more about Wisconsin Academy check the website at www.wisacad.org, or call the academy at 920-623-3300.

Wisconsin Academy Holds Annual Academy Visitation Day
Potential students visiting Wisconsin Academy get a feel for the school.  
On Sunday, May 15, Wisconsin Academy held their annual visitation day for potential students and families to visit the campus, meet the faculty, and ask questions.  Approximately twenty new students expressed their intent to attend W.A. this fall.
The day began with brunch, registration and worship.  Student leaders then gave guided tours, visiting each teacher in their classroom. Teachers gave an overview of the classroom learning opportunities and answered student and parent question. In the history room, Mr. Martling met students in a union civil war uniform, a $250 scholarship was offered for the correct answer to Mr. Carter's Bible class question, Mr. Burton had students believing that just maybe math could have a fun side, and within ten minutes of being in Mrs. Miller's Spanish classroom, students were singing in Spanish. After the ten tour stops, everyone gathered in the gymnasium and enjoyed a gymnastic performance. 

“Don’t be frightened by what you can’t do,” said coach Burton. “We’re all here to learn.”
Vanessa Bohner, a junior in high school expressed her intention to attend W.A. this fall. “I’ve always wanted to attend W.A., but it hasn’t worked out. This time I’m going to do it. I’m looking forward to being in a Christian environment.”
Melissa Peterson said that while being in public school has helped her learn to stand firm for what she believes, it has been at a sacrifice. She has had to pull back from many events and friendships in order to be true to her beliefs. She also attends a small church where there aren't other young people. She wants to attend W.A. for Christian friend opportunities and to make God the center of all her experience.
Mr. Thompson, a father of four from Waukegan, Illinois, plans to send his daughter, Kamille, to W.A. this next fall. When asked why he’s choosing Wisconsin Academy he said, “We’ve had friends send their kids here and we’re happy with the results we’re seeing.”
To find out more about Wisconsin Academy check the website at www.wisacad.org, or call the academy at 920-623-3300.

94 Year-Old Clarice Makes A Difference
Clarice Nelson makes over 100 quilts each year to support various community projects.  
Ninety-four year-old Clarice Nelson of Clear Lake SDA Church is making a difference in her world – one quilt at a time. This winter she made and donated five Packer and Badger quilts to raise money for a three-day breast cancer walk held this spring in Clear Lake. Each quilt sold for $500, making a total contribution of $2,500. ”If we have time and talent, I feel we should use it for the glory of God,” says Clarice.
Over the last few years, Clarice has made quilts for the cancer center in Richmond, Bags of Love (a county program for children of prisoners), local fire victims, several nursing homes and the summer camp at Camp Wakonda.  “For many years a friend and I have made quilts to sell for Junior and Senior benefits at Wisconsin Academy,” says Clarice, “and this year we plan to do it again.”
Clarice has been making quilts ever since she can remember. When asked how many she has made in her lifetime, she smiled and said, “I have no idea, but it’s been a lot. I think I’ve made over one hundred quilts just this past year. One of my blessings is that I can still sew. If I get tired, I stop a while, then get back at it. As long as I can do it, I want to be of help.” 

Wisconsin Rapids Members Support Adventist Work in Cuba
Fred and Sandy Miller with a few of the Cuban pastors who recieved funds.  
Fred and Sandy Miller of Wisconsin Rapids SDA Church recently completed their 5th mission trip to Cuba, distributing much-needed funds to support Seventh-day Adventist workers in four conferences.

Over the past 15 years the Millers have helped find sponsors for students at Cuba Adventist Seminary, delivered bicycles for church workers in conjunction with ASI, and helped support the Cuban Your Story Hour.
“We had been there enough to know the needs,” said Sandy. “This time I had a dream to return and help the Cuban pastors.” Cuban pastors earn the equivalent of $15 a month.
“I asked a pastor how far the $15 lasted,” said Fred. “He told me they run out of food and money about the middle of the month. ‘Then what do you do,’ I asked? He smiled and said, ‘We invite friends to our home on Sabbath and pray. We pray, and God provides.’”
Fred and Sandy felt impressed to be part of that “providing.” Wisconsin Rapids church members, hearing of the need, gave over $3,000. Others gave an additional $3,000, allowing Millers to take $6,000  to Cuba.  
“We were able to give 60 Adventist pastors $100 each”, said Sandy. “They were so grateful. They have so little compared to us. One delighted couple planned to buy a blender to puree food for their baby.”
“One hundred dollars is a lot of money for these people,” said Fred. “It’s over six months in wages.”
The Millers also left money with each local conference, and sponsored 23 ministerial students to attend Cuba Adventist Seminary.

Sabbath at Cedar Creek Mall
Dr. Dick Patchett visits with many shoppers as he offers free DVD's and books.  
The Shepherd’s House SDA Church spent Sabbath, April 19, at the Cedar Creek Mall in Rothschild, WI, worshiping, singing, and visiting with shoppers. Starting at 9:30am, they set up three booths in the mall. One shared the educational opportunities Hillside Christian School has to offer. Another gave information regarding the upcoming CHIP program. The third gave out free books and DVD’s on various religious topics.
Around noon, Pastor Rowell Puedivan led a worship service and preached an interactive sermon on forgiveness. Over 100 people stayed for the whole 50-minute service. Around half were mall shoppers. “It was great,” said Charlyn March who helped lead music. “People were really engaged. Even those walking by started singing along with us.”
Jody and Charlyn Marsh worked the Hillside Christian School booth and commented, “Several people stopped by to ask questions and took a copy of our school brochure. One family was very interested and wants to attend our upcoming visitor’s day.”
At the CHIP booth, a businesswoman invited Joy Sajack, local church CHIP director, to come speak on health at one of her business meetings. Another lady asked if she could advertise the CHIP program at her Fellowship Bible Church. Several people asked questions and took information about the upcoming CHIP program to be held at The Shepherd’s House.
Roxanne Wirtz met a lady she knew from work. “I invited her to come visit our church the following Sabbath and hear the Wisconsin Academy choir and bell choir. She promised to come, and was there the next Sabbath! She even stayed and had lunch with us.”
Dr. Dick Patchett gave out many books and DVD’s at his booth. “Some who took books said they were going to put them in their church and school libraries,” reported Dick. “Several people remembered us from last year.” 
This is the second year The Shepherd’s House has been involved in this event.

Madison Mustangs Place First at LUC Bible Achievement
The Madison Mustangs Pathfinder Club with Greg Taylor, youth director.  
Madison Mustangs Pathfinder Club took a first place in the Lake Union Bible Achievement event held at Andrews University Sabbath April 2, 2011. This was the Madison Mustangs’ first time to compete at the Union level competition. “We thought we would probably just see how it goes this year, and hoped to place second,” stated Amber King, one of the six-member team. “We were really surprised and excited at doing so well.”
Sixteen clubs from five conferences competed in the event, answering questions from the books of  I and II Corinthians, and the related Bible commentary. When asked what they learned from Corinthians one Pathfinder said, “I learned people had a lot of the same problems 2,000 years ago that we do today, like lying and trying to make the Bible say what you want .” Before returning home, the club enjoyed a tour through the Battle Creek Heritage Village.
On April 16 the Madison Mustangs will participate in the North American Division Bible Achievement event also held at Andrews University.
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Monroe SDA Church Celebrates 10 Years
Some of the attendees gather for a group picture after potluck.  
On March 26, 2011, members and friends of the Monroe SDA Church celebrated ten years of worshiping together. The celebration was a chance to review God’s leading in the past and look with expectation to His leading in the future.

In 2000, Lisa Isensee sensed a restlessness about the lack of an Adventist presence in the Monroe area and began praying. Soon, she and her husband started a Bible study group in their home. The Harris family joined them, as did a local Adventist physician, Carlos Neumann. Carlos, who had been praying for the Monroe area for years, became a “driving force” in organizing the Bible study into a fellowship group.

On January 27, 2001, eleven people held the first official meeting of the Monroe Fellowship Group in a small motel room at the local AmericInn. They had a passion to share their faith in the community, and within a few months held their first Daniel Seminar. Pearo Ackles, pastor of the Janesville district at the time, and Pastor Jagitsch, a pastor from Illinois, were key people in the early evangelistic work.

 In 2002, the group organized as Monroe SDA Company with eight members.  In 2005, with thirty-four charter members, they took the final step to become an organized Seventh-day Adventist church.  Today, with Lisa Isensee as pastor, the Monroe SDA Church has over fifty members.

They have met many places over the years - a motel room, a bank, a storefront, and several area churches.  Plans to find a permanent church home have begun, and during the reunion weekend, over $6,000 was donated toward the project.

At the 10-year celebration, Elder Mark Jagitsch returned from Philadelphia to be the weekend speaker. “We must make knowing Jesus the most important thing in our lives," he said.  "Keep your sights on Him.”

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Thirty Attend Children's Ministries Convention
Attendees enjoy making Vacation Bible School craft project.
Over thirty people gathered for a Children’s Ministries Convention on Sunday, March 20, 2011, at the Wisconsin Conference office. The presenters included Phyllis Washington, North American Division Children’s Ministries Director, Charlyn Marsh, assistant teacher in Hillside Christian School, and Greg Taylor, Wisconsin Conference youth director.
Phyllis Washington shared useful information on meeting the needs of 21st century kids and understanding current church policies on protecting children from abuse. She also demonstrated ways to adjust the Sabbath school program, GraceLink, for smaller churches.
Charlyn Marsh introduced the new Vacation Bible School (VBS) program Go Fishin’ Mission Adventure. “This is the first time the VBS has gone all electronic,” stated Charlyn. “The whole program, music, director’s manual, posters, etc. are all on six DVDs or CDs. It’s a little different to get used to, but very versatile. It is designed for a 5- or 8-day VBS, day camp, children’s church, or children’s evangelistic series. It can also be used for health fairs or adventure clubs.” For more information regarding the new VBS program, contact Charlyn Marsh.

Greg Taylor challenged leaders to help youth step out in faith. “When Jesus encouraged Peter to walk on water, Peter ‘failed’. He sank and had to be rescued,” Greg said.  “Yet, as a result, the Bible says of the disciples, ‘they all worshiped God’. We need to give youth the tools to succeed, and enough room to fail. If we set the bar low and maintain too much “control”, faith and service potential never grow.” 
Linda Rosen, Children’s Ministries Director coordinated the event. “I want to help those who work with kids in our churches,” Linda said. “If you have ideas or special needs you want addressed, feel free to contact me". To be included on an email list to receive updated VBS information, contact Linda Rosen.  
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10th Annual SNOW Day
Dr. JoAnn Davidson, proudly wears Green Bay Packers apparel during her presentation.  
Dr. JoAnn Davidson, Professor of Theology at Andrews University, was the featured speaker at the 10th annual SNOW (Spiritual Renewal Of Women) day retreat at the Green Bay Adventist Church March 13, 2011. Through scripture and word, JoAnn revealed God’s intense love for beauty and the amazing creation He surrounds us with.
Two mini-sessions were offered. Chuck Castleberg, a physical therapist instructor from Northwest Technical College, offered practical suggestions for minimizing or coping with physical pain. Jenniffer Ogden, Associate Youth Pastor of the Green Bay Adventist Church, gave simple, Biblical steps for coping with and healing emotional wounds.
Over one hundred attendees fellowshipped over a breakfast buffet and catered lunch.


Three Pathfinder Clubs Win Conference Level Bible Achievement
Monroe Pathfinders, one of the three winning teams at Conference Level Bible Achievement.
Teams from three Wisconsin Pathfinder clubs won first place at the annual conference-wide Bible Achievement event held at Wisconsin Academy SDA Church on March 5, 2011. Each team demonstrated their knowledge of first and second Corinthians by answering from memory 90 questions based on their reading of the Bible and the SDA Bible commentary. These three clubs, Sheboygan Shepherds, Madison Mustangs, and the Monroe Pathfinders will compete on the Union Level at Andrews University on April 2, 2011.

Ten Pathfinder clubs competed in three area events on February 28, with six clubs continuing to the March 5 conference-level event. 
Lisa Isensee, leader for the Monroe club remembers her feelings during the event. “I was thrilled to see our kids spontaniously praying before the event, at half time, and again when they learned they had won. It made me want to cry. I thought, ‘They get it.’ They’re developing a trust relationship with Jesus.” Pam King, director of the Madison Mustangs is also pleased to see her Pathfinders grow. “If a parent wants their child to take an interest in Bible study,” she said, “they should have them join a Bible Achievement team. These Pathfinders read, studied, memorized the Bible, and enjoyed doing it.”
Greg Taylor, Wisconsin Conference Pathfinder Director, commented, “It is awesome and humbling to see how much these Pathfinders retain. I was on the first Bible Achievement team back in 1990, and still know much more about the book of Acts than I ever would have learned on my own.”
Next year’s Bible Achievement will focus on the Book of Isaiah.
Participating Clubs:
Coulee Coyotes Lena Wildcats Monroe Pathfinders
Wisconsin Rapids Sheboygan Shepherds Racine Jaguars
Bethel Believers Madison Mustangs Green Bay Pioneers
Wisconsin Valley Falcons    

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Ashland Members Ski Across Chequamegon Bay
Left to right: Annette Carlson, Marie Ott, Dorothy Hedican, Loraine Benson, Jean Jaeger, Rae Ann & Kevin Ramsey.
On February 19, seven members of Ashland SDA Church participated in the 15th annual “Book Across the Bay” event as a part of Wisconsin Conference’s Walk for Life fitness plan. Five members traveled on skis, two in hiking boots, completing the six mile course along with 4,000 other participants by the light of a thousand luminaries.
The “Book Across the Bay” event is just one way members of Ashland SDA Church have been participating in Walk For Life. On January 29, twenty-five members of all ages spent the Sabbath afternoon on show shoes. Together, Ashland members have reported a total of 775 miles walked since the Walk For Life program began January first.

Walk For Life is a fitness plan developed by Wisconsin Conference Health Ministries. Members are logging their fitness miles and reporting them to the conference in an attempt to walk a total distance equal the circumference of the earth between January 1st and Camp Meeting in June.
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First Church Ministries Institute Held at Green Bay SDA Church
Over two-hundred people attended the first Church Ministries Institute (CMI) held at the Green Bay SDA Church February 19, 2011.  Nine ministry classes were offered over two periods. Some churches sent people to attend all the classes and bring back information to share with the rest of the church.

A contagious enthusiasm spread as people found ministry ideas they could latch on to. A truck driver who attended the GLOW literature sharing class said, “This is just what I’ve been looking for!” Rachel, from Shawano SDA Church said, "I'm so glad I came for this training.  I'm excited, and I can't wait to promote Family Ministries in Shawno. I'm also interested in a Family Ministries Coordinator position." Another young man was really excited about getting involved in the Lay Pastor Training, “I have always felt called to pastoral ministry but was never quite sure that I should go to school and become a full time pastor. This is the answer for me.”  

Elder Mike Edge opened and closed the event reminding us that while training is extremely important, it cannot replace a heart that is committed wholly to God. “The difference between being effective or ineffective in witnessing depends largely upon your heart.”
Ministry classes included Church Planting, Family Ministries, Lay Pastor Training, Small Groups, Natural Church Development, New Video Bible Studies, Youth Ministries, Share Him Evangelism, and G.L.O.W., a literature evangelism program.
Three more CMI events are scheduled for this year:
  June 17-25   Camp Meeting
  Sept 30-Oct 2   Milwaukee
  Nov 4-6   Conference Office
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Green Bay Pathfinders Serve at Community Center
Green Bay Pathfinders served food and visited with over 120 people at the new community shelter in Green Bay on January 23, 2010. This was the first time the Pathfinders have been able to be part of this outreach and several said, “We definitely want to do this again.” What a wonderful way to share Jesus and make friends in the community
Find out more about Pathfinder Ministries.


Greg Taylor New Youth Director
Greg and Kim Taylor with their sons, Matthew and Joshua.
Greg Taylor is the new youth director for the Wisconsin Conference. He comes from Indiana where he has been youth pastor for the Glendale SDA church in Indianapolis. Prior to that he served as Bible teacher/chaplain at Spencerville Adventist Academy in Maryland, and Grand Rapids Adventist Academy in Michigan for seven years.  Greg graduated from Andrews University with degrees in Theology and Secondary Education.

“I have a passion to see youth knowing Jesus as their personal Savior, and to see them involved in the church,” says Greg. ”We need their influence, their creativity and their enthusiasm to do what we need to be doing in these last days of earth’s history. I met Christ my junior year in academy at a prayer conference in England, and the thing that made it stick for me was that I was able to do something about what I believed. People need to be able to act on what they believe, to know they are needed.”

Greg met his wife, Kim, at camp. “I guess you could say we are an extended camp fling,” said Greg. “We were impressed with each other’s love for Christ and passion for reaching young people.”  

Kim, of Berrien Springs, Michigan, also graduated from Andrews University with a degree in Elementary Education.  She currently works part time as an on-line tutor for Griggs University, formerly known as Home Study Institute.  She loves Pathfindering, and led a 27-member Adventure Club while living in Indiana.

Greg and Kim have two boys, Matthew and Joshua, ages 7 and 3 respectively.

In his free time Greg loves to run marathons. He’s run four full marathons and three half marathons in the past three years. He also loves sports, playing guitar, and hanging out with his boys.  

"Kim and I are excited about moving to Wisconsin,” says Greg. “We sense God calling us here and look forward to serving.”  


Jean-Marcel Clouzet New Youth Pastor at Madison East SDA Church
Jean-Marcel and Tammy Clouzet
Jean-Marcel Clouzet is returning from seminary at Andrews University as youth pastor of the Madison East SDA Church. Prior to attending seminary, Jean served the Milwaukee Central and Southside churches as youth pastor, and was a Bible teacher and chaplain at Milwaukee Junior Academy. 

“Tammy and I missed Wisconsin very much,” says Jean “and are so excited to be back.” 

Jean-Marcel and Tammy met at Andrews Academy, and both graduated from Andrews University; Jean-Marcel with a B.A. in Theology and Youth Ministry, Tammy with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. 

“I promised myself I would never be a pastor,” said Jean, “and Tammy promised herself she would never be a pastor’s wife. God had other plans. I am a fourth generation Adventist and she is third generation. We both have had slow steady growth in our walks with Jesus.  A pivotal point in my life came when I was colporteuring.  God really challenged me with that.  Even though I had read the Bible through several times, that summer was the first time God’s Word was actually real for me. I have a passion to see growth for the kingdom.  I want to see youth shed their fear of being who they are as Christians.  Sometimes it’s really scary to be a Christian; even around another Christian!” 

Jean-Marcel and Tammy enjoy doing things together like walking, playing games, traveling, cooking and eating. They share a passionate love for Jesus and an infectious desire to build up the kingdom of God in Madison.

Wisconsin Academy Students Share Their Faith in Hudson
On the morning of October 9, 2010, nine students from Wisconsin Academy traveled to Hudson, Wisconsin as a part of the WAY (Wisconsin Academy Youth) Team outreach ministry. History teacher Mike Martling acted as sponsor for the event. The team had been invited by Hudson SDA Company to conduct the Sabbath service and distribute a community needs questionnaire in the afternoon.
Upon arrival, students Vanessa Aguilar, Naomi Ferral, Melody Romero, Lance Gates, Erica Gillen, Adele Marsh, Jessica McDowell, Kimberly Rodriguez, and Samsoni Tulikihakau were ushered into the private home used for the small company’s services. Martling recalls that morning, “I knew the quality and talent of the students I had brought with me, and was very proud of the church service they provided. Their songs, prayers, and personal testimonies seemed to touch the local congregation very deeply.”
After a delicious potluck, the team divided into groups and headed into Hudson’s neighborhoods to distribute a community survey designed to target specific local spiritual and physical needs. One group included Lance Gates, “Soni” Tulikihakau, and Mike Martling. At the second home, they visited with an elderly lady and her son. After venting frustrations with what the son called the “moral corruption of American society,” he surprised the group by stating, “I am a former Roman Catholic. Do you know that they changed the Sabbath?” Mike Martling told him that the group was Seventh-day Adventists and struck up a friendly conversation. The son was happy to complete the survey and the group had prayer with him before moving to the next home.
A young college-age woman named Shannon greeted them at the door. When they introduced themselves her face lit up and she immediately began to testify about her love of the Lord. For the next 45 minutes they talked, laughed, and sang with her. She even let them “autograph” her guitar. “We could all sense that we were in the presence of the Holy Spirit, and that he had dramatically brought us together,” says Martling.
Soni remembers the trip fondly, “My trip to Hudson was an experience I will never forget! Shannon was going through a hard time in life and was praying for God to give her help. She believed we were an answer to prayer. What connected me to her was that we were reading the same book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye. She asked me if she could contact me to discuss the book and ask questions about the Seventh-day Adventist Church. She and I are still in contact today.”
When the team headed back to Wisconsin Academy later that evening, they knew that something special had happened. “We had been in the presence of the Lord – literally – and were changed by experience,” says Martling. “It was very gratifying to see the glow of the Holy Spirit on the faces of my students, and none of us will ever forget our miracle in Hudson.”     
WAY teams give students an opportunity to share their testimonies, musical talents, and love for Jesus in churches throughout the state of Wisconsin. Accompanied by a staff member, students present the church service - sometimes even preaching the sermon - and help in afternoon outreach activities.
Other WAY Teams have visited the Green Bay SDA Church, the Fox Valley Church, and the Madison Community Church. “Going on WAY Teams is always a pleasant experience,” reports Melody Romero. “I like WAY Teams because it is something that lets us see what we can do for God in other churches. It is a rewarding experience, and I look forward to it each time I go.”


Milwaukee Central SDA Church Reaches Out to the Blind
On August 1, Milwaukee Central Adventist church bussed 70-80 blind people to a city park to enjoy free plane rides, paddle boating, tandem bicycling, food and fellowship.  The new member Sabbath School class, plus other church volunteers, helped by driving busses, serving food, and assisting the blind guests with activities. Two Adventist pilots provided 20-minute plane rides over the Pewaukee area.

Pastor McKenzie commented, “As a church we are learning to be more flexible and meet the needs of more people in our area. We’re adding a braille Bible to our resource library, making plans to offer the church bulletin in braille, and have adjusted our communion service to accommodate special needs. We now have 3-4 blind people attending on a given Sabbath, and one studying for baptism as a result of our day at the park.”  Melvin Sheire, director of the local church blind ministry says, “Our goal is to create an environment for blind people to meet Seventh-day Adventist Christians and grow in Jesus.”  A Christmas party and another event in the park are being planned.